August 09, 2010

MUST SEE Video~ Very Telling Footage..& Washington Is Paying Attention. |FairTax Pls


Date: Mon, 9 Aug 2010 23:21:40 -0400
Subject: Very Telling Footage... and Washington Is Paying Attention.

This is an amazing little inteview with a Billionaire who slams washington -- he says China's more stable & is moving 1/2 his business there!!  Please take a minute to watch this & Pass it on!

This is important information from one of the wealthiest and most powerful businessmen in America .  How pathetic is it that he and others are finding it necessary to move their business out of the country - and can you blame them? 
What's equally amazing is that CNBC actually aired this... CNBC, one of the White House's favorite propaganda machines!   It was not even 2 hours after Steve Wynn's interview that he received an invitation from the tenants at 1600 Pennsylvania Boulevard , Washington , DC , 20500 wanting him to explain in person why he said what he said!!!

Below is a short interview with Steve Wynn. Some of you know of him.  He's a Multi- Bill ionaire, Hotelier and Real Estate Investor in Las Vegas , Asia and Macau . He's been a guest from time to time on all the network financial news programs.
If you listen to this recent CNBC interview (short & to the point) and nothing else today, you will be better informed than your neighbor about the state of the union.

I would suggest sharing this with your children, your neighbors, and colleagues so they know what to expect once they're faced with the results.


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Detroit FP-'Mich. primary was unusual business as usual' |~Party Shannanigans


Posted: Aug. 8, 2010

Mich. primary was unusual business as usual

fighting chance in the fall. And he'll fight.
Now to win a Republican primary, conventional wisdom says you have to tack hard right, then move to the center (with a wink) to win in the fall.
Not so for Rick Snyder, the Ann Arbor businessman who openly appealed for moderates and, good heavens, Democrats, to come his way in the GOP primary and won the five-man field with a solid margin in what was supposed to be a three-way squeaker.
Snyder even eschewed most of the GOP debates in favor of open-to-all town hall meetings in every corner of the state. He passed up some key endorsement interviews (which of course you can afford to do when you have millions of your own dollars to pour into your campaign) and presented himself as more of an independent thinker than a rock-ribbed Republican.

Read more: Ron Dzwonkowski: Mich. primary was unusual business as usual | | Detroit Free Press
My comment:
Here is two tweets on the numbers for the GOP Gov race in Mi. The number of democrats who voted int eh primary was about a quarter of the GOP and it is due to the open primary ballot, both on the same sheet.  We need to go back to the closed 90 days before vote party designation voting:

#Mi- Migop votes 4 MiGov Unoffic SOS: Total % @RickForMI 36% @petehoekstra 27% @Mike_Cox 23% @Bouchardforgov 12% George 2%. Where is winner?
#Mi- Migop votes 4 MiGov Unoffic SOS: Total 1,047,048 @RickForMI 381.. @petehoekstra 280.. @Mike_Cox 240.. @Bouchardforgov 127.. George 15..
As to Washington, Obama has the privilege of being the one to push full tilt on the accelerator for the New World Order. Why else would they inflate an already ponsied Dollar?  We have given away our manufacturing and can't even build a tractor any more.  Free trade under old and current tax system put a 22% excise tax on American made goods distributing our industrial base around the world. will answer your questions and the going fundamentally by the Constitution will cure your question of losing your Liberty and Freedom.
As to the Mi Governors GOP Race, the MRP State Convention should hold an vote for governor, just like the Secretary of State and Attorney General Race is because of not obtaining 50% of the vote.
Michigan needs a closed primary 90 day membership ballot for primaries.

Randall Terry~Sad truth about many of our "conservative" leaders

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Randall Terry presents....Randall Terry: The Voice of Resistance

Winston Churchill

To Defeat Child Killers

We Must Confront False Allies

Randall A. Terry


"You have sat too long here for any good you have been doing.

Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!"

Oliver Cromwell




On May 8, 1940, British MP Leo Amery gave a devastating speech to parliament – culminating with the above quote from Oliver Cromwell – and thus set in motion the downfall of British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, the disgraced appeaser of the Nazis.


The facts were clear: more than any man in Europe except Adolf Hitler himself, Neville Chamberlain, through his policy of appeasement and accommodation, had allowed Adolf Hitler to develop the fiercest war machine in the history of the world, which was overrunning and enslaving millions of people.


