April 27, 2013

Drone use in Homeland is a State issue, not HSA

Use of drones on the homeland is a State issue, NOT Federal. We in Michigan, under the leadership of State Representative Tom McMillin, have drone legislation before the house. The goal is to control use of drones needing a warrant or in the event of imminent danger. The discussion is centered on the use of drones for events and for such activity as traffic monitoring, available for active crimes being committed.

Michigan also have NDAA, repeal of nationalism of education called common core, 2nd Amendment intra-State sovereignty, fighting Federal exchanges against the Affordable Care Act, all on the table in the legislature.

We need to call our legislature and demand Constitutional conduct and State Sovereignty. Most important, we need jobs and tweaking what we have for a tax structure does nothing. Demand FairTax, a consumption tax made of a free trade world, in harmony with open boarders, not as we are, double taxed with single benefit production tax, meant for closed borders, and even then still double taxed, just no foreign competition. Anyone who has been around for 50 years has paid attention to how we lost manufacturing to overseas for the past 30 years, ever since Reagan gave us Free Trade.

We need a State resolution that, in the event of 37 States passing verbatim, this Resolution Bill shall be declared a call to Constitutional Convention for the said purpose of this Bill and only this Bill, for the purpose of the Convention to crisan the new Amendment to the Constitution. This tool can be used to bring about discipline upon our path we travel, ie the proper interpretation of the Commerce clause as written, the education of law on Federalist #78's definition of the Constitutional words, "Good Conduct of the Judiciary" and a finger back at Congress and the President...
Below is a poll on Whether we should allow drones in the USA.