July 28, 2014

Why vote no on State of Michigan Proposal 14-1= Fwd: Proposal 1 analysis #MIGOP #MIGOV


A friend, Kenneth A. has provide the best analysis and write up on Ballot Proposal 14-1 that will be on the August 5 Ballot.

Proposal 14-1
Legislative Plunder Progressive Style
Presented By Kenneth A. 
Proposal 14-1 is a proposition to expand the size of Local and State Government plain and 
simple. Expanding government comes at a severe cost to OUR liberty.
Proposal 14-1 carries quietly in the background its statutory partner Public Act 86 of 2014 which 
establishes a new level of Bureaucratic Socialism aptly named in § 7 as the "Local Community 
Stabilization Authority" and in § 9 the "The authority council".
The "Authority Council" is a gubernatorial commission composed of five appointed 
commissioners, who are the administrative managers of the "authority". 

The "Authority" is the "Local Community 
Stabilization Authority" sitting as an "Independent Metropolitan government" that will send out 
swarms of New Officers to eat out our Sustenance by imposing and collecting a six percent tax 
on everything we purchase, and own here in the lands of the Wolverine.
Proposal 14-1 is a deliberated political deception presented fraudulently by the Legislative 
Leadership in Lansing as a means to continue exacting the Personal Property Tax by authorizing 
a locally populated metropolitan authority to impose and collect annually forever more, a 6

"Sec. 3. (1) There is levied upon and there shall be collected from every person in this state a 
specific tax, including both the local community stabilization share and the state share, for the 
privilege of using, storing, or consuming tangible personal property in this state at a total 
combined rate equal to 6% of the price of the property or services specified in section 3a or 3b. 
The tax levied under this act applies to a person who acquires tangible personal property or 
services that are subject to the tax levied under this act for any tax-exempt use who subsequently 
converts the tangible personal property or service to a taxable use, including an interim taxable 
use. If tangible personal property or services are converted to a taxable use, the tax levied under 
this act shall be imposed without regard to any subsequent tax-exempt use. Penalties and interest 
shall be added to the tax if applicable as provided in this act. For the purpose of the proper 
administration of this act and to prevent the evasion of the tax, all of the following shall be 
Proposal 14-1 is stealth legislation pandered about under the false bravado of funding local 
services. Proposal 14-1 is a tax increase which is why by LAW it is on the Ballot. This fact 
contradicts the political advertisements appearing on local Television trumpeting this Proposal 
14-1 as good for local business. 
This Local Community Stabilization Authority may be established in compliance to Article VII § 
27 of the Michigan State Constitution of 1963.
Metropolitan governments and authorities:
§ 27: Notwithstanding any other provision of this constitution the legislature may establish in 
metropolitan areas additional forms of government or authorities with powers, duties and 
jurisdictions as the legislature shall provide. Wherever possible, such additional forms of 
government or authorities shall be designed to perform multipurpose functions rather than a 
single function

Proposal 14-1 does not articulate in the "Ballot Language" that this is a TAX INCREASE, which 
is the key to this political deception presented to us by a Republican Led State Legislative 
Chamber sitting under OUR State Capitol Dome in Lansing.
This proposal is being introduced for one purpose, to enable local government to feast on our 
Private Wealth without restraint by imposing directly a 6 percent tax on OUR personal property 
purchased to operate OUR locally privately owned small businesses.
This local bureaucracy will send out swarms of new officers to eat out our Sustenance at six 
percent every year, unless we the Voters VOTE NO on Proposal 1 on August 5! 
Simply put this is Legislative Plunder, Progressive Style.
Let's send a message to the Progressive dominated legislative leadership in Lansing, NO NEW 
TAXING AUTHORITY. Vote NO on Proposal 14-1.

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