October 07, 2011

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"You see, in life, lots of people know what to do, but few people actually do what they know. Knowing is not enough! You must take action." - Anthony Robbins

Feature: Moving the campaign forward

Today, we're introducing you to the newest member of the FairTax.org team, Cindy Canevaro! She brings a new level of experience and opportunity to our movement and is spearheading our refreshed national campaign. She writes below:

Three months ago I joined the FairTax organization as the National Campaign Manager. I believe that grassroots volunteers are the heartbeat of the FairTax campaign and let me say at the outset thank you for all you do – from contributions to networking to boots on the ground.

My earliest years were spent as a grassroots volunteer on state legislative, gubernatorial and U.S. Senate campaigns. This led to joining a political action committee and then a presidential campaign followed by appointment by the President to federal service and twenty years in the global IT outsourcing business.

During the past 10+ years I have become increasingly alarmed at how outdated and destructive our current tax system has become to individual and corporate productivity. As a result, joining Americans for Fair Taxation was an easy decision.

I believe the FairTax will one day be the law of the land. When will that be? When enough citizens like you demand it. Thus, working with the FAST board, our mission is to recruit and train 3,000 activist volunteers in all 435 Congressional districts across America.

Imagine the impact in the media that 1,305,000 activist could have with daily Op-Eds and Letters to the Editors! Imagine the kind of pressure members of Congress might feel when 1,305,000 FairTax activist visited their offices, attended their town halls and informed them that they'll be supporting candidates who support the FairTax! Imagine the day when individuals no longer cower in fear over annual tax filings and the prospect of being audited.

Our movement's greatest strength are citizens like you who understand what many in Congress have thus far failed to acknowledge – the FairTax equals a better economy which equals more jobs which equals economic prosperity. Your volunteer efforts on behalf of the FairTax are critical to our success but I have a request: Would you consider donating $10 a month, or more as you're able, to recruit this army of 1,305,000 activists? It will take Americans united from the left, center and right to force Congress into action and we are gearing up for the next step in our campaign.

With your continued support of the FairTax, I am convinced that one day soon, we will all be able to imagine together how great it will be the day HR 25, "The FairTax Act" becomes law.

Thank you!

Cindy Canevaro - National Campaign Manager

Grassroots Action Opprotunity

Will you push the FairTax petition to the White House past 5,000 signatures needed? The official White House petition to consider the FairTax is very close to passing their response threshold! Go to www.fairtax.org/petition, register and follow updates on our official Facebook page.

The FairTax in the News

Cain Tax Proposal Piques Left, RightWall Street Journal

Herman Cain's tax-overhaul plan is helping fuel a boomlet in the polls, but conservatives are divided over its proposed national sales tax while liberals worry that his proposal would penalize lower earners.

The Republican presidential candidate wants to scrap the current system—with its income-tax rates as high as 35% for individuals and corporations—and replace it with a system that combines a 9% personal flat tax, a 9% corporate flat tax and a 9% national sales tax…

The plan combines features of various tax plans that appeal to conservatives, including the flat-rate income tax and the FairTax, a kind of national sales tax. The plan's ultimate aim would be to move to the FairTax and scrap income tax altogether. Mr. Cain is a longtime supporter of the FairTax.

Fair Tax would solve tax dilemmaMy Central Jersey

Especially today we need to grow our economy. Can tax reform play a role?

Most certainly and via the Fair Tax now in Congress as HR 25. The Fair Tax rewards and encourages economic success and is progressive. It eliminates all federal personal and corporate and payroll taxes; it replaces that with a revenue neutral consumption tax on only new products and services. Rebates are provided to low-income earners. The zero percent corporate tax rate will position the U.S. as an entrepreneurial haven for domestic and foreign investors. More jobs will be created in the U.S. as a result.

Furthermore, the Fair Tax eliminates the IRS along with a $430 billion annual burden or almost 3 percent of our economy. Technology is in place for tax collection at point of sales. How much of the $430 billion (total cost of the IRS, plus compliance) contributes to economic growth? Likely none.

- Ted Hruzd

Understanding the FairTax Webinar 

With Special Topic: How transition from our current tax system to the FairTax will happen

When: Thursday, October 27, 2011

Time: 8 pm Eastern, 7 pm Central, 6 pm Mountain,  5 pm Pacific

Where: At your personal computer

Why: To provide an interactive forum for people who cannot get to local meetings to learn about the FairTax and to present special topics that are frequently misunderstood or not generally discussed.

Who: Join Marc Manieri, Americans for Fair Taxation Community Coordinator in the Greater Orlando, Florida area. In their third year now, Marc's webinars draw national participation from seasoned FairTax supporters as well as those just getting introduced to the FairTax.

Join: To participate, register here. For more information contact Larry Walters at repeal_16@earthlink.net.

Featured Video:

Gov Gary Johnson on FairTax in debate

Governor Johnson prescribes the FairTax

Ways to Engage:

- Send Congress an e-fax

- Stay updated and  engage on Facebook

- Follow us on Twitter

- Find a local leader

- Distribute handouts

 - Get FairTax gear

- Send an e-card

- Contact the media

- Calculate your tax rate

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- Watch the webinar

- Understand the basics

- Join FairTaxNation

- Fund grassroots efforts

 Featured Paper:

FairTax Fundamentals and facts
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