August 16, 2011

Step back & take a look at where we are, to find the USA Cures #tcot #sgp #p2 #gop #dems #FairTax
Here is an International Planned Parenthood Federation advertisement, circa 1967 "The federation believes that the knowledge of planned parenthood is a fundamental right, and that the balance...
Frantz Emmanuel Kebreau has provided an example of how our Federal Government has violated Constitutional Conduct & needs Retraining Camps set up to teach the Nationalist the Constitution.  It would help to read the Federalist Papers and realize the 50 States are Sovereign, by the Law of the Land. It would help if the States would act accordingly.

This Land is our Land and the Constitution says~ 'The federal Government cannot own any land without the permission of the State who does'; that includes minerals. When the Federal Government votes to make a Territory a State, ownership of the Land is, by Constitutional Decree, also transferred to the State. 

Any State paying the Federal Government rent is aiding and abetting the current Federal Government Coupe.

Time to join the Teaparty States.

 International Planned Parenthood Federation? Eugenics? Place all non-entitlement unconstitutional spending on a 10% expenditure cut from previous year, every year until gone. Entitlements transition well into private owned HSA/IRAs, locally invested and State mandated(or not).

In a Free Trade society, the least amount of expense in a the product price provides the greatest competition for employment. Our IRS Tax Code adds to the expense of our domestic product, making goods cost about 22% more, in detailed proof at . By changing to an open market tax structure, consumption tax, the USA, We, are expected to experience a 10% GDP growth after the first year implemented and for years to come. Liberty comes from having the power to pay your taxes, or not, based on your ability to afford to buy something or control something. Under FairTax, no purchases are taxed up to the maximum level of poverty established by pre-paying Citizens with prebate checks.

Without the Prebate, the consumption tax needed to replace the Federal taxes in our product would be 19% inclusive.  With the prebate, the amount of the untaxed purchases spend across the yearly average of Gross national Product(GDP) is 4% inclusive. This is a form of Progressiveness, but it has a finite characteristic and equal to all. By enacting the FairTax, the hidden tax in food, even bread is removed and made tax free in reality by the prebate.  Those in poverty will benefit, not just from the excise IRS tax in food, but will gain by the flood of jobs that come from the competitive prices American Industry will have by taking the Federal taxes out of the price. JOBS JOBS JOBS!!!
Here is  a question:  If the compliance cost for the IRS tax code is 30 cents on every Federal tax revenue collected, would not ending the IRS delete near all, making for another expense taken out of the price of product at about 30% of the 22% imbedded tax cost, equaling a little over 7%. Since workers get to keep the income from ending the IRS taxes, including entitlements, it is calculated that the amount of the 22% is not all coming out of the price of the product, because workers are taking home one huge cashflow change. The figure calculated is 12% product cost coming out. If we add 7% to the 12%, we see a 19% advantage in price of domestic product, creating a near neutral exchange in how much we pay. 
 It has calculated that 90% of the USA Citizenship comes out ahead under FairTax. Those under the table and the wealthy will finally kick in.  Check out how this tweet I sent went:
Flat tax Raises rev. near current tax system, providing People w/modest tax cut, pd by spending cuts. FairTax=


May the Providence of God Bless Us ALL~AMEN

If everyone knew all there is to know, they would not do half the things they do, including myself, therefore I must foregive them, including myself.