October 07, 2010

November 3rd - What Will America Look Like?~ @GovMikeHuckabee


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What will America be like the day after Election Day?

On November 3rd, will you be able to say you've done all you can to help put this country back on the right track?

This is THE greatest chance in our lifetime for the conservative movement to sweep into Washington and restore principled, effective and a frugal government to America.

Huck PAC, my leadership committee, is at the forefront of this fight. Our main focus over the next few days is identifying 500,000 conservative voters and making sure they turn out and vote.

To date, we've identified over 60,000 voters. We must double this over the next seven days if we are going to have a chance of reaching this goal.

Today I am asking you to pledge to vote for conservatives by clicking here:

If you have already pledged your vote please email your friends, family and neighbors and ask them to visit www.ivoteforconservatives.com to pledge their vote as well.

I don't want to wakeup on Election Day and feel like I could have and should have done more to help out. Let's work our hearts out between now and then and make November 3rd a celebration for conservative principles.

Mike Huckabee
Mike Huckabee
Pledge Your Vote:  www.IVoteForConservatives.com
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Matt McCormick
Matt McCormickOctober 7, 2010 at 8:01pm
Subject: Steele Vs. Dingell Pre-Debate tea Party
Hi all. Please, please invite people to this. Go to the Event site and click invite...My mole in the Dingell camp tells me that he is expecting a bunch of people outside the venue. Tell your friends. We have to come out in FORCE! Come on Patriots, come on!
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