January 20, 2010

Pat Buchanan~ Is America Moving Right?

The Patriot movement is calling for constitutional conduct , the cornerstone of the Federalist.  The Ron Paul Caucus has led the way in this and we the people are catching up.  We must put our Constitution back in charge.
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The very last sentence says it all....

Is America Moving Right?

by Patrick J. Buchanan
by Patrick J. Buchanan
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Whether or not Republican Scott Brown captures the Senate seat in Massachusetts today, his surging and successful campaign is a fire bell in the night for the Party of Government.

For Brown has run as an independent, an outsider, a protest candidate. His principal target: the health care reform bill that is the altarpiece of the Barack Obama presidency and lifetime achievement of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.

For a full year, Obama, Reid, Pelosi and the leading acolytes of their party and media auxiliaries have been selling this plan as a historic Democratic reform to rival the Civil Rights Act and Social Security.

Yet in this Kennedy compound, the only state to be carried by George McGovern, people want to take this bill out to the crossroads at midnight and kill it. Brown made this race competitive by promising to bring the wooden stake to drive through its heart.

How Democratic is Massachusetts?

Democratic registration is three times that of the Republicans. The party controls both houses of the legislature by huge margins, and holds every statewide office, both U.S. Senate seats and all 10 U.S. House seats. Massachusetts is a Democrat fiefdom, a one-party state.

Independents, however, outnumber Democrats, an indication of the growing disillusionment with both national parties in America

What, then, is the message out of Massachusetts?

For Democrats, the only good news is they got this wake-up call in January. They are on notice now that if they push their health care reform plan to passage and attempt to ride to victory on Democratic registration this fall, they could be vulnerable in almost every state.

Massachusetts today is conclusive evidence that Obama and his party misread the election returns of 2008.

By November, George W. Bush was at 27 percent; 80 percent thought the country was headed in the wrong direction; 92 percent thought the economy was poor or worse. As James Carville said, if the party can't win with these numbers, it ought to go into a new line of work.

The one attribute Americans wanted most in its next president was that he be for "change." And Obama had cornered the market on change, while John McCain had voted 90 percent with Bush.

But instead of seeing the election as a repudiation of the Bush Republicans, Obama, Pelosi and Reid read it as an embrace of their wonderful selves and a national cry for more government.

Following Rahm's Rule – never let a crisis go to waste! – Obama and his party took the collapse of the banks and spreading economic chaos to attempt the greatest leap forward in federal power since World War II.

Most Americans understood candidate Obama's health care plans to mean that folks who could not afford care would be able to get it, whatever their conditions. As the plan evolved, however, it grew in the eyes of the public into precisely what the Tea Party and town-hall protesters said it was: a federal takeover of one-sixth of the economy. Bureaucrats would decide who gets what care, when and for how long. And a panoply of new taxes, fees and regulations would be imposed, producing a revenue windfall for the federal government and a quantum leap in power for federal bureaucrats.

What Massachusetts is telling the nation is that the Tea Party people have won the argument, America doesn't want this bill and either put it down or we remember in November.

Indeed, the crisis of the Democratic Party today may be found in a story this Monday by CNS.

It seems that an ABC/Washington Post poll found that, when asked, "Generally speaking, would you say you favor smaller government with fewer services or larger government with more services?" 58 percent of Americans favored smaller government with fewer services to 38 percent who favor more government and more services.

The Post, however, reportedly saw fit not to mention the results of this question in its news story about the poll.

Which is understandable. Why would you publish a poll that says three in five Americans reject your political philosophy?

In the near term, what is happening in Massachusetts is good news for the GOP.

What it says is that, no matter the weakness of the party label or brand, independents will vote Republican if that is the only alternative to the party in power.

The GOP can thus run this fall as the only effective force left in Washington that can block the Democrats' drive for power. The GOP problem arises when the presidential season begins in spring 2011.

For what Republican ran last time for cutting back George Bush's big government? Who ran against expansion of NATO into Ukraine and Georgia? Who opposed war in Iraq? Who stood up and said no to No Child Left Behind or Medicare coverage of prescription drugs?

Who in the Republican Party today is calling for a Barry Goldwater-like rollback of federal power and federal programs? Except Ron Paul.

January 20, 2010

Do your part and forward this to everyone you know. WE THE PEOPLE are the new media!

"We have a greater moral responsibility to act than those who live ignorance. Once you become knowledgeable you have an obligation to do something about it."

The Patriot movement is calling for constitutional conduct , the cornerstone of the Federalist.  The Ron Paul Caucus has led th eway in this and we the people are catching up.  We must put our Constitution back in charge.

Center Right Agenda for 01/21/10 - Lansing

Subject: Center Right Agenda Tomorrow - Lansing

Core Principles Logo

Center Right Agenda - Lansing
Lansing 9:30 - 11:00 a.m. Thursday, January 21
Samuel Ingham Building, 116 W. Ottawa, Lansing 48933
Guests Speakers:
  • Race to the Top: Good, Bad, or just Ugly? Senator Alan Cropsey, James Muffet, Citizens for Traditional Values, Paulette Brack, Home Education League of Michigan, and others
  • How to Keep a Transparency Scorecard on Local Government: John Gisler, Kalamazoo Citizens for Responsible Government
  • Patrick Wright, Mackinac Center: Day Care Lawsuit Report
  • Doug Till, SW-MI Tea Party: Health Care Town Halls, Ronald Reagan Birthday Celebration
  • Paul Kersey, Mackinac Center: Right to Work Resolution
  • Legislative Reports...
  • And others...

