November 09, 2012

Obamacare Ruling defines Michigan fees as taxes and not Headlee approved.

Sean Furr The supreme court did not approve obamacare, they actually made a declaration that the Democrats were trying to avoid. The case was about the individual mandate and more specifically the fine. The court declared the fine to actually be a tax. They then upheld the constitutional power of congress to lay and collect taxes. This removed any reference to the commerce clause, which would have been a very slippery slope to allowing the government to force us to buy anything they wanted.

There is another case about Obamacare coming up and SCOTUS is expected to take it up, this fall maybe.  Can't remember, but it may be on the first amendment of freedom of religion.  A fee is a Tax.  What was the name of that Court decision.  We have a problem, huge problem with Michigan good ole boys.  We a driver responsibility fee.  It is on all infractions and first one is $300 for no proof of insurance, for example, $600 second offense.  This is on top of the Court. What would these be if called a tax, as the Obamacare Supreme Court case has don?