March 11, 2010

167,990 patriots are now marching with you to Washington, DC for our Tax Day, April 15, 2010 online rally.


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167,990 patriots are now marching with you to Washington, DC for our Tax Day, April 15, 2010 online rally.

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A Tax Rebellion is Brewing
by Ken Hoagland

In a little over a month Americans will have to again file their tax returns and many will once again be reminded that no other public policy so reinforces a perception of self-dealing, unfairness and incompetence as the corrupted federal income tax code. Bloated beyond decipherability at 67,500 pages of regulations, the income tax system is driven by personal power, lobby profits and, through tax inducements and penalties, a changing menu of citizen and business manipulation. It's so complicated that both the Secretary of the Treasury and the Chairman of the Congressional Committee writing tax laws got their own tax returns wrong. Just obeying federal tax laws costs taxpayers more than $300 billion a year in compliance costs and the system comes up $350 billion short annually of what is actually owed. It's so unfair that Warren Buffet's salary-earning secretary pays a higher tax rate than her billionaire boss. Read More.

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167,990 patriots are now marching with you to Washington, DC for our Tax Day, April 15, 2010 online rally.

[mikehuckabee-7] Fw: Join @GovMikeHuckabee in Scrapping ObamaCare-HucksArmy

010 11:38 PM
Subject: Join Huckabee in Scrapping ObamaCare

Despite overwhelming opposition from the American public, Obama and liberal house leaders are attempting to force a vote on Obama Care in the House of Representatives. It is crucial that we take action immediately, as this may be our last chance. Nancy Pelosi and her liberal allies are putting intense pressure on key representatives to compromise and vote for the Obama plan before the Easter congressional break. The next few days will be very important in our fight for healthcare freedom.

Please scroll down to see 7 ways you can make a difference!

Key Reasons to Oppose this Bill:

  1. Increases overall healthcare costs for businesses and families. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) analysis reports that this bill will drive up premiums for every person that currently buys health insurance.
  2. The bill cuts hundreds of billions in Medicare funding, including one of its most efficient program, Medicare Advantage. Medicare is heading for bankruptcy and cuts to Medicare need to be used to save Medicare and not for new spending.
  3. The bill forces every American to buy insurance that meets the standards set by a Health and Human Services commission or face fines and imprisonment, limiting citizen's freedom and choice.
  4. 4. Every American will be required to file proof of acceptable health insurance with the IRS when taxes are paid each year. (This is the enforcement mechanism of the requirement to buy insurance)
  5. Uses taxpayer money to fund elective abortion and does not provide employment protection for health professionals that refuse to participate in abortions. This bill would be used as a tool to end human life, not protect it.
  6. The bill does not start giving any benefits until 2014 although the new taxes start right away. (This delay of benefits was designed to make the bill look less expensive in the CBO 10 year cost analysis of the bill)
  7. Includes a hundreds of billions of dollars in new taxes and creates over 100 NEW government entities at a time when our nation is deeply in debt and spending is out of control.
What Governor Huckabee is Doing:

Governor Huckabee is encouraging concerned citizens to take action against Obama Care. His Political Action Committee, Huck PAC, is supporting principled candidates that will stop the radical, liberal agenda. Learn more here.

Huckabee spoke about his health care solutions this weekend. Click below to watch:

What You Can Do:
  1. RIGHT NOW: Call this list of key swing representatives and encourage them to vote NO on Obama Care. Also, if our representative is voting no, be sure to thank him for his stand.
  2. Forward this email to your friends and encourage them to take action.
  3. Sign Governor Huckabee's Petition to Scrap the Bill.
  4. Call and email as many members of both the Senate and the House today and every day, letting them know that you do not support Obama Care. Feel free to cite some of the reasons included in this message. Contact info:
  5. Personally tell your friends and neighbors about why you oppose the Obama plan and its consequences. The public's opinion matters!
  6. Check in with Huck PAC and Huck's Army for updates throughout the next few days.
  7. Share, tweet, post, etc the contents of this email with your friends, especially the parts about the harms of Obama Care.
Let's Roll!

> Good 2012 Presidential News from Iowa!