Planning to come? Please RSVP. 
Do You Believe in Limited Government?
If you believe government is too big and intrusive, if you believe government taxes and regulates too much, then Center Right is where you need to be. Each month we will:
  • Discuss bills before the legislature that need to be defeated because they grow government, or supported because they put limits on government.
  • Hear from local elected officials or activists who are keeping watch on the growth of government at the city, township and county level.
  • Listen to and ask questions of candidates for office who are running as limited-government conservatives.
  • Network with local and state organizations like Mackinac Center, Americans for Prosperity, Education Action Group, MI-FairTax, and local Tea Party Organizations.
  • Strategize on how to be effective at protecting our liberties.
You are welcome to bring any issues to the meeting you believe are appropriate. Please let me know if you would like to make a presentation. You will be given 5 minutes to speak, and answer questions. Please bring handouts that explain your issue in detail. Typical attendance is around 50.

If you would like to present, or if you have any questions, please contact me. I hope to see you there!
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Core Principles | 8607 W R Ave | Kalamazoo | MI | 49009

The people are masters of both Congress and the Courts, not to overthrow the 
Constitution, but to CHALLENGE the men who pervert it.
Abraham Lincoln

Pete Hoekstra Coming to Center Right Friday 01/22/10, Farmington Hills

Center Right Coalition Meeting
Farmington Hills Public Library

12:00 - 1:30 p.m. Friday, January 22
32737 W. 12 Mile Road, Farmington Hills
Confirmed Guests: 
  • Pete Hoekstra, Candidate for Governor
  • Brian Rooney, Candidate for US Congress
  • Simon Haddad, Clinton Township: PA 312 Repeal Resolution
  • Patrick Wright, Paul Kersey, Mackinac Center for Public Policy
  • Debbie DeBacker, Troy Citizens United: 29% City Tax Increase Proposal
  • David Wisz, Birmingham Traffic and Safety Board: The $17 Million "Green Transit Center to Nowhere"
  • And others...
Planning to come? Please RSVP.

Jack Hoogendyk

Confirmed Guests: 
  • Pete Hoekstra, Candidate for Governor


This is an open invitation to all Michiganders for Liberty!
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Announcing a new Meetup for Michigan Campaign For Liberty Grassroots Network!


When: Wednesday, January 20, 2010 7:00 PM

Canton Coney Island Restaurant
8533 N. Lilley Road
Canton, MI 48187
(888) 760-4893

Campaign for Liberty



Wednesday, January 20 at 7:00 pm

Canton Coney Island Restaurant

8533 N. Lilley Road, Canton, MI

The session is FREE to the public

RSVP to Melanie Collinsworth at ms.hospitality@gmail.com

to reserve your space

Learn more here:

Will Senator Nelson now agree w/Gov. Huckabee & change his mind again on HCR?

Barbara Boxer Confirms Nelson's Health Care Deal Doesn't Stop Abortion Funding

by Matt Smith
January 19
, 2010

A buyer's chance to return a vehicle under the California lemon law applies for 30 days. Too bad for Senator Ben Nelson (D, Nebraska) the same does not apply to legislative deals cut in Washington D.C. with California's pro-abortion Senator Barbara Boxer (D, California) when she talks to reporters 31 days later...

...the silence was broken on January 18 when Boxer, according to McClatchy News Service, "said it's only an 'accounting procedure' that will do nothing to restrict [abortion] coverage."

Senator Nelson made several errors in his negotiations that have been well reported during the past month. At some point he is going to need to go back to the salesman who sold him on what he was agreeing to would go further than the Stupak-Pitts language in the House version of the bill.

The Stupak-Pitts language was not new federal policy. It merely preserved what is known as the Hyde amendment, passed in 1977, which prohibits federal funding for abortion except in the case of rape, incest, or life of the mother. The state 'opt-out' language in the Senate version agreed to by Senator Nelson is smoke and mirrors.

What the Senate passed on Christmas Eve allows the federal government to fund abortions. It is disingenuous for Senator Nelson to think funding for abortions would be segregated. Regardless of any potential 'opt-out', the pool of money is there to stay and Senator Boxer is now confirming as such.

158 abortions occur every hour which means 3792 every day. Referencing the data contained in a 2007 Guttmacher Policy Review study would translate to an additional 548 abortions performed each day under the White House endorsed Nelson-Boxer-Reid compromise Senate language – a 15% increase in abortions in our country...full article here


my comment:

Senator Nelson, better to face the shame of your past and apologize then to run head-on into a buzsaw.  The children depend on you to be humble.  Get on the 'Huckabee Show' this weekend and apologize.

Constitution and FairTax please,