January 20, 2010

Will Senator Nelson now agree w/Gov. Huckabee & change his mind again on HCR?

Barbara Boxer Confirms Nelson's Health Care Deal Doesn't Stop Abortion Funding

by Matt Smith
January 19
, 2010

A buyer's chance to return a vehicle under the California lemon law applies for 30 days. Too bad for Senator Ben Nelson (D, Nebraska) the same does not apply to legislative deals cut in Washington D.C. with California's pro-abortion Senator Barbara Boxer (D, California) when she talks to reporters 31 days later...

...the silence was broken on January 18 when Boxer, according to McClatchy News Service, "said it's only an 'accounting procedure' that will do nothing to restrict [abortion] coverage."

Senator Nelson made several errors in his negotiations that have been well reported during the past month. At some point he is going to need to go back to the salesman who sold him on what he was agreeing to would go further than the Stupak-Pitts language in the House version of the bill.

The Stupak-Pitts language was not new federal policy. It merely preserved what is known as the Hyde amendment, passed in 1977, which prohibits federal funding for abortion except in the case of rape, incest, or life of the mother. The state 'opt-out' language in the Senate version agreed to by Senator Nelson is smoke and mirrors.

What the Senate passed on Christmas Eve allows the federal government to fund abortions. It is disingenuous for Senator Nelson to think funding for abortions would be segregated. Regardless of any potential 'opt-out', the pool of money is there to stay and Senator Boxer is now confirming as such.

158 abortions occur every hour which means 3792 every day. Referencing the data contained in a 2007 Guttmacher Policy Review study would translate to an additional 548 abortions performed each day under the White House endorsed Nelson-Boxer-Reid compromise Senate language – a 15% increase in abortions in our country...full article here


my comment:

Senator Nelson, better to face the shame of your past and apologize then to run head-on into a buzsaw.  The children depend on you to be humble.  Get on the 'Huckabee Show' this weekend and apologize.

Constitution and FairTax please,


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