February 05, 2012

To Camps Newt, Ron & Rick, Madonna's Spiritual Revival; Put Federalist sign on GOP Tent

To both Newt, Ron, Rick camps, we are now in the seat of destiny. We need to unity in the Federalist Tent, and make it: consumer the GOP as our administrative tent under our Federalist Tent we three camps are, Constitutionalists. Leave the moral and property battles go back tot he State and enjoy freedom. Don't put all your eggs in one basket, liberate it to 310 million plus baskets, where possible mandated.

Watching the half time, we got to get the public out of the sex business. Chivalry, Honor, Respect of Law for purpose of controlling Government a must.
Wow, Madonna just went Spiritual, it's like a Angel siting..down on my Knees, in the midnight hour I can feel Your Power...Oh God...I hear you call my name and it feels like HOME~

 Not quite clothed like we would prefer, but the reach is there. Do what is right when Right is before you. Time to slay some Windmills, Soldiers in God.


Madonna - Like A Prayer