June 16, 2010

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Which is the real plan to fix Michigan?


June 16st, 2010
Which is the real plan to fix Michigan?
                          Lipstick on a Pig 
MI FairTax Prominent at Lansing Tea Party                        
Clinging to the motto "I'm not going to look at tax reform until we have cut government spending" is actually code for keeping the status quo.  Just how successful has our legislature been in cutting the size and spending of Michigan's government.  By sounding strong about cutting government some candidates are putting lipstick on a pig because they know government spending will not be cut much until people see their true tax burden and demand the cuts. 
The MI FairTax will let the citizens of Michigan see their true tax burden for the first time in generations, as their complete tax burden will appear on every sales receipt.

Candidates claiming that they will look at tax reform later either lack the desire or courage to tackle REAL tax reform.  In fact one is left wondering if the claim to want to cut government spending first is actually an attempt to fool voters into thinking they are reformers when actually they want to continue with business as usual.
Business as usual in Lansing is the buying and selling of tax favors.  Lobbyists for special interests buy the tax favors from our elected officials.  This trade in tax favors benefits the sellers and buyers at the expense of the rest of us and perpetuates a tax system that is driving businesses and jobs out of Michigan.  We can't afford to feed the pig any longer and Michigan citizens now recognize the pig no matter how much lipstick is applied.
The sale of tax favors is the source of the vast majority of lobbying in Lansing..  Although lobbyists can provide legislators with a lot of expertise on the many matters legislators must decide upon, when money and campaign contributions come into play it can corrupt our elected officials and/or cause them to represent the special interests rather than constituents.  
If a negative statement about the MI FairTax is heard, then evaluate the source by following the money.  It is likely that the source individual or group is personally benefiting from Lansing's business as usual trade in tax favors.
Voters in the August primary and the November general elections see through the "no reform until cuts are made" smoke screen to keep business as usual.  The Michigan electorate is demanding the MI FairTax as it stops the trade in tax favors and creates jobs by giving Michigan the most attractive business and individual tax environment in America.
Candidates advocating the MI FairTax recognize the business-as-usual pig with lipstick and are demonstrating the courage and leadership to stand before the public with real tax reform that will save our state for us, our children and grandchildren.   They will turn the pig into ham and bring home the REAL bacon.
To see just how the MI FairTax will bring home the bacon visit www.mifairtax.org.

Roger Buchholtz, State Director
Michigan FairTax Association
Michigan FairTax Association | PO Box 703 | Sterling heights | MI | 48311

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