June 08, 2012

Holder’s lies exposed by DOJ document leak | Time to Impeach!

New from Joe Miller:Holder's lies exposed by DOJ document leak
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Jun 08, 2012 02:54 pm  
Wiretap applications obtained by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform prove Attorney General Eric Holder and Assistant AG Lanny Breuer lied to Committee members when they claimed DOJ personnel knew nothing of the tactics used by the ATF during Operation Fast And Furious. Wiretap applications are forms that must be filled out and [...]

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Holder's lies exposed by DOJ document leak 
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Jun 08, 2012 02:48 pm  
Attorney General Eric Holder had the audacity to claim during congressional testimony on June 7, 2012 that internal Justice Department emails that contain the phrase "Fast and Furious" do not actually refer to the controversial gun-walking operation Fast and Furious. This guy needs to be impeached immediately.


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Video: Proof Holder Lied Under Oath 
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Jun 08, 2012 02:35 pm  
Editor's note: A longer version of this article first appeared at American Spectator. The left-leaning magazine The Nation has published a list of what it deems America's all-time, most influential progressives. The list, which you can review for yourself, is very revealing. For starters, it's fascinating that The Nation leads with Eugene Debs at number 1. Debs was a socialist. It [...]

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The Nation's Top "Progressives" … and Socialists and Communists 
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Jun 08, 2012 02:26 pm  
They started with salt and transfat. Now they're going after 16-ounce drinks, but it won't stop there. You can count on it. Prohibition didn't work, and neither does the "war on drugs." So don't expect banning certain foods or large portions will make a dent in the battle over obesity. This type of government intrusion [...]

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The Diet Nazis Want to be Your 'Big Father' 
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Jun 08, 2012 02:04 pm  
A former Justice Department attorney says purely political considerations have motivated the DOJ to order the state of Florida to stop purging foreigners from its voter rolls. Recently the state of Florida discovered 53,000 dead people registered to vote. Florida also found non-citizens on the voter rolls, and Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner began [...]

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Florida attempts to correct voter fraud, feds say no 
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Jun 08, 2012 06:57 am  
Mention creationism, and many scientists think of the United States, where efforts to limit the teaching of evolution have made headway in a couple of states. But the successes are modest compared with those in South Korea, where the anti-evolution sentiment seems to be winning its battle with mainstream science. A petition to remove references [...]

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South Korea removes references to evolution from HS textbooks – Scientific American 
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Jun 08, 2012 02:51 am  
With the Wisconsin recall election in the news, it is only fitting that we take a trip down memory lane.  Anyone remember those Democrat senators fleeing to Illinois to prevent a quorum so the the Senate couldn't pass Governor Walker's reforms?  Looks like the old guard in the Alaska GOP stole a page from their [...]

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Alaska "Republicans" looking a lot like Wisconsin Fleebaggers 
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Jun 07, 2012 07:48 pm  
Big news about the Obama Administration's "Fast and Furious" scandal broke earlier this week, when the House Oversight committee finally got its hands on some of the documents it subpoenaed long ago – specifically, a set of wiretap applications that prove high officials at the Justice Department were very well aware of the deadly "gun [...]

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"Mole" in DOJ feeding House Oversight Committee evidence of Holder's lies 
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Jun 07, 2012 07:20 pm  
A comment by the commander-in-chief about his wife's exercise routine sent snickers through a crowd of Hollywood's gay and lesbian elite who gathered at an LGBT Leadership Council gala in Beverly Hills on Wednesday for a fund-raiser. After being introduced by emcee Ellen DeGeneres, Obama called the comedian "a great friend who accepts a little [...]

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Obama makes pornographic joke about wife at homosexual gala in Beverly Hills 
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