September 01, 2013

21 of 28 MRP Michigan House Reps can change vote on MI Medicaid Bill~

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Mi CPAC Norm Hughes~
The senate version of HB4714 goes back to the House, perhaps as early as Tuesday. Will we try to get 21 of the 28 Republicans who voted for it to switch their votes?

Legislators have been lied to,. The Governor and lobbyists have been spun a tale of unreimbursed indigent care. Hospitals pay no property, income or sales taxes to provide millions of dollars for indigent care. They double dip by overcharging paying patients and insurance companies for the same expenses, and now they will triple dip at the expense of our children and grand children. Let them know we care about our children and their increasing national debt, and that we object to health care special interests getting rich off our kids.

Medicaid expansion not only replicates and enforces Federal controls, waste and fraud, Medicaid has a record of poorer results compared to private insurance*. We are already spending more tax dollars per capita on health care than socialized medicine nations such as England and Canada. As typical, government seems to pile on instead of reviewing and cutting back programs that are not efficient or required under our founding documents. In this case it further entrenches ObamaCare when we need to be using all measures to diminish its impact and scope, until it can ultimately be nullified.
The "Affordable Care Act" received some conservative support under the ruse that it was about slowing the increase in health care costs. We know that has not been the result. Most of Michigan's major healthcare societies are embracing Medicaid expansion as a vehicle to get more money for their practices and hospitals, not as a vehicle for greater efficiency or improved care. I understand a hidden bonus for them is they will get compensated at Medicare rates that is higher than Medicaid rates. I think we have an antitrust issue here. When you are entrenched in a dangerous hole the first thing to do is stop digging.

As we see it this is a line-in-the-sand issue for conservative grass roots. We cannot see how any legislator or governor who believes in limited government could possibly support such an expansion. This separates statesmen from politicians. At some point principles must come first and we cannot keep piling debt on our children and grandchildren. You have been a beneficiary of this huge grass roots effort. The grass roots that gave Republicans big majorities in 2010 and 2012 are most upset about this particular issue. This expansion is contrary to the state and national Parties on which you ran. We hope you will not abandon those who have done so much for YOU.
It is impossible to approach the consideration of adding 470,00 or more Michigan residences to an “entitlement” program without considering the philosophical reality that this is a clear choice between enlarging government, or not. How much government is acceptable, and will this be the straw that breaks the camel’s back? As President Reagan said: “There is nothing on earth so eternal as a government program.” Once the spigot is turned on it is almost impossible to turn back, or improve.
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