April 15, 2010

Join Tax Day Events in DC: Online or In Person-100s of 1,000s avatars will be there


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Tax Day Protest Rally!

Thursday, April 15th

Tax Day, April 15th is upon us. Join us in person or online:

Demand Transformational Change to Our Broken Tax System
9:00 am (Eastern) - West Steps of the Capitol
Online Tax Revolt volunteers will deliver tens of thousands of Demands to every Senator and Member of Congress. Sign the Demand today!

Online Tax Revolt Rally
11 am - 1 pm (Eastern)
Freedom Plaza, Pennsylvania Avenue at 14th Street between the White House and the Capitol next to the I. R. S. Building.
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Online Tax Revolt Live Broadcast
5pm - 6pm (Eastern)
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FreedomWorks Tax Day Tea Party in DC
7pm - 10 pm (Eastern)
Washington Monument
Follow this link to find out more about the FreedomWorks event.

Come and Help Take Our Nation Back!

If you can be there in person, join us. If not, join us online.

Hundreds of thousands of avatars, representing people from every community in the nation from the Online Tax Revolt, will be there!

So will:
  • Radio Hall of Fame Talk Show Host Neal Boortz
  • Freedom Works Chairman Dick Armey
  • Tea Party Express leader Amy Kremer
  • Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist
  • United States Senator Saxby Chambliss
  • Congressman Steve King
  • Darla Dawald, National Director of ResistNet a Grassfire Nation Website
  • Online Tax Revolt Chairman Ken Hoagland
... and many more!

If you can come in person, be there!

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Hundreds of thousands of avatars, representing people from every community in the nation from the Online Tax Revolt, will be there!

Mi01-TeaParty concerned over congressional candidate Jason Allen senate bill trade for SEIU Union Campaign Contribution


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Tea Party alliance of patriot groups within Michigan's 1st Congressional District have concerns with State Senator Jason Allen of Traverse City, who is rumored to have purchased a house within the district, is set to announce his candidacy for Bart Stupak's seat.

This anticipated announcement from Allen, a opportunistic political carpetbagger with scandalous documented campaign contributions with matching votes; coming on the heels of last weekend's six in-district stops of the Tea Party Express buses proclaiming that the Tea Party movement beat Bart, will be met with stiff opposition.     

Jason Allen GOP Bill Authorizing State Money for SEIU Introduced Following Union Campaign Contribution details here from the Mackinac Center for Public Policy and more from the Tea Party of West Michigan.

This state forced unionization reminds us of a similar arrangement imposed on a Tea Party member
and licensed home daycare provider.
We took the cause up with The Mackinac Center,
which now has a lawsuit moving forward on the matter.
No more politics as usual.  We demand real limited-government, constitutionally principled candidates. 


The Northern Michigan Liberty Alliance is a collection of liberty minded citizens in the MI-01 congressional district that seek a return to a federal government that operates under the strict limitations enumerated in our Constitution. We stand in vehement opposition to federal policies of restricting individual freedoms, exorbitant taxation and wasteful government spending. We are a strictly non-partisan group, and are not affiliated with any political party. We encourage individuals and groups with compatible goals to join us.

Mission Statement:

"Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day." -Thomas Jefferson

Our mission is twofold:

I. To inform and educate our fellow citizens on the supreme law of the land, the Constitution.

II. To illuminate, rally against and bring an end to unconstitutional laws, infringements upon the Bill of Rights, and the political offices of those that would enact them.

To these ends, we will use all lawful means and our rights as free people to organize, demonstrate and advocate for a federal government that conforms its actions to the Constitution, instead of the reversal that exists today.

The right to defy an unconstitutional statute is basic in our scheme. Even when an ordinance requires a permit to make a speech, to deliver a sermon, to picket, to parade, or to assemble, it need not be honored when it's invalid on its face. – Potter Stewart (1915-1985), U.S. Supreme Court Justice, Walker v. Birmingham, 1967

The only good bureaucrat is one with a pistol at his head. Put it in his hand and it's good-by to the Bill of Rights. – H.L. Mencken
Our mailing address is:
*NMLA 217 Johnston St. SSM, MI 49783*
Copyright (C) 2009 *Northern Michigan Liberty Alliance|* All rights reserved.
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No more politics as usual.  We demand real limited-government, constitutionally principled candidates.