January 27, 2010

State of the Union Address... Washington is out of touch!

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Subject: State of the Union Address... Washington is out of touch!

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State of the Union Address

Fellow Patriots,

Tonight's State of the Union Address did little to ensure us our government is looking out for our liberty, and did much to reconfirm the fact that Washington is completely out of touch.

The speech, loaded with inaccuracies, empty promises, blame games and rhetoric, shows us that our elected officials no longer wish to protect our rights. Instead, they're looking to expand government and create spending programs that funnel taxpayer dollars into special interest groups.

The address to the nation leaves us with the same feeling we had back when Nancy Pelosi and her ilk smiled and clapped as they shoved an unconstitutional government healthcare bill through the House, knowing full well that most Americans oppose it.

Our President even had the audacity to put forth the idea of a spending freeze, then followed the idea up by saying he wouldn't support it until next year!

Obama tried to say that if we invest in "green energy," our country will once again become a global powerhouse economy. He even poked fun at those of us who do not agree with overwhelming evidence in support of global warming. What world is he living in?

The President claims he can double our exports in five years, but ignores the fact that our products are not competitive. That's what unions and bailouts did for us.

And you know that healthcare legislation the majority of Americans oppose? Our President this evening called for a renewed push to get it passed.

At this point, one has to wonder if this government is just completely ignorant to reality!

The State of the Union can be summed up in one statement... Washington is completely out of touch with the people it works for.

At that my friends is a dangerous situation for our country. A situation we simply have to change.

For Liberty,
-Eric Odom

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The State of the Union can be summed up in one statement... Washington is completely out of touch with the people it works for.

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DeMint: White House 'trying to divide us' | While USA run's around w/cart before the Horse

By J. Taylor Rushing - 01/27/10 05:11 PM ET

Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) said Wednesday that President Barack Obama's administration is "trying to divide" Senate Republicans by selectively calling a few of them to lobby them on legislative issues.

DeMint, a one-time friend of Obama's when the president was a senator, said White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel has been seeking out GOP senators to press them on healthcare reform and other topics.

"Right now their whole strategy just seems like they want to divide us," DeMint said. "The president has had his people calling different Republicans. It's not a matter of going to [Minority Leader] Mitch McConnell and saying, 'Let's work together.' They're trying to just pick off a few Republicans."

DeMint made his comments hours before Obama was to deliver his State of the Union address, in which he will lay out his agenda moving forward.

The South Carolina Republican specifically mentioned White House outreach to Republicans on healthcare reform legislation, arguably Obama's signature issue during his first year in the Oval Office.

"On healthcare and other things, too, Rahm Emanuel has been calling different Republicans, and ...full article here


my comment:

Healthcare done at the Federal Level must be within the framework of power distribution within the Constitution.  MUST!
Take Health Insurance Companies.  If enough Congressman agree that interstate trade of Insurance needs to be under the commerce clause, that can be so, not how, what kind or for whom.  The Federal Government has no authority over any business within a State, only when goods cross State line.
States have the power to regulate or not regulate the care and whether a certain license is needed or not.  The nurse maid down the street can treat 90% of ailments for much less then the mandated bureaucracy ever will.  Freedom liberates in many forms. 
Near all Law made is to control Government.  Certain hoops are established to ensure safety of the people from tyranny.  When Law is allowed to be ignored, for what ever considered noble, all is compromised.  You end up with the cart before the horse and a cliff up ahead. 

MI, Here Comes Another Tax Hike, Led by a "Republican"!



Core Principles Logo

Republican Lawmaker Introduces Whopping Gas-tax Hike
Gas Tax Sponsors:

Dick Ball, (R)
Pam Byrnes, (D)
Judy Nerat, (D)
Joan Bauer, (D)
Matt Lori, (R)
Lee Gonzales, (D)
Marie Donigan, (D)
Steven Lindberg, (D)

What is the Comprehensive Transportation Fund?
empty bus

The Comprehensive Transportation Fund (CTF) is a portion of the transportation budget that comes from your tax dollars. The CTF is currently around $240 million. Not one cent of that goes to roads. Rather, it pays for such things as "local bus operating", $166 million, "rail passenger service", $6.9 million...see the budget spreadsheet here. You decide if this is the best use of your tax dollars.

Dear RG,
Dick Ball Pam ByrnesOur good lawmakers in Lansing just don't seem to understand what we "regular people" in Michigan are going through. Republican Richard Ball and Democrat Pam Byrnes have introduced a pair of bills, HB 5768 and HB 5769 that will raise gasoline taxes by 8 cents and diesel taxes by 12 cents at the pump over the next three years.

