April 04, 2009

Best Ford Commercial Ever

This is one commercial that everyone needs to see.  God Bless the American Family!  Thanks Ford Motor Company for this and for standing tall during this time of national Fiscal Crisis.
R. George Dunn

Team Huck ... What Does It Look Like?

April 04, 2009 - 06:54 PM

Team Huck ... What Does It Look Like?

I got an e-mail from a Republican Party committee person who expressed interest in what we are doing at Team Huck. He wondered what that would look like. Here was my answer:

I can't really tell you what our efforts will look like in the months ahead. We want to see conservative candidates elected at all levels. And we want to get people involved in the process ... to make them feel like their opinions matter. We want them to feel like this is their government. Too many people feel disenfranchised right now and that makes your job and mine much harder. We want to change that, although I hesitate to even use the word change.

We are looking for leaders in every county who will help recruit people and raise funds so that we are ready to hit the ground running for the 2010 elections. We are looking for candidates Huck PAC can endorse and promote. Our teams will help with local rallies, with literature drops, with canvasing and the many other tasks involved in campaigns. Last year our volunteers made thousands of calls in support of conservative candidates through online phone banks.

Today Team Huck members were responsible for sending thousands of Red Envelopes to the White House. Next week they will send many more thousands of tea bags to Congress. They have taken part in and will take part in Tea Parties all over the country and are even planning a campaign in July. The enthusiasm and energy that have gone into these events will also go to supporting candidates. Just give us good candidates and we will give them willing volunteers. There is much we can do, but first we need to get everyone involved in the process. I hope this answers your question.
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  • Cates, Bob

    04/04/2009 07:48 PM

    It's time for a true conservative party that stands on our founding Christian principles with no PC or appologies. I'm not sure the current republican party fills that bill.

My comment:
God knows where this is headed!
One fact is for sure that stands out from the campaign and that is
[b]"I stand for Main Street, not Wall Street!"[/b]  The entire platform of your campaign Governor Huckabee is exactly where the American people will head when they are finally woke up as these tea parties, 9/12 indicate. 
Fair Tax Please!!!  If there is one factor that the GOP must get their Platomic infected minds around is that the Fair Tax plan is a must for the GOP to survive.  The tax structure now in place is big government pure and simple.  It is weakening this Nation, for what ever reason: to provide for those tin foil one world crowd shadow people in Washington to destroy the dollar; or because they are so self centered they cannot see that after the free trade policy was implemented, our tax structure became an excise tax on American business, thus the real reason we lost all those manufacturing jobs. If it was planned to share the wealth of American enterprise to those around the world , it worked. 
Now is the time to end this charade and bring about fair free trade, and liberty and freedom the individual worker.  It is time for blue collar conservative America to dominate the GOP and the Democrats! 
The Nationalism jig is up and over with.  It is  [b]time for States to take back their sovereignty[/b]
Make sure the candidates we support are on board for the Fair Tax, the Constitution as Written and for inalienable rights and Morals set forth by GOD!!!
R. George Dunn
Northern Light 

When Insanity Rules

When Insanity Rules
by James Robison

Tax payers and tax consumers

We are becoming divided between those who pay taxes and those who consume taxes.


I am increasingly concerned for our country, given the flood of rapid, poorly-conceived decisions that will produce negative consequences for decades. Not for one moment am I implying that our leaders or our citizens are insane. I am stating that the practices we are presently engaging in are nothing short of pure insanity.

Consider the fact the source of our "bail outs" for companies in dire debt is actually the biggest debtor of all. Government runs a higher deficit and carries a greater debt than any corporation or individual, yet they are the ones guaranteeing our financial security. By "robbing Peter to pay Paul," we are not digging our way out of an economic pit; we are actually preparing a grave for our economic hope. Neither individuals nor governments have ever successfully spent their way out of debt through increasing lines of credit. That's insane!

Many of our elected officials and their appointees have never owned or operated a business, but they are now taking over America's most influential companies. The man who runs the IRS could not accurately determine his own taxes or simply refused to pay them. Now he is overseeing the largest tax increase in American history. Former vice-presidential nominee John Edwards spoke often of "two Americas" as the "haves" and "have-nots," but I fear we are moving rapidly toward a deep division between the tax payers and the tax consumers.

Candidate Obama said, "Under my plan, no family making under $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase. Not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your capital gains taxes, not any of your taxes." Joe Biden repeated this pledge, too. This week, cigarette taxes went from 39 cents to $1.01 per pack. This disproportionally hits those well under the $250,000-a-year level.

I am not defending smoking -- it killed many people I loved and I personally dislike it. I just see this as one example of the gap between the words and actions of our leaders. I also see how crazy it is to justify a cigarette tax by claiming the funds will go toward "children's health care." Taxes are being used to purge a bad habit while creating a program with growing needs. If the tax is successful, there will be no money for the children!

