May 10, 2012

Saul Anuzis push for National Popular vote a concern

Norm Hughes~
Here is a link to an article on NPV written by Virginia National Committeeman Morton Blackwell who nominated Saul for National Chair and stuck with him through six ballots, but was so concerned about Saul's national commitment to the NPV that he wrote this research paper and pushed a resolution through the National Committee opposed to NPV. As a result, Saul has been marginalized on the RNC and is not providing conservative leadership there. I do not have any particular problem with Saul but I also do not recall any efforts when he was state GOP chair to build the conservative movement. He did attend one Right To Work Task Force meeting but has not come back or participated in our efforts. I hope that, win or lose, Saul will eventually engage with and support our conservative movement. He has a lot of talent we could benefit by. With Dave Agema, we have a committed and proven conservative soldier.
Dave Agema is trying to stay positive but Saul's charges about alleged Agema lobbying (how does a legislator do that? Saul's web site says he directed lobbyists in 40 states) does not tell you that Saul sold Dave a bill of goods on NPV . Dave did co-sponsor legislation under the misunderstandings Saul gave him but you will note the bill was not even introduced in this session and Dave and the original sponsor are now unalterably opposed to NPV, which is really a liberal scheme to replace our republic with a "democracy". The NPV Compact would require Michigan electors to vote for whomever got the national popular plurality regardless of how Michigan voters expressed their choice. This would allow a limited number of big states to decide the presidency, a fear the Founders specifically worked to avoid. My biggest concern is that any political consultant is a soldier of fortune whose first interest is his pocketbook. In this instance the economic gain of backing a liberal proposal outweighed the Michigan Republican Party's best interest. UOur national committee representatives should be free to represent the grass roots as their first priority.
Feel free to send this information to your fellow delegate(s).