This would place Michigan behind only Hawaii, New York and California in total fuel taxes. Do we need to spend money on improving roads? Perhaps, but why isn't anyone in Lansing willing to look at the current tax structure and adjust it accordingly to provide the needed road funding. Why do we continue to spend large sums of money out of the transportation budget for public transportation that almost nobody uses? Why do we continue to pay inflated "prevailing wages" on road projects? Why are we not more demanding of better quality construction so that roads aren't deteriorated before their life expectancy is up?

These are the questions we need to be asking of our legislators. And you can ask them by connecting right here. The names and contact information of the sponsors of these bills are in the left margin. Just click on the name to connect to their offices. Please respectfully ask them not to burden you with another sixty bucks a year (or more) in gasoline taxes, not to mention the increased prices for everything that ships by truck.

Gas Tax Another Obstacle to Recovery
Jack McHugh Read an excellent essay from Jack McHugh, editor of michiganvotes.org, about the gas tax hike. Click here.

This would place Michigan behind only Hawaii, New York and California in total fuel taxes. Do we need to spend money on improving roads?

TownHall-$13 trillion missing? Doctor Paul


Campaign for Liberty
Dear Friend of Liberty,

I hope you join me in my firm conviction that now is the time to fight back against the out of control Federal Reserve and continued Wall Street plundering of our tax dollars.

The threat isn't hard to see -- just look all around us.  Our constitutional principles and freedoms are being assaulted at every turn.  More bailouts, trillion dollar "stimulus" plans, huge new debt burdens for our children, simply printing money to cover our failed policies -- I could go on and on.  You and I both know that President Obama is going to keep going and going unless someone puts a stop to the madness.

But the good news is there is a way to fight back.  And that fight starts today -- by "Auditing the Fed" and showing the American people just how the Fed has abused its power, debauched the dollar, and helped strangle our economy.

Because I know you are a friend in Liberty, I wanted you to be among the first people contacted by Campaign for Liberty for the vital fight against the out of control Federal Reserve.

Please read the enclosed letter from my friend and Campaign for Liberty's President, John Tate.  John isn't just a friend of mine.  He's also a patriot with years of experience getting things done in politics.  Now he's agreed to take up the fight in a way I cannot -- by leading the fight for Liberty on the outside, while I do battle in the halls of Congress.

I trust you'll find this battle to expose the out of control Fed worth your support.

For Liberty,
Campaign for Liberty
Congressman Ron Paul

Campaign for Liberty

Dear Friend of Liberty,

Trillions of dollars are being stolen from the U.S. taxpayer.

Right now, you and I are seeing the worst plundering of a country's wealth in the history of civilization, led by an out of control Federal Reserve.

But together you and I CAN put a stop to it all.

With your help (including submitting the petition linked below to your Congressman and Senators) today, Representative Ron Paul, Senator Jim DeMint and Campaign for Liberty are ready to fight back, by taking the battle straight to the heart of the problem – the Federal Reserve itself.

Just think about the scope of the problem for a minute: The massive, outrageous amount of dollars committed to the economic bailouts in recent months totals:

More than the socialist New Deal ... More than the entire Iraq debacle ... More than the 1980's savings and loan mess ... More than the Korean War ...


When will it all end?

It's time you and I put a stop to a renegade Federal Reserve by exposing the Fed's out of control actions to the American people.  And Congressman Ron Paul and Senator Jim DeMint have a bill before Congress to do just that, known as the "Audit the Fed" Bill (HR 1207 and S 604).

That's why it's vital you click here to submit your "Audit the Fed" petition in support of Congressman Paul's bill.

Campaign for Liberty

You see, Audit the Fed already has over 300 cosponsors!

Now is the time to make sure your Congressman and Senators feel the heat to support the Audit the Fed bill!

If you and I don't act today, I'm afraid this crisis will end with the economic ruin of every man, woman and child in America.

Today, nearly 13 TRILLION in taxpayer dollars in bailouts and loans has been agreed to by Congress, the Bush and Obama Treasury Departments, and the out of control Fed.

So is it really any wonder more and more folks are starting to realize the Washington, D.C. establishment is hurtling us toward complete economic disaster?

Whether it's watching a phony "stimulus" package get rammed into law or watching Congress pass a $700 BILLION bank "bailout" under threat of martial law, the American people are agitated and increasingly angry.

That means it's a perfect time to unleash the pressure of MILLIONS of outraged Americans on the out of control Fed!

