July 23, 2011

The Shadow Agenda - Grinding America down. Only Constitutional conduct and Fairtax can save us now~

It is politically correct to not question where we are seemingly headed, but to accept the Government leadership as pristine. How many of the tin foil conspiracies have turned out true?  Too many. Is there an agenda in DC for the New World Order?

 Did President Bush's first bailout come about to cover up the fact that the USA was the only Nation to not open their National Bank books to remain in the International Banking Community? Google, BASEL IV for this truth.

Has the agenda since that day been to fast track the NWO take over? What can stop this? Returning to constitutional conduct making the fifty State Sovereignty in all not enumerated to the federal government as their right to power, including values, and enacting the Fairtax to end the redistribution of United States Industry. 

Hope is still alive, if we who are silent, stand up immediately.  This is that last election of a free people if we do not put the light on this Shadow Government and end it by returning to the Constitution and Sovereignty of 50 Nations in Union, not one with 50 provinces in obedience. Change the tax structure to take all the federal taxes hidden in domestic products and equally harm imports with domestic product with the federal taxation by enacting Fairtax. By doing the latter you lower the former % needed by 90%, but you will not afford the latter without the former funding the transition back to the Constitution with respect to those already invested in the current Federal Entitlements, which can be divested using the Ryan Plan method into privately owned, voluntary or State Mandated, HSA/IRAs to replace all federal entitlements. These HSA/IRAs can be locally invested too. It is a win win, as it honors all, including those yet to be born.

Constitutional conduct and Fairtax please~