August 03, 2014

Elect Peter Konetchy for US Congress in 4th Congressional District #MiGOP #MIGov #Michigan

Subject:  For those in congressional district MI 04.
Yesterday someone sent me email pointing out that the poles show that Moolenar and Mitchell are neck and neck and Konetchy is trailing far behind. The author suggested that Moolenaar seemed to seemed to be correct on many issues, but Mitchell was unknown. Then he asked the question whether we should vote for Moolenaar to prevent Mitchell (an unknown) from winning. I wrote a reply, but in thinking about this further I need to amplify on it. So I will do so here:
1.       Poles are often wrong and especially when Tea-Party backed candidates are in lead or close. (I have been telling everyone I talk to that if a polster asks them who they are for to say either undecided or one of the Ms.) Poles are regularly used by one side to make it seem like they are winning and everyone needs to get on the winning side. We know that the drive-by media are stridently opposed to the tea party or anyone who is pro-constitution. Do you really trust whatever pole you heard?
2.       A vote for either Mitchell or Moolenaar is a waste and I maintain if either one is elected we will have the same outcome.  Moolenaar had something like a 47% vote approval rating by one conservative group in the state senate. Mitchell has no record, but maybe he will be 40% correct. What difference does it make between being 47% and 40%? Neither record will significantly change our government. At this point we need someone that can be understands (and reads or at least has read in recent memory) and approves of the US Constitution and not as a living document. Only Peter will be unabashed at working to rein in the Federal Governement.
3.       Moolenaar is a career politician. As a congressman he will do what he perceives it will take to keep his job. The first thing he will do is be sure to get money for his next campaign. We already know what that means. He is sponsored by the Chamber of Crony Capitalists and they want amnesty and they want open borders. Is that something you favor?
4.       Mitchell is an opportunist and a Crony capitalist himself. He will immediately go after support from the Chamber when he gets elected. And you know he will do nothing to delete the unconstitutional US Department of Education. 
Please pay no attention to poles. Just campaign for Peter Konetchy and vote for Peter Konetechy. We need to take back our country one congressional seat at a time.
Dr. Gary Mitchell
Prudenvile, MI

And do not forget to vote for Gary Glenn, Todd Courser, Cindy Gamrat, Wendy Day, and George Sode in their respective State Districts as well.
Matthew Shepard

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