May 22, 2012

9th Congress Dist Candidate Don Volaric joins Justin Lopas Tonight 5/22/12~ Bloomfield Radio WBFH

America's new upcoming Star Volaric 
 Federal Fiscal/Entitlement Reform Specialist
will be on
Bloomfield Hills School 
WBFH Radio 

Don Volaric, Congressional Candidate, 
Mi. New 9th District (Incumbent Sander Levin)

Tune in tonight 7pm to 7.50pm for an exclusive interview on the

Justin Lopas Radio Show
88.1 FM or on line.

Donald C Volaric
Candidate For U.S. Congress MI New 9th

May 17, 2012

GOP Delegates are all uncommitted at National Convention 1st Vote

Brokered convention taking shape

...The current perception given by elite media is based on there being a rule in place “binding” party delegates to vote for the candidate that won certain “bound” states, whereas actual RNC rules prohibit state election rules or party platforms from having any influence on the eventual delegates and how they decide to vote at the RNC.

Those laws were already clearly explained by the RNC in 2008 when this very issue arose, ironically enough, regarding a John McCain delegate in Utah that wanted to switch their vote to, none other than, Mitt Romney when they reached the RNC.

Attorneys for the RNC have clearly stated the Republican and Democratic parties are, in essence, non-binding, non-governmental private clubs and do not hold any weight with regard to actual GOP election laws and the 'official' caucus that takes place at the RNC, every 4 years.

According to, Jenneifer Sheehan, Legal Counsel for the RNC, plainly stated in a 2008 letter to Nancy Lord, Utah National Committeewoman, several weeks before the convention,

The RNC does not recognize a state's binding of national delegates, but considers each delegate a 'free agent' who can vote for whoever they choose.

The national convention allows delegates to vote for the individual of their choice, regardless of whether the person's name is officially placed into the nomination or not.”...

The GOP Party comes to a coalition at the national Convention. Any rhetoric to now, with rule 38 front and center, employ's Nationalist tendencies~

RNC Rules: 

May 10, 2012

Saul Anuzis push for National Popular vote a concern

Norm Hughes~
Here is a link to an article on NPV written by Virginia National Committeeman Morton Blackwell who nominated Saul for National Chair and stuck with him through six ballots, but was so concerned about Saul's national commitment to the NPV that he wrote this research paper and pushed a resolution through the National Committee opposed to NPV. As a result, Saul has been marginalized on the RNC and is not providing conservative leadership there. I do not have any particular problem with Saul but I also do not recall any efforts when he was state GOP chair to build the conservative movement. He did attend one Right To Work Task Force meeting but has not come back or participated in our efforts. I hope that, win or lose, Saul will eventually engage with and support our conservative movement. He has a lot of talent we could benefit by. With Dave Agema, we have a committed and proven conservative soldier.
Dave Agema is trying to stay positive but Saul's charges about alleged Agema lobbying (how does a legislator do that? Saul's web site says he directed lobbyists in 40 states) does not tell you that Saul sold Dave a bill of goods on NPV . Dave did co-sponsor legislation under the misunderstandings Saul gave him but you will note the bill was not even introduced in this session and Dave and the original sponsor are now unalterably opposed to NPV, which is really a liberal scheme to replace our republic with a "democracy". The NPV Compact would require Michigan electors to vote for whomever got the national popular plurality regardless of how Michigan voters expressed their choice. This would allow a limited number of big states to decide the presidency, a fear the Founders specifically worked to avoid. My biggest concern is that any political consultant is a soldier of fortune whose first interest is his pocketbook. In this instance the economic gain of backing a liberal proposal outweighed the Michigan Republican Party's best interest. UOur national committee representatives should be free to represent the grass roots as their first priority.
Feel free to send this information to your fellow delegate(s).

May 08, 2012

After reading your open letter with the many years of service within the Republican Party and viewing your list of endorsements I would like to give my point of view for your consideration? Thirty years would seem to be a sufficient time frame for anyone to provide political service. Isn't it time to enjoy your grandchildren and other interest along with your wife and family?

The next observation is some of your endorsements! I have to say they are not in keeping with the traditions, principles, and values that the Republican Party was founded upon! I have listed some of these so-called Republicans with short explanations along with links to back up these concerns. See below

Randy Richardville -Senate Majority leader union favoring legislation sends threatning letters of cease and desist by his Lansing attorneys against constituents and citizens of Michigan along with private radio station for outspoken criticism of his actions and policies an affront to their first amendment rights. Alleged affair with a 24 year old woman that he's old enough to be her father and causing the divorce with his wife of over 30 plus years! So much for the family values Plank of the Republican Party Platform! Facing second re-call in less than a year with the latest one coming from a fellow Republican and former county GOP chairman. No links required!