So please click here to sign the petition linked below urging your Congressman and Senators to cosponsor and seek roll call votes to pass the Audit the Fed Bill!

Campaign for Liberty

As I know you're aware, the Federal Reserve is shrouded in secrecy.  Their meetings are off-limits to the public.  Their inner workings are off-limits to the public.

And just recently, the Federal Reserve told Congress "NO WAY" when asked to account for $2 TRILLION in taxpayer-backed loans!

Well, why do you think they refused?

They know coming clean with Congress and the American people on how they doled out that two TRILLION dollars would result in an anti-Fed firestorm.

So can you imagine the impact of a full-scale audit? You and I will finally be able to show the American people that the Federal Reserve System leads to:
*** Constant economic crises -- the housing crisis and the resulting chaos is just one example of an economic bubble created by centrally-planned interest rates and money manipulation;

*** The destruction of the middle class -- as fuel, food, housing, medical care and education costs soar, everyone who is NOT on the government dole is forced to make do with less as the value of their money slowly decreases;

*** Currency destruction -- history shows us that riots, violence and full-scale police states can result when people finally realize our money isn't worth the paper it's printed on and REFUSE to accept it.
And unless you and I do end the madness in Washington, D.C., we may be closer than we'd like to think to learning that history lesson firsthand -- right here in our own streets.

That's why your commitment to helping pass the Audit the Fed Bill –- and helping Campaign for Liberty fight this battle -- is so vital.

Campaign for Liberty

Just a few months ago, there was no chance of passing any legislation like the Audit the Fed Bill.  So I guess there has been one "CHANGE."

You see, with the piling up of trillions of dollars in out of control "bailouts" of Wall Street and international bankers, even many politicians in Washington want to show you they're "being responsible."

What better way for Congress to do this than by auditing the Federal Reserve to account for the trillions stolen from the U.S. taxpayers?

More and more Congressmen are already feeling the pressure and are signing up to support this bill.  I've even received word this bill could move in the next few weeks in the U.S. House.

When that happens, you and I must be ready to fight.

And, it's both a bill we CAN pass, and one that is vital to exposing the massive corruption and dollar manipulation at the Federal Reserve.

You see, after regulating, taxing, spending, borrowing and printing us into what looks like the worst recession in decades, establishment politicians and power brokers are assuring us they're working hard to "fix" our economic woes.  What is their solution?  You guessed it.  More of the same!

And even if the Audit the Fed Bill is defeated this time, just forcing a vote is a win/win situation.

Can you imagine how many politicians will pay the price at the ballot box in 2010 when you and I tell the American people their Congressman somehow lost trillions of taxpayer dollars and refused to even LOOK for it?

Campaign for Liberty

Now we just need to show Congress the American people demand action on the Audit the Fed Bill.  Here's how we plan to do that.

First, we're already busy contacting up to five million activists nationwide through mail, phones and email to generate petitions to the U.S. Congress demanding action on Ron Paul's Audit the Fed Bill.

But that's just the beginning.  We'll work the talk radio stations and grant local media interviews to ratchet up the pressure even further on Congress.

And a few days before the vote, if we have the resources, we'd also like to run hard-hitting targeted radio, TV and newspaper ads.

This entire program is designed to send this one, CLEAR message to Congress: Any politician who votes against the Federal Reserve Audit should look for another job.

But such a massive effort won't be easy -- or cheap.

So in addition to submitting your petition, I also hope you'll agree to make a contribution of $1000, $500, $250, or $100 to Campaign for Liberty.

If $100 is too much to ask right now, please make a contribution of $50 or even $25 today.  Every dollar will help, and every dollar will go to this vital fight.

Campaign for Liberty

I know times are hard, but if we don't take action, the America we see in just a few years could look far worse than even the one we see today.

Can I count on you to join the fight to AUDIT THE FED by clicking here to sign the petition, and by making a generous contribution of $1000, $500, $250, $100, $50 -- or whatever you can afford -- to Ron Paul's Campaign for Liberty?

Campaign for Liberty
John F. Tate

P.S. Please submit the petition urging your Congressman and Senators to cosponsor and seek roll call votes on Rep. Ron Paul's Audit the Fed Bill TODAY!

Campaign for Liberty

With Congress spending like never before, and TRILLIONS of new dollars being created out of thin air, it's never been more important the Federal Reserve's abuses are exposed to the American people once and for all. And, along with submitting your petition, please make a contribution of $1000, $500, $250, $100, or $50 to Campaign for Liberty TODAY!

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It's time you and I put a stop to a renegade Federal Reserve by exposing the Fed's out of control actions to the American people.