May 21, 2009

RNSC condust is that of big brother elites~ no funding till after the primaries for them

I am sending this e-mail forward to give clear evidence of how the elites in
Washington are continuing with their underhanded good ole boy system and
corrupt use of rules and blatant ignoring of words of challenge by hiding
from them.

The RNSC has demonstrated how they intend to push big government RINO type
candidates for the purpose of maintaining their status quo. From this
Action, I would withohold my donation to the RNSC until after the primaries
are over.

Someone should make a hero out of the Florida Committeewoman who put a stop
to the Crist anointing.

R. George Dunn

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Erick Erickson sent a message to the members of Not one penny to the
National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC).

Subject: What is the NRSC hiding?

Yesterday, I ambled over to John Cornyn's page on Facebook and wrote on his

I told him, very politely, that I was disappointed in the NRSC endorsement
of Crist. At a time when Senator Cornyn says we can capitalize on the
anxiety people have about spending and deficits, it undermines his goal by
endorsing a man who supports the spending and deficits and also says he'd
vote for Obama's stimulus.

Senator Cornyn responded that given a recent third party poll showing Crist
at 54% and Rubio at 18%, Crist is the candidate who can hold the seat and
the NRSC wanted to go on and support him.

I responded that there were more than 365 days before the election, Crist
was elected statewide with high name identification, and Rubio has 365 +
days to show people that Crist would support the policies that are
increasingly unpopular in Florida.

I tell you this all here because you cannot now go to John Cornyn's page at
Facebook to see the exchange.

Whoever runs the page for him has deleted it.

That's a shame.


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