May 21, 2009

RNSC condust is that of big brother elites~ no funding till after the primaries for them

I am sending this e-mail forward to give clear evidence of how the elites in
Washington are continuing with their underhanded good ole boy system and
corrupt use of rules and blatant ignoring of words of challenge by hiding
from them.

The RNSC has demonstrated how they intend to push big government RINO type
candidates for the purpose of maintaining their status quo. From this
Action, I would withohold my donation to the RNSC until after the primaries
are over.

Someone should make a hero out of the Florida Committeewoman who put a stop
to the Crist anointing.

R. George Dunn

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Erick Erickson sent a message to the members of Not one penny to the
National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC).

Subject: What is the NRSC hiding?

Yesterday, I ambled over to John Cornyn's page on Facebook and wrote on his

I told him, very politely, that I was disappointed in the NRSC endorsement
of Crist. At a time when Senator Cornyn says we can capitalize on the
anxiety people have about spending and deficits, it undermines his goal by
endorsing a man who supports the spending and deficits and also says he'd
vote for Obama's stimulus.

Senator Cornyn responded that given a recent third party poll showing Crist
at 54% and Rubio at 18%, Crist is the candidate who can hold the seat and
the NRSC wanted to go on and support him.

I responded that there were more than 365 days before the election, Crist
was elected statewide with high name identification, and Rubio has 365 +
days to show people that Crist would support the policies that are
increasingly unpopular in Florida.

I tell you this all here because you cannot now go to John Cornyn's page at
Facebook to see the exchange.

Whoever runs the page for him has deleted it.

That's a shame.


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Montana intra-state gun law means much more

And so to is it a fundamental right of a State to maintain intra-State trade/commerce/rights fundamentally, to wit:  Manufacturing and sale of arms within a State;  Denying the Federal Government the right to taxation without constitutional fundamentalism in spending; funding education unconstitutionally; etc.
This precedence of the commerce clause has great weight in many ways.  The great though to the Federal ownership is property, which leads to ownership of banks, car companies, which leads to government leverage of a catatonic state of surrendering of the freedom to prosper, live, choose, to be at liberty in Freedom.
R. George Dunn

The GOP needs libertarians more than libertarians need the GOP right now


Republicans often disregard libertarians



There are all sorts of self-described libertarians out there: Ron Paul libertarians, Libertarian Party libertarians, Club for Growth libertarians, Cato libertarians, Reason libertarians, Next Right libertarians, Neal Boortz libertarians and Lew Rockwell libertarians.  There are also millions of people who don't even know they are libertarians.

During the Goldwater-Reagan years, Republicans knew they needed libertarian votes to win the White House.  After George H. W. Bush disregarded his "read my lips" pledge, libertarians felt pretty isolated until the Republican Revolution.  Once the Republican Party gained control of Congress, libertarians and the goals of the Republican Revolution were simultaneously flushed down the commode of win-at-all-costs politics.

Republican leaders were warned time and time and time and time again that they would pay a price for dismissing potential libertarian supporters. Republicans did pay a significant price in 2006, but continued on as if nothing had changed.  Immediately after it became apparent that John McCain was going to win the 2008 Republican nomination, the Libertarian Party sent a funeral wreath to the RNC...

...Without enough allies to fight the Democrats or even the skills to find the path to small government and individual freedom, the current Republican leadership may not be destined to forty years in the wilderness.  Without libertarian assistance, they may not even make it to the next oasis.

With or without the GOP, libertarians will somehow survive.  Can the GOP survive without libertarians?

my comment:
I agree fully with this article with the one exception of not allowing for those who have been led to believe that the Libertarian party is too extreme to be open to possible inclusion.  Many used to think that the Libertarian party was violate extremists who go beyond.  But the truth is finally setting in that the Libertarians are simply standing up for the Constitution and that it seems extreme because of the atrophy of government today to even recognize the tyranny they have been administering, violating the oath of Office without conscious regard.
Having followed Gov. Huckabee through the primary, I found him to be evermore libertarian then he himself has recognized.  The Governor slowly transitioned from thinking of the Presidency as a position of a Governor to one of proper federalism, calling himself a federalist.  That self defining remark thus provided Gov. Huckabee the label of libertarian. 
Huckabee has and is a staunch supporter of we the people, speaking to main St.. rather then wall St. as his constituents.  The tea parties have impressed the Governor.  He has embraced Senator DeMint and in a recent poll DeMint just barely beat out DeMint. 
Gov. Huckabee is the one leader who is full focus on 'doing the right thing' and as the reality of the Libertarian party bring to focus that the direction of the GOP needs to be back to the Constitution with full respect to the letter of the Law of the Land, the Governor Huckabee's understanding and value of the Libertarian, the Constitution Parties will acquiesce forming into the GOP as being the We the People party, not controlled by big government big business greed for power entities.  This, at this time of huge threat from communism from within will draw back from the democrats all those blue collar conservatives which make up about 40% of the Dems.
It is this leadership of those such as Governor Huckabee that will lead the paradigm shift in this nation back to the Constitution.  Why so bold of a statement?  His support of the FairTax plan provides the one fiscal conservative plank that will bring the people back to the American dream of free enterprise, and once the people get past the brainwashed concept that the Libertarian/Constitution Parties are a negative and realize that they are 99% of exactly what this nation needs, we will all be united for at least a generation to come. 
As to those who choose to be what is called a RINO, goodbye.  If we are going to surrender to the enemy, it will not be by following compromise that has gotten us to this cliff.  You cannot compromise on the truth, so if Graham wants to hang his white flag, well see ya Lindsey.  Look up Powell.  He will be in the Specter corner.