January 02, 2012

My Activist path of the 2008 to the 2012 Primary eve in Iowa

When Newt dropped out in 2007, I found myself having to get active and vett candidates. When I ran into Governor Huckabee, it was like he had a recorder in my home repeating everything I had said.

Governor Huckaee would have been President had he not been bulldogged in SC debate. He has the Quest as his own. Then cam Cain, who too has the Quest in his Mission.

All during the past five years, I have spent a lot of time countering the lies about Ron Paul and the mediabot hate for him We must recognize the we are being divided on the right, leaving the Constitutionalists formed regardless of their State affiliation.

Paul has come to the top in a big way this year, being the only Constitutionalist standing in the top tier. Despite the thousands of cuts causing ferocity hazing, his Quest is the Constitution and fiscal repair. A week ago, I came to a pint that I said, done, no more vetting. Constitutionalist Paul has my support.

The Social Conservatives have defined Constitutional conduct as their number one plank. The anti-war crowd on the left are many. Momentum for the Constitutionalist will draw from the right and if it is Paul, he will sink Obama.

Should Paul fail to beat back the Nationalists and those who are not awake yet to it, then you can count on a third party. Sent Sarah a note to ready ready and to seek the Constitutionalist party ticket. Doctor Paul endorsed the Constitutionalist candidate in 2008. This may be the most interesting year of the century and we just got started. If we do well, we could see our future setting new standards in American Prosperity. If we go the wrong way, it will take most of the century to get anywhere and if liberty is involved.

FairTax will provide a GDP of way north of 10% per year for years to come and Constitutional conduct will create such a peace and tranquility, blessings will overflow.

When our Constitution was devised,it was a given that local governance was the norm, from the bottom up. If the local level could not do it, the next level up would. It was not question of convenience, but a matter of principle. Now we rule by decree rather then common law.

Congressman King blew it in his analysis on Foxnews about Congressman Paul's foreign policy

Congressman Steven King, your interview on Foxnews was very much on target, until you got to Ron Paul's foreign policy. You must be aware of our being the world empire, as you claimed we would create a vacumn if we just pulled out.

You should have asked Paul about the vacuum effect, as he is not a fool. Just as he says we need to transition to constitutional conduct, so too will we have to transition out of being the world policeman gistopo and let nations raise up to their personal responsibility. We cannot continue to be the world Beast. As the last beast did, the Roman empire, they became so fiscally collapsed, it brought down the empire. Shall we crash or shall we walk back from the cliff?

Also, Constitutionalist Paul has said he will sign FairTax when it gets on his desk as President. He is for both saving planks.
Constitutional conduct and FairTax please and that includes returning to the foreign policy of our First President, George Washington.



If everyone knew all there is to know, they would not do half the things they do, including myself, therefore I must foregive them, including myself.