October 11, 2012

Stabenow Cheats Citizens, Refuses to Debate Pete Hoeska | Schoolcraft Republican Party

Stabenow Cheats Citizens, Refuses to Debate Republican Challenger

LANSING, Mich. Oct. 11, 2012 – This afternoon, Senator Debbie Stabenow announced she will not participate in any debates with her opponent, Republican Pete Hoekstra, leading up to the November 6th general election. The Michigan Republican Party issued the following statement blasting Senator Stabenow for her flat out refusal to debate Hoekstra and talk about issues that matter to voters before a statewide audience.

Stabenow's campaign manager said today, "With little more than three weeks left in the campaign, the time has come to move on." Tonight, Stabenow opted to "move on" to a swanky fundraiser instead of attending an important healthcare debate hosted by the Independent Choice Network. This debate would have provided Stabenow an opportunity to explain why she gleefully admitted to cutting $716 billion from Medicare to pay for Obamacare.

Matt Frendewey, director of communications for the Michigan Republican Party, issued the following statement:

"By refusing to debate Pete Hoekstra, Debbie Stabenow is clearly afraid to defend her record and her actions are nothing short of cheating Michigan voters by ending a longstanding Michigan tradition where the two candidates debate the issues before the voters. Sen. Stabenow's record consists of voting in favor of Obamacare, the failed stimulus, and trillions of dollars in pork and wasteful spending. Frankly, if I were Stabenow I would try to hide this record too.

"Our nation's founding documents were born from debate and Michigan citizens deserve to hear the candidates debate before they elect a Senator to represent them in Washington. Debbie Stabenow ended that tradition this afternoon when she chose to hide from voters rather than explain her record of out of control debt, wasteful spending and unacceptable unemployment levels. Michigan voters should remember her cowardly actions when they head to the polls this November, and we can only hope she recognizes this error and reverses her decision."

If everyone knew all there is to know, they would not do half the things they do, including myself, therefore I must foregive them, including myself.