February 26, 2009

CPAC - Huckabee gets a Sustained Standing Ovation on Fair Tax!!!

Very Very good Governor Huckabee. You have put the focus on where the GOP
has been abused by the Washington elite, wearing the cloth of Constitutional
conservative, while all the time shoring up their coffers of the offshore
manufacturing they have mapped out since Reagan gave us free trade. Sound
familiar Romney?

Then to hear the CPAC finding the Fair Tax as their favorite plank does the
heart good. It is our fiscal saving grace and our conservative American
family, in both parties road back to the American Dream!!!

Article quote:

He(Governor Huckabee) again called for implementation of the Fair Tax and
for a shut down of the IRS. That got his biggest applause, in fact, a
sustained standing ovation. One thing that would mean, he said, "We wouldn't
have a tax cheat running our tax system."

"The GOP wants a level playing field; Democrats want a level finish line." .

"They are obsessed with slicing bread equally among an even more needy

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