The words, "In the name of God, go!" were doubly painful because Leo Amery was an old friend and colleague of Neville Chamberlain's.


But the stakes were so high – parliament knew England would be fighting for its very survival against the Nazis – that it required a painful and un-equivocating assessment of the facts, a change of direction, and a change of leadership.


The fierce political battle led to the greatest man of the last century (in my opinion) becoming the Prime Minister of England: Winston Churchill.


Within 48 hours of Amery's speech, Chamberlain was not the Prime Minister of England; Churchill was. And it happened because a man had the courage and integrity to tell the truth about a "leader" who was supposedly standing against Hitler, but whose policies, rhetoric and actions had actually aided him.


My purpose in this statement is to show that if we are going to defeat the child killers, we must likewise call out those who have appeased the murderers, and whose policies, strategies, rhetoric, actions, and images have led to this moment of defeat and subjegation.


The fall of France to Hitler;

The prostration of the pro-life movement before Kagan.


Just before France fell and submitted to German rule, over 300,000 British and French troops were pinned down at Dunkirk France. "The miracle of Dunkirk" involved the escape of most of the troops, as military ships and private vessels ferried men to safety in England while British aircraft fended off German strafing and bombing raids.


When Churchill briefed parliament on the success of the evacuation, he had the presence of mind to say: "We must be very careful not to assign to this deliverance the attributes of a victory. Wars are not won by evacuations." He went on to say "what has happened in France and Belgium is a colossal military disaster." (Into Battle, 219, 221) He did not lie to them – as Chamberlain had repeatedly done – and tell them they were "winning."


On June 22, 1940, French Marshal Petain fully agreed to Hitler's terms of surrender. It was a cataclysmic defeat; a crisis for England, and an ominous threat to the entire free world. Churchill, again addressing the House of Commons, said of the French: "They have delivered themselves over to the enemy, and lie wholly in his power." (Into Battle, 236)


Note the dark yet honest clarity of Churchill's words; his mind was not fogged in self-delusion, as Chamberlain's had been. He was not interested in appeasing the enemy, or in deceiving his fellow countrymen by painting a "rosy picture" for them.


Telling the Truth:

We are Losing


As the record shows, I have begun discussing certain "pro-life groups," pro-life "leaders," and pro-life "talkers" who use words and deeds – and more often, who fail to use certain words and deeds – that have resulted in the slow, steady defeat of the pro-life cause, and the brutal murder of millions more children.


In the battle to keep Kagan off the Supreme Court we have seen – with chilling transparency – that most pro-life groups and "leaders" did little or nothing to try and stop her. They raised money; they whined; they talked; but they did little or nothing to stop her. And now she and the child killers are victorious in this battle.


To make matters worse, false analysts declare – at this very moment of shame and defeat – that we are "winning". What follows is an example.


The other night, I read a story about Kagan's victory put out by a young man named Steven Ertelt, who runs what is essentially a "pro-life" blog called He sells his site to pro-lifers as a "news source," but it is not. Mr. Ertelt is not a trained journalist, and has repeatedly shown a grave lack of journalistic integrity at his site, over which several pro-life activists and leaders – myself included – have called him to account. (I can attest that "secular journalists" - who are allegedly our adversaries, or never give pro-lifers a fair story, etc. - have far more integrity in accurately reporting "pro-life" news than does Mr. Ertelt.)


I could not believe what I was reading. It was entitled: "Opponents of Pro-Abortion Elena Kagan's Supreme Court Bid Find Silver Lining." It went on to do a "news story" on an op-ed piece (I'm not kidding) written by one Carl Levy, printed in The Daily Caller. This op-ed piece, and Mr. Ertelt's coverage of it, tried to make this colossal defeat for the babies seem like a string of victories. It was appalling.


Here is a sample of the partisan cheerleading. "Republican senators mounted their strongest opposition in more than century, sending strong signals to the White House about future Supreme Court picks, while teeing up important issues for this fall's Senate races…Conservative groups and Senate Republicans – particularly GOP Leader Mitch McConnell and Judiciary Ranking Member Jeff Sessions – worked hard to get out the disturbing truth about Elena Kagan…"


This is one long lie. I repeat, it is a lie, designed to get you and I to fall in line, and get behind the Neville Chamberlains of today – Republican hacks and failed pro-life groups.


