April 01, 2009

Talk-Show Host Mark Levin Unleashes New Book; New Stoplight


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April 1, 2009  

Q&A with Talk-Show Host and Author Mark Levin
by Bill Schleicher, guest reporter

He issues a thought-provoking clarion call for conservative activism in his new book, Liberty and Tyranny.

Mark Levin loves the America of our Founding Fathers, and his ever-growing popularity shows he's not alone.

"The Mark Levin Show," heard coast-to-coast by an estimated 5.75 million people each week, demonstrates that his take-no-prisoners approach to talk radio resonates with conservatives across the country — and for good reason. Levin spends much of his on-air time educating listeners on conservative political theory and equipping them to engage their communities and to reclaim the country from those he calls the "Statists."

Always hungry for more, Levin's faithful fans have snatched up his latest book, Liberty and Tyranny, at such a rapid rate that its fifth printing sold out before the book was released. Dense with information, this thoughtful "conservative manifesto" is only the latest in a long line of accomplishments for the practicing constitutional attorney who worked in the Reagan administration and now heads the Landmark Legal Foundation, a conservative public-interest law firm.

Levin spoke with CitizenLink about his latest book, the state of the union and why conservatives have the opportunity, responsibility and ability to better society.

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