March 14, 2010

Press Release-Trucker Randy taking up Guantlet for open seat, Mi-SenDist37

A Truck Driver is running for Allen's seat in State Senate Mi-SenDist37


For more information, contact:

Randy Bishop, (231) 421-5601/(231) 360-5140






TRAVERSE CITY (March 14)  Conservative activist Randy Bishop has announced he will seek the Republican Party nomination to succeed term-limited Senator Jason Allen in the eight-county 37th Senate District.


Bishop, known by many within conservative circles as "Trucker Randy," is running on a common-sense platform of limited government and transforming Michigan's economy to bring new businesses and those jobs to the main streets across Northern and Upper Michigan.


To help create jobs, Bishop would replace the state's personal income tax and most of the business taxes with the Michigan FairTax (  He would also make Michigan competitive with 25 other states by passing Right-to-Work laws.


"We need to take on the unions in this state and become a Right-to-Work state," said Bishop. "We need lesser government involvement in our lives, new businesses and companies providing more jobs to compete for our labor, which will create jobs at higher wages and benefits.  The people of our State need more money in their pockets".


Bishop also supports limiting the Legislature to part-time operating status and reducing the salaries of state elected officials and administration appointees.  Bishop said he decided to run because many people came up to him and told him, "We want you to run, it's time we send a common sense Truck Driver to Lansing!"


The 37th Senate District covers Antrim, Charlevoix, Cheboygan, Chippewa, Emmet, Grand Traverse, Mackinac and Presque Isle counties. The primary election is August 3.


Huckabee's Call Congress Now and Tax Revolt

Huckabee's Call Congress Now and Tax Revolt

Governor Mike Huckabee has set up a new website to assist Americans in their fight against the government takeover of health care which is set to be voted on in a few days.  His website gives the phone numbers of every U.S. Congressman and Senator in an easy to use form for calling.

His website reads: full article here

'One-On-One' w/ Mike Huckabee-1 Hr Chat in 8 segments~Foxnews life/politcs character...

Clip a video coming soon:
WV- Decision-Makers 1 on 1 w/ @GovMikeHuckabee via-@HuckNews: WTRF ~Fireside chat~Mike's youth to USA future.  Contains 8 eight minute segments. Very good~
One-On-One with Mike Huckabee
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This week host Bray Cary welcomes former Arkansas governor and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee.

This week on Decision Makers, former governor of Arkansas and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee comes to the mountain state and sits down with host Bray Carey for a candid interview. Huckabee comes to Decision Makers to discuss his transition from journalism to becoming a minister and entering the world of politics. He talks to Bray about several issues including health care, education and the potential of a huge shift of voter outcry in the next election.

Mike Huckabee, Segment 1

7 more segments here

Continued evidence of Teaparty Patriot Group's continued Nationalist Bias in 'Contract from America'

While spending the weekend in Ottawa getting up to speed on the Canadian conservative movement, I was heartened to read this article today about the evolution of the conservative movement south of the border.

Apparently Tea Partiers have decided to focus on economic issues and eschew social conservatism as the basis of their movement. They are crafting a "Contract from America", modeled on the Republican Contract With America, which successfully advanced a number of conservative reforms, including welfare reform, when the GOP controlled Congress in the 1990's.

"We should be creating the biggest tent possible around the economic conservative issue," said Ryan Hecker, the organizer behind the Contract From America. "I think social issues may matter to particular individuals, but at the end of the day, the movement should be agnostic about it. This is a movement that rose largely because of the Republican Party failing to deliver on being representative of the economic conservative ideology. To include social issues would be beside the point."

Don't know what this will mean for Sarah Palin, but it is heartening to those who feel that fiscal prudence, not hot button moral issues, should be at the core of rebuilding the American right.

Some of the Contract's planks include:

  • Doing away with earmarks
  • Limiting the growth of federal spending to inflation plus the percentage of population growth
  • Requiring a two-thirds majority for any tax increase
  • Scrapping the tax code and replacing it with one no longer than 4,543 words (a number chosen to match the length of the Constitution, unamended. I wish them luck on that one.)

While social conservative issues are still being discussed, they are not dominating ...full article here

my comment:
The fear of this Teaparty being a conservative Nationalist front is still evident in this citing: "Scrapping the tax code and replacing it with one no longer than 4,543 words".
The document that fits the number of words for this is the flat income tax.  That is the plan that continues the current power structure of lobbyist controlled DC.  It also points to the clear reason as to why, prior to the 2010 CPAC, TeaParty Patriots pulled from the voting the two to one favorite of Patriot voters supporting FairTax as the plan to use in changing the Federal Tax Structure.  The Flat income tax received hardly any votes of support and thus those who favor keeping the Federal Government headed in the direction of total Nationalism is fact, not a guess.  To claim that it was pulled to leave room for opening the debate on changing the tax structure by inclusion of other plans is a lot of BS. 
It is clear that Dick Armey, Newt Gingrich, and the rest of the Nationalists fear FairTax completely enough to pull this subversion of the truth hiding the fact that the vast majority of Teaparty Patriots support .