How dare any of us – whether Steve Ertelt, or Carl Levy, or a clergyman, or anyone – say, or even imply, that we are winning in the presence of 50,000,000 mangled babies? How dare we say we are winning when we just lost (without almost no fight) to Elena Kagan? This is the same delusional and destructive spirit embodied in Neville Chamberlain, which almost cost England its survival.


We do not need bouncing cheerleaders to swing pom-poms around and tell us we are winning, while we are down by an insurmountable score. This is not high-school basketball. It is a life and death struggle with real victims, and we are losing.


Harsh Reality, Harsh Words


Compare Churchill's words about Dunkirk, or the fall of France – which gave a brutally honest rendition of the facts, without "feel good fluff" – to the drivel in this article. Mr. Ertelt's article made Kagan's victory seem like a huge step forward for life and liberty.


I wrote to Mr. Ertelt, and told him plainly (among other things) that his story was "…an evil beyond comprehension. For you to try to do anything other than tell the truth about Kagan's victory - that her confirmation is a huge, horrifying victory for the child-killers - shows that you are a fraud."


I told him he is a "collaborator with the child-killers…" and that the elevation of Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court was akin to the fall of France to the Nazis, and trying to give Kagan's victory a "positive spin" is akin to whoredom.

I urged him to read about the Vichi Government of France, 1940-1944, (that collaborated with the Nazis), hoping that he would "shudder" for his sins, and to remember that many French collaborators were hung as traitors after the war. (The picture you see is of Hitler shaking hands with the collaborator, French leader Marshall Petain. Petain was sentenced to death after the war; De Gaul commuted his sentence to life in prison.)


I closed by saying to those I had bcc'd: "Please note that Steve's article never says the word, 'baby,' much less child-killing, murder etc. He is a thief and liar, like Jesus said in John 10. (A Hireling.) He could not say these asinine words in the presence of dead he must ignore them."


Sinking the French Fleet

For the Sake of British Victory


Some of my readers will question the severity of my speech, or the soundness of my logic and rhetoric.


I invite you to ponder what I am saying in the light of a seminal moment in WWII history: when the British captured or sunk most of the French Fleet.


England had granted permission to the French to abandon their Anglo/French treaty commitments, and to make their own terms of surrender with the Germans, with one major condition: that the French turn over the French Navy to British control.


However, unconscionably, at their surrender, the French committed two acts of treachery against the British.


First, the French freed about 400 German war pilots – German POWs that had been shot down by the English. Those German pilots – who should have been transferred to POW camps in England – were freed to fly more missions that bombed London, killed English soldiers and airmen, and killed and maimed many civilians.


Second, the French agreed to turn the French Fleet over to Germany, not England. This inevitably meant that the French naval war vessels would be used by Germany against England.


In his speech on July 4, 1942 to the House of Commons, Churchill said "… it is our inflexible resolve to do everything that is possible in order to prevent them [the ships] falling into the German grip. I leave the judgment of our action, with confidence, to Parliament. I leave it to the nation, and I leave it to the United States. I leave it to the world and history." (Into Battle, 244)


Churchill was clear with the French and with Parliament: the ships would not be allowed to move into German hands. The French were offered the chance to forsake their new German masters, and use the boats to fight the Germans. Or they could go to port under British escort, and be disabled for war. Otherwise, they would be destroyed.


By that time, British warships had already captured, disabled, or sunk scores of French vessels. In one engagement alone, over 1200 French sailors were sent to watery deaths by British munitions. Churchill said he had nightmares about this incident for years.


But Churchill knew that if the ships fell into German hands, it would cost many British lives, and might cost England the war.


Moreover, Churchill explained that by taking and firing on the vessels of her former ally, the English were showing the world that they intended to fight on alone - and win – no matter the cost:


"The action we have already taken should be, in itself, sufficient to dispose once and for all of the lies and rumors which have been so industriously spread by German propaganda and through Fifth Column activities that we have the slightest intention of entering into negotiations in any form and through any channel with the German and Italian governments. We shall, on the contrary, prosecute the war with the utmost vigor by all the means that are open to us until the righteous purposes for which we entered upon it have been fulfilled." (Into Battle, 246)


If we are going to make child killing illegal again, we must embody this Churchillian spirit for the sake of babies. We must be willing to redeem, lead, disable, or even – God forbid – "sink the ships" of former allies whose actions and words (or inactions and silence due to their slavery to the 501c3 tax exempt status) are helping the child killers, and have the net effect of leaving the babies in the hands of their murderers.