Bobby Schostak - MRP chairman brother and partner of David Schostak mortgage scandal commercial real estate.

Steve Linder Richardville adviser and pit-bull calling conservative activist 6th grader for Trucker Randy's comment on Richardville threats of lawsuit. He also has history of such attack comments.

Steve Linder also slammed Truscott Rossman founder Kelly Rossman-McKinney sticking up for Senator Rick Jones who campared her to a "hooker".

Bill Runco - MRP state finance chairman and ex Dearborn judge see the list of court cases against him with shenanigans in real estate and wanting taxpayers to foot his private attorney fees.

State of Michigan Court of Appeals CARLA O’NEILL versus JUDGE WILLIAM J. RUNCO
This is one in the same Bill Runco (State Budget Committee Chair) for the Michigan GOP and one who voted in favor of “dele-gate” The rabbit hole gets deeper and deeper!

Supreme Court of Michigan Public Censure of 19th (Dearborn) District Judge William Runco
This Bill Runco (State Budget Committee Chair) and former Dearborn Judge has a record of shenanigans.

Mary Kay Thayer - failed state rep. candidate and Monroe County Community College Trustee put up by Richardville & his mother Glenda Kennon first vice chair since 1999 since Richardville first elected as state rep filed false police report on Charles Barger conservative executive committee member of the MCRP and former Army Major for his outspoken criticism of Richardville. Police report available on request.

Dick Posthumus – Former Lt. Governor was copied in on email sent by an SEIU operative and worked for and was part of the SEIU scandal forced unionization along with Richardville & Kahn.

Mike Cox – Former Attorney General Manoogian mansion scandal
Sworn testimony from Retired Detroit Police officer Sandy Cardenas says officers responding to 911 calls told her that Mike Cox was actually at the party. Cox, who would later call it an “urban legend,” denied the allegation.

Candice Miller – Congresswoman voted for H.R. 3523: Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act.

Brian Calley – Lt. Governor Government bridge supporter - public comment, this bridge will get built by the government and implementing ObamaCare one piece at a time such as the Autism mandate.

Dan Benishek – Congressman used "Tea Party" to get elected breaks promise goes against word on votes.

Thaddeus McCotter "RINO" enough said voting record proves this out.

May 03, 2012

April 17th FairTax Press Conference & Check out "State Group Index" on FairTax Nation

Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act of 2011, HR 25 & S 13
Robert Willia… Fair Tax Nation has a new State Group Index that will allow you to more easily find and/or join your State Group. If you are not a member of your primary State Group, I urge you to join at this time.
STATE GROUPS Please make sure that you join your State Group. Without your support, your state group isn't as effective as it can be....

State Group Index

About Fair Tax Nation
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If everyone knew all there is to know, they would not do half the things they do, including myself, therefore I must foregive them, including myself.

Representative Dave Agema Candidate for Republican National Committeeman~ Important

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Dave Agema <>
Date: Wed, May 2, 2012 at 6:47 PM
Subject: Important

Fellow Conservatives,

Tomorrow night, Republicans across the state will assemble for their local county conventions.

It is very important that conservatives across the state attend these county conventions because they will elect delegates to the Republican State Convention which will be held on May 18th and 19th. At the State Convention delegates will elect new party leaders so it's crucial that we 1) attend our county conventions 2) elect conservative delegates to the State Convention and 3) elect conservatives to party leadership positions.

This is our one chance to decide the direction of our party. We can either elect leaders who espouse our Conservative, Judeo-Christian, and Constitutional values or we can elect the same establishment figures who have been driving our party away from the values that once made our country great. If we, as conservatives, come together in full force at the County and State Conventions then we can and will put our party and country back on the right track.

You do not have to be a current precinct delegate to attend the County or State Convention, but to become a delegate to the State Convention you must attend your County Convention tomorrow night and let the Chair of the County party know that you wish to attend the State Convention as a delegate.

Please click here to find out when and where your County Convention will be held.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Gus at 616-322-5331.

Lastly, If you are willing to endorse my campaign please email me at I appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you at the State Convention!

In Liberty,

Representative Dave Agema
Candidate for Republican National Committeeman

If everyone knew all there is to know, they would not do half the things they do, including myself, therefore I must foregive them, including myself.