> Governor Huckabee's Moving Interview with Collin Raye
Collin Raye talks with Huckabee about the song he wrote for his granddaughter with a debilitating neurological illness. Collin plays the song, "She's With Me" at the end of the clip…

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20 Nevada Teaparty groups released a joint statement rebuking candidacy of Scott Ashjian


Tax Day Tea Party

20 Nevada Tea Party Groups Release Joint Statement Against "Tea Party Candidate"

Posted: 10 Mar 2010 11:24 AM PST

Yesterday we posted a poll that asked Tea Party Activists whether or not they think Scott Ashjian, the third party "Tea Party" candidate for U.S. Senate should withdraw from the race. With more than 900 votes in, 95% say yes.

This morning, 20 grassroots tea party groups across the state of Nevada released a joint statement rebuking the candidacy of Scott Ashjian and the attempt to hijack the tea party brand through a third party filing.

Our group, The Patriot Caucus (we now have statewide operations in Nevada), is a proud signer of the statement.

For Immediate Release: March 10, 2010
From Nevada grassroots and tea party leaders
Subject: Unified Statement / Grassroots Nevada is United

We, the grassroots/tea party leaders of Nevada, speaking for the conservative activists in our communities, are united in issuing the following statement.

• We are united in denouncing the TPN (Tea Party of Nevada).
-o The TPN is not a conservative party who speaks for grassroots and tea party activists in Nevada.
-o The TPN is not now, has never been, and will never be affiliated with grassroots efforts in Nevada.
-o The term "Tea Party Candidate" will no longer be used to indicate grassroots support for a candidate or candidates.
-o The TPN will not be invited to or allowed to represent themselves at conservative grassroots events and functions across Nevada.
• We are united in our desire for fiscal responsibility, transparency, and accountability from legislators and in legislation from Carson City, NV and Washington, D.C.
• We are united in opposition of progressive leanings towards unfunded mandates as a solution to appeasing special interest and delivering 'social justice'.
• We are united in the belief that our government should be inspiring pride and accountability, and personal strength and opportunity, not a path for us to follow to have our needs met as the government sees fit.

We, the tea party activists and grassroots organizers in Nevada, are united.

Signed on March 10, 2010:

-Anger is Brewing / Debbie Landis
-National Precinct Alliance / Tony Warren
-Citizens Awareness Network / Jesse Law
-Nevada Action Coalition / Duane Smith
-Citizens in Action / Juanita Cox
-Nevada Families Eagle Forum / Janine Hanson
-Fallon Tea Party II / Bob Clifford
-Nevada Patriots / Diana Orrock
-Gardnerville Tea party / Ron Stevens
-NvRA / Travis Christensen
-Glenn Beck Meetup Group/ Sally Minster
-P.A.C.T. / Janice Baldwin
-Grassroots Nevada / Jamie Costello
-Reject Reid / Sheila Danish
-Las Vegas 9-12'ers / Jeff Waffle
-Nevada 9-12 Americans / Charlene Bybee
-Las Vegas Tea Party / Frank Ricotta
-Western Representation PAC / Dustin Stockton
-Patriot Caucus / Eric Odom
-Winnemucca Tea Party / Mike Myrhow

20 grassroots tea party groups across the state of Nevada released a joint statement rebuking the candidacy of Scott Ashjian

We have paid NAFTA cost, don't stop now, but fix it with

A Great Lakes Bay Region congressman has introduced legislation to repeal the North American Free Trade Agreement.

U.S. Rep. Bart Stupak, D-Menominee, whose sprawling district includes part of Bay County, has joined with two Democrats and a Republican to overturn the controversial pact that eliminated tariffs between the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Because of the deep national recession, Stupak sees an opportunity to strike now, although he admits the bill faces an uphill fight.

"Tell me somewhere NAFTA created a job," he said. "You're not going to find very many. Tell me where people have lost jobs because of NAFTA, and you'll find thousands of them."

my comment:
Fix the Tax structure that has hindered us since President Reagan gave us free trade.  We of USA has our federal taxes built into the price of product providing imports with a 22% advantage in sales. FairTax will balance that by lowering product cost and equally taxing imports and domestic production.
 It is a no brainer.  What is stopping it in Congress is the greed to keep the incumbent campaign fund tool alive and well, the IRS code. Reagan gave us a somewhat flattax and it has been amendment over 1,200 times since.  Flat income tax plan is more of the same Nationalist empowerment that is killing the USA.  FairTax will return the lobby system to it's pure form, lobbying on true principles, not greed.
Constitutional conduct and FairTax please.