Over and over, we have heard how the terrible economic situation was brought on by greed and manipulation. But the architects of the recovery directly benefited from the failure of the banks and mortgage companies, which were largely influenced by the policies the architects wrote into law. Now the politicians and Wall Street financiers are further benefitting by the "stimulus packages" while manipulating an unsuspecting public that doesn't discern the lies. We are led to believe something is true when it is not, then deceived by our belief system.

We have abandoned the principles of a free market system with limited government oversight for a government that provides every need. Never in history has this worked. "Good enough for government work" is an old catchphrase because government has always had a tendency to run things poorly. Now those who are in power tell us that they can run all things better than the private sector. But bigger government will only lead to bigger failures.

We fail to see that the strength of our economy was built on calculated risk, wise investment and hard work. Failure provided valuable lessons so success could rise to the top. Today, we reward companies that have failed and give bonuses to those who oversaw the failure. A free market would never knowingly reward such poor management. A government operating in its proper role would punish those who broke the law and amassed their wealth through greed, manipulation and dishonesty. The penalty would be equally applied to many in Congress who inspired and helped create the mess.

Creating an environment of equal opportunity is far different from providing care, whether someone participates in the free market system or not. Government should encourage opportunity and punish discrimination, but that doesn't mean implementing a well-intentioned, but ill-conceived, system of race, gender or sexual-preferences quotas. Imagine if the president, who made a show of filling out his March Madness brackets, insisted that each college basketball team had a certain number of white, black, Hispanic, Asian, female and gay players on the court at all times. The Final Four would not only be different, it would be far inferior. (By the way, if you watch this weekend's games, you will likely see a court with 10 black men at some point. This is how we maintain equal opportunity, success and prosperity -- by putting the best players in the game, not the team that "looks like America!")

Our nation is a Constitutional Republic, not a democracy, because our founders understood that the majority can be misled. Majority rule can set the stage for deception and manipulation, but adherence to a system of absolute, time-tested principles will eventually lead to success and prosperity. Yet the current attitude of many legislators and judges is one of a "living, breathing Constitution" that evolves with the whims of elite philosophy or mob rule.

We have chosen to divide into groups responding to the sounds of many voices. Some of these voices proclaim irrefutable truth based upon proven principles, while others tickle the ears of the masses to move democracy in their direction. Rather than rallying around our common interests, we are polarized along the lines of ideologies driven by popular personalities. The majority of our population cannot discern the truth, even when it is spoken clearly, because they respond better to anger, hostility and resentment. We must stop following cheerleaders and begin recognizing and cheering truth when it is spoken, whatever the source.

The image of our congressional leaders coming together on September 12, 2001, to pray in unison after the terrorist attacks seems like a mirage now. I wonder how many of them have united in prayer to deal with our economy. Was there any thought of prayer at this week's G-20 gathering? Did any world leader acknowledge a power greater than theirs? Obviously, they have not been able to get a handle on the many crises we face. We must return to sanity and the rock-solid principles that allowed us to become the strongest and most prosperous nation in history.

Forward this message.

© JamesRobison.net. Photo available upon request. Reprint rights granted with attribution for complete, unedited article. Revisions allowed only with approval.


Well said Mr. Robinson.  What is a a real puzzle is how those who are smart enough to be representing the people cannot see.  For if they could see, they would be beside themselves.

Fw: [mikehuckabee-7] MormonTimes - Did Romney's religion cost him the presidency?

This is my response to the author of the article linked below:
Mr. De Groote,
Your perception of Romney is a bit biased and it is not just you, it is the feeding of the reality being painted by the Washington shadow, the Power behind both parties.  Romney has been far from that of a Mormon or any Christian in his practice.  He is very deceitful in that he is part of the big government crowd and his fortune is built upon the deceit being done on the American people. 
Reagan gave us free trade without changing the tax structure.  This opened up the Romney dynasty to take advantage of it by setting up manufacturing overseas by buying up contracts through the parting out of American Companies failing do to imports.  During the primary, Romney's company Bain Capital was in China setting up manufacturing firms to continue in his growth of imports into America.  Romney has got one fact clearly in his horizon for the fiscal America and it is the same same.  It is corruption in the highest order.
Too bad Romney is not a practicing Mormon.  He may have won.  As to Huckabee, he has had his fault of Denominational Bias as I am sure the Mormons have internally also, but he has matured past it and as to the future, God Knows.  If we do not see the beginning of the end time events unfold before the 2012 election, we will be seeing a great movement of the political landscape and it will bring about true change, to which many of the current  leaders will be found missing. 
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From: Debra
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When will the Mormons wake up and realize their guy couldn't even BUY his way into the White House?  THAT is the reason he isn't president!!   The PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY REALLY JUST "WEREN'T THAT INTO HIM!!"


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