December 20, 2014

FINALLY: We agree with the IRS | FairTax(R) Friday #TCOT #SGP #MIGOP #MIGOV

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Finally: We Agree With The IRS

"The tax code is a monstrosity and there's only one thing to do with it. Scrap it, kill it, drive a stake through its heart, bury it and hope it never rises again to terrorize the American people." - Steve Forbes

Ready for some good news?

Yesterday, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen warned of draconian measures the agency will have to take in order to manage recent budget cuts totaling $346 million. Koskinen hinted at a range of escalating options from employee furloughs to suspended overtime and hiring freezes. And then he said the agency might have to shut down for an unstated period of time.

According to Politico, "the agency estimates each closed day would save $29 million." Let's see – there are 52 weeks in a year, 5 days in a week at $29 million saved per day, minus 10 federal holidays, for a total savings of… Holy Cow – shut it down! After all, poor Commissioner Koskinen has already said there is nothing more he can cut.

Really sir. Did you think about that when you erroneously paid out $6 billion in child tax credit payments in 2013? How about when your agency wrongly paid $132 billion in earned income tax credits between 2003 to 2012? Yes, Congress cut $350 million, but that's just a drop in the bucket considering the IRS' $10.9 billion budget.

The bigger questions to every single member of Congress must be:

  • How can you continue to defend an agency that magically "lost" over 30,000 emails that were the subject of a major oversight investigation related to the IRS political targeting of conservative non-profits?

  • How can you continue perpetuating an agency that operates as a political retribution hammer?

  • How can you stand with an agency that acts with complete and total impunity while literally terrorizing your constituents – the very taxpayers who must fund its unethical, illegal and incompetent actions?

  • How can you defend an agency that, despite its heavy-handed methods, is seeing a tax gap between what should have been collected in tax and what was actually collected that has doubled in the past six years and was estimated at $500 billion for 2013 when there is a clear alternative - the FairTax?

So Commissioner Koskinen, hard as you try, it's very doubtful you are going to get much sympathy from the American people. Instead, they support the FairTax® Plan. The same plan that Congress has in its hands that is ready to immediately replace your agency.

And Commissioner Koskinen, the FairTax is the only tax replacement plan that disbands, defunds and eliminates the IRS. It is simple and transparent, generates desperately needed jobs and economic growth, and represents the largest transfer of power to We the People since the writing of the Constitution.

And instead of 74,000+ pages of garbled tax code written by Washington's finest self-serving special interests, the FairTax plan tops out at only 131 pages.

So please Commissioner, you have the support of the American people to take your agency and the 100 years of horror it has caused the American people and Shut. It. Down! They will forever thank you.

AFFT® Statement of Guiding Principles

Jim Bennett, AFFT board member from New Jersey, chairs the AFFT Board of Director's Credentials, Rules, Organization and Structure Committee (CORS). After the grassroots assumed governance of AFFT, CORS began working on a formal code of conduct for AFFT and the FairTax campaign. Over several months, they reviewed other non-profit organization's codes and solicited input from committee members, board members and the executive committee. They then drafted a document, which resulted in a new AFFT Statement of Guiding Principles (Statement).

The AFFT executive committee approved the Statement this week and we are pleased to share it with you. You may read and download it here:

Finally, this weekend many will begin their holiday travels and festivities. May we all take time to slow down and enjoy our friends and family, may our hearts be filled with joy and peace, and may the blessings of the holiday stay with us throughout the coming year.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Cindy Canevaro

Executive Director

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The FairTax In The Media

The IRS Must Be Put Down Like a Rabid DogThe Blaze

…While political abuse of the taxpayer is a felony, economic abuse of the taxpayer is statutory. Thank the Congress for that...

These four problems—Offshore money, costs of compliance, underground economy and embedded costs—all remain in place when we nibble around the edges of the current code. All go away if we abolish the code and tax consumption rather than income.

The FairTax solves all of the above. It is a universal sales tax levied at the checkout counter on the purchase of new goods and services for personal use. There is no tax on used goods, since nothing should be taxed more than once…

Finally, the IRS will be put down like a rabid dog. No agency of government should have the power to abuse our personal information for political gain, which the IRS has proven its willing to do.

MGE Dental Clients Briefed On How FairTax Will Eliminate Federal Taxes Strangling Their GrowthNews Tribune

MGE Management Experts Dental Clients from across America gathered in August to hear AFFT (Americans For Fair Taxation®) Chairman and President, Steve Hayes, discuss the current state of the US economy and how FairTax® H.R.25 / S. 122, "The FairTax Act of 2013" will rid them of income and corporate taxes that are strangling their growth and the economic growth of their communities…

As reported by Chris Matthews in the September 8, 2014 issue of Fortune, a new survey from Harvard Business School shows a frightening picture for the health of small business in America and its competitiveness. They questioned thousands of Harvard alumni to get a sense of what business leaders feel is holding the economy back…

"The Harvard Survey aligns with own research and what our supporters who own small businesses tell us every day," said Hayes.

"If the FairTax becomes law small businesses like ours will thrive and we will finally be able to give our employees much deserved raises. They will receive their entire paycheck and can determine for themselves when and how much to purchase and pay taxes on. Equally important is that corporations like Burger King will stay in the U.S. and the trillions of offshore dollars could come home," said Luis Colon, CEO MGE Management Experts and host of the event.

Chairman's Corner

Want inside information on FairTax strategy? Read the Chairman's Report!

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FairTax Fact

The FairTax, unlike a flat income tax, eliminates the IRS both symbolically and literally. For an orderly end to the income tax system, the IRS is phased out within 3 years of the effective date of the FairTax, H.R. 25/S. 122.

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