March 15, 2010

Some complain the FairTax Prebate is progressive. Creating jobs cures such

Some complain the prebate is progressive and it is some, but with everyone getting the same equal amount of tax relief on necessities, it is a very fair compromise with those who are socialist in tendency and vote.  The FairTax prebate is a fixed progression to providing a security blanket to all without breaking the bank. 
The real gem in FairTax is it levels the manufacturing competition with imports by taking the hidden tax of 22% out of the price of domestic products, thus putting everyone back to work with a job, which in turn will produce more consumers for existing business, which will in turn create more investment and jobs.  With more jobs then employees, the level of poverty will near zero out.
The current tax structure is a monster with so many evils.  With FairTax, the Congress will have nothing to manipulate thus Lobbyists will have to come to Congressman with ideas, not bribes to shield the rich.  As to free enterprise needing tweaked, better it be self induced then by a greedy bureaucrat.  Congressman will  once again be loyal to their constituents then to lobbyists, especially if we change campaign finance to be donations can only come from registered voters. :o)
The largess of the Federal Government is hidden tax in product.  FairTax will bring transparency to how much we pay those thieves.  It will prompt the election of candidates who will adhere to constitutional conduct.  FairTax is our weapon for Liberty and Freedom of this very dark hour in USA history.  It will save the Constitution and our Country from falling into total oppression.
There will be a push to keep our current tax structure and just flatten out the income tax.  That is the gem of those who want to continue to subvert the Constitution and grow the Federal Government into which we will be of one State and eliminate the need for the Sovereignty of the 50.