Therefore – to go from analogy to reality – we must be willing to face and say the truth. We must stop pretending that losing is winning; we must stop being silent when asinine, useless, or defeatist actions and words are heralded as beneficial, when in fact they are prolonging the war against children.


Otherwise we will have another 50 million dead babies, with no end in site 37 years from now.


The Time is Far Past…


The time is far past for those of us responsible for leading men and expending resources to have unflinching honesty about how this war for babies lives has been prosecuted – and lost – thus far.


However distasteful it may be, we must root out compromise, treachery, and collaboration with the enemy in our midst, whether that aid to the enemy is by word and deed, or by silence and inactivity, or by deceitful propaganda and pom-pom waving masquerading as "news."


Kagan's victory is not the time to talk about "silver linings;" it is time to beat our breasts, and to grieve and weep. St. James admonished us:  "Cleanse your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you men of double mind. Be wretched and mourn and weep. Let your laughter be turned to mourning and your joy to dejection." (James 4: 8, 9)


The Kagan Teaching Moment

Churchill must be our Model


Kagan's victory is a great teaching moment for us all.


- Kagan's victory showed how desperately weak the pro-life movement has become;


- Kagan's victory showed that we have leaders who do not lead;


- Kagan's victory showed that we have 501c3 tax exempt ministries that prey on people's hearts and wallets about "abortion," but do little or nothing to defeat hard core proponents of child killing, and don't even mention Kagan's name;


- Kagan's victory showed that our priests, bishops and Evangelical superstars will sit on the sideline and DO NOTHING while someone like Kagan rises to the Supreme Court;


- Kagan's victory showed that our "pro-life" Republicans – like Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell – are pimps and whores, and that they use us and the babies to get our money and votes, and then run from battle when it is time to protect the babies (sure, most of them voted against her, but they did not publically attempt to filibuster her for a variety of self serving, cowardly reasons);


- Kagan's victory showed that we have pop-pom wavers and deceivers as "analysts," and "bloggers" who pretend to be a news sources, but are actually propagandists; 


I am done with this charade. I fear God too much to participate with this deception.


And in eternity – should I see the millions of souls sent into eternity by the abortionist's knife – I do not want to hang my head in shame because of all that I did not do, or all I did not say on their behalf, because I was too damned interested in money, or good press, or my reputation, or not hurting peoples feelings, or any other thing that would tempt me to sin by silence and inaction.


I would rather follow the example of Winston Churchill, who boldly told the truth, even when it was against members of his own political party, because he put life and liberty and truth ahead of all else.


Churchill's Exhortation


I close with the words of Churchill, given June 18, the day after the French sued the Germans for peace. I urge you to ponder theses words in the light of our current struggle:


"Upon this battle depends the survival of Christian civilization…

Hitler knows that he will have to break us on this Island or lose the war.


If we can stand up to him all Europe may be free

And the life of the world may move forward

Into broad, sunlit upland's.


But if we fail, then the whole world,

including the United States,

including all we have known and cared for,


Will sink into the abyss of a new Dark Age

Made more sinister, and perhaps more protracted,

By the lights of perverted science.


Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties,

And so bear ourselves,

That if the British Empire and its Commonwealth

Last for 1000 years,


Men will still say:

'This was their finest hour.'"


Sir Winston Churchill


(The Last Lion: Alone, 1932-1940. P. 686, William Manchester.)



P.S. In my opinion, the most important book any leader could read (except the Holy Scriptures) is The Last Lion: Alone, 1932-1940, by William Manchester.


If you want to help our work financially, we thank you in advance. The fruit of our labor is known and recognized by millions. We beg your prayers. Feel free to contact me with any comments.


Click here to give.

Watch my TV show on Monday at 4:30 or 6:00 P.M. to see me discuss this crisis.



Randall Terry, Box 23775, Washington, DC 20026

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