America once again at a Generational Crossroad

Amy Walker~
Now this is leadership we need NOW in America! "This country has to get back to a fundamental belief that our liberty comes from GOD, and therefore we have an obligation to GOD to be good citizens. And we have to recognize that a free country requires free people who stand on their own two feet, have a good work ethic, take care of each other when necessary, come together as a community when necessary, but in the end it's up to us, as individual Americans, to come together to create a better America. It's not up to the government to try to impose on us the government's version of a better America. And I think it is very important to recognize the very base of our liberty is that we are endowed by our creator with certain unalienable rights—nobody can take them away from us—the only country in the world that says that your personal sovereignty comes GOD and then you loan power to the state—which means in the end—every American is always morally responsible for the future of America. You can't give that away—you can't turn it to Obama—you can't give it to the next Republican. In the end, 305 million people have a moral responsibility to GOD to remain the freest country in the world."—Newt Gingrich
And before we(out of many, One) do anything, we need to ask what will it do to the children~

"What Americans need to do is Yank the Chain (of Government), and do it real quick and do it real hard," Governor Huckabee.

"The base of our Liberty is we are endowed by our Creator...305 million American People, each have a responsibility to God," Newt.

When we elected Governor Reagan to office, he knew and was able to say, "In this Springtime of hope, some lights seem eternal.  America's is!"  Is the strength of America still in Her People?
 Is God still in Her People?
Constitutional Conduct, FairTax and second to none, be ye Righteous~

May 01, 2012

Michigan Precinct Delegate Project

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Michigan Tea Party News

Have you filled out your precinct delegate paperwork yet?

Since the Tea Party Movement began, the goal of most Tea Party groups has been to educate the public and we have done that remarkably well.  The public is starting to become informed about the issues.  They are beginning to understand that our government has gotten out of control and needs to be reined in.  Our goal of retaking our country, is gaining ground and that is making some people nervous.  Democrats on the national level have disparaged us as redneck hicks and lied about us spitting on congressmen.  Here in Michigan, the Democrats even tried to make a fake Tea Party to try and split the vote.  They thought we were stupid and could be easily fooled.  The Republican Establishment wasn't much better; they smiled at us and welcomed us to their meetings and asked us for our votes, then asked us to leave the room while they made the important decisions.  Not all of them, but enough.  Now as this election cycle unfolds, they are doing it again.  While some people are calling for us to start our own party, I believe that this would be disastrous for us.  We would get stuck with another four years of Barack Obama and Debbie Stabenow.  No, the solution to the problem is for us to take over the political parties.  Use the established rules against them.  How do we do this?  Well, the answer is simple, run as a Republican Precinct Delegate.    Read More Here

Will you attend the MIGOP State Convention?

Help Change the MIGOP

On May 3, Republicans from around the state will be meeting in their counties for their County Conventions.  At these meetings, they will be selecting delegates to attend the Michigan GOP State Convention on May 18 & 19.  You do not have to be a current Precinct Delegate to attend these meetings and get selected to attend the State GOP Convention.  Any person at the County Conventions has an opportunity to be selected to attend the State Convention as a delegate.  Why go to the State Convention?  Well, at the State Convention, the Michigan Republicans will be voting on who will be the Michigan Delegates to the Republican National Convention.  We want to elect as many conservative, constitutional delegates to the convention so that we can have a huge influence on what direction we will take the party.  The Michigan GOP will also be electing a National Committeeman and National Committeewoman to the RNC.  Currently Saul Anuzis and Dave Agema are the main contenders for committeman and Terri Lynn Land and Holly Hughes are contending to be the Committeewoman.  You can read more about these races below.

If you would like to know more information about where your county will be holding it's convention on May 3, click here.  We encourage you to attend these conventions and help change the direction of the MIGOP and the Republican National Committee.

To Accomplish Replacement

And no, I'm not talking about Randy Richardville, though I agree that he needs to go, too.  Nope, I'm referring to a different scoundrel here.

Last Sunday, on the Dump Saul Anuzis facebook page, I wrote:  "While all of this various and sundry political talk is very fascinating, let's please keep our primary objective in mind . . . that of dumping Saul Anuzis as Michigan's RNC National Committeeman. We do need to start recruiting a potential challenger, and develop a delegate strategy (using the 2010 pool) to accumulate the votes necessary to dump him." The conversation threads, both on the page and in the group, were starting to get a tad afield of the original purpose, which is to focus the efforts to replace Saulius Anuzis as Michigan's Republican National Committeeman.  Best to stay focused here, as we only have about seven weeks left to work with.  Grab a pot of coffee, and let's go below the fold.   Read More

A difference in philosophy

During election cycles we all like to focus on the big, "important" elections like President, Senate and Congress.  Often overlooked are the "smaller" elections for County Commissioner, School Board and City Council.  Almost always overlooked are the inter-party elections for County Committee, State Committee and National Committee.  It is unfortunate that these offices are usually overlooked, because they have a great deal to do with the future of our respective political parties and our country.   Read More
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If everyone knew all there is to know, they would not do half the things they do, including myself, therefore I must foregive them, including myself.