March 11, 2009

Steele Courting More Trouble

Steele Courting More Trouble
DC Examiner
POSTED March 11, 2009 | 5:59 PM

In the new interview with RNC Chairman Michael Steele just out from GQ, the party boss covers a wide variety of topics -- from the furniture in the chairman's office ("too male") to racisim in America ("driving while black") -- but it's his comments on gay rights and abortion are sure to ruffle some feathers in the GOP .

On gay rights he was a strict federalist, arguing that every state should have the right to decide whether or not to allow gay marriage and on abortion, he sounded unequivocally pro-choice:

Chris asked, "Are you saying you think women have the right to choose abortion?"
Michael asnwered, "Yeah. I mean, again, I think that's an individual choice."

"You do?"
"Yeah. Absolutely."

Steele also took a federalist position on abortion, saying states should choose whether to allow the practice....

Comment by "My suggestion to the socially moderate Mr. Steele is to stay out of the social issues completely and center on being a conservative, as Rush Limbaugh has stated clearly. Or stay out of being the front man in the media and keep to reforming the GOP. If you don't your going to unravel."

100,000 Americans Sign 'Freedom Not Fear' Petition While Congress Introduces Destructive 'Card Check' Bill

100,000 Americans Sign 'Freedom Not Fear' Petition While Congress Introduces Destructive 'Card Check' Bill

Re: [mikehuckabee-7] Romney Tanks At Fiscal Conservative Event

Wow, now here is evidence of a GOP waking up from it's RINO Leadership from Washington.  The grassroots of Club for Growth are overruling their own Clubs leadership and speaking to the truth about Romney, the Club For Growths leadership pick or anointment yes to Washington in the past Primary. 
Again, Mr. Romney , save your children their inheritance and go find another company to import more so we can have less jobs in America.
R. George
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Romney Tanks At Fiscal Conservative Event
By fitsnews • on March 9, 2009

Former and future (a.k.a. perpetual) GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney completely tanked at a gathering of fiscal conservative leaders in Palm Beach, Florida over the weekend, delivering what attendees called a "rehearsed, vacuous speech" full of "standard Republican feel-good talking points."

Romney then followed up his speech to the national Club for Growth by berating a questioner who dared to ask him about his socialist health care proposals, accusing the man of taking "pot shots."

Hmmmm … sound familiar to anyone?

Anyway, we wrote about our ongoing distaste for Romney last week, prompting a flood of criticism from his supporters.

Well, it looks like we're not alone.

Chronicling the fireworks from Florida is Harper's reporter Ken Silverstein, the man who wrote what many consider to be the definitive account of Romney's failed 2008 presidential bid.

From Silverstein's blog, Washington Babylon:

    This past weekend's National Club for Growth annual conference featured three dinner speakers. Thursday night: South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford. Friday night: South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint. Saturday night: former Governor Mitt Romney, the early frontrunner for the G.O.P. nomination in 2012. The Club for Growth represents the more conservative wing of the G.O.P. on economic policy. It is especially supportive of cutting taxes and government spending, and heavily funds candidates it supports.

    A source who attended the event passed on to me his thoughts about the conference, which appears not to have gone well for Romney. Recall that during last year's G.O.P. nomination battle, Romney had a hard time convincing the conservative base that he was the real thing.

Silverstein goes on to quote from a source who attended Romney's speech …

    After his comments (during which many in the audience were notably bored, checking Blackberrys, etc.), Mitt asked for questions. The first was a from a man from New York who read from his handheld several lines from a Wall Street Journal editorial that was very critical of "Romney Care" in Massachusetts.

    He ended his questioning of Romney with this line: "How do you respond to the Wall Street Journal's article given all you've been telling us about your belief in free markets? How can we believe you when what you did in Massachusetts was (an) expensive government mandate regarding health care?"

    Many in the room erupted in applause. A visibly agitated Romney defensively began his reply with the following:"We can disagree without you taking potshots like you did at the end of your question there. That's the Wall Street Journal's opinion… I have my opinions too. (No word on how WSJ editorial writer John Fund felt as he sat just yards away in the crowd.)

Yowzers! What a whiny little girl. That's a legitimate question Romney just went "boo-effin-hoo" on.

Apparently, neither his tone nor his lack of an answer satisfied the masses …

    After defending his program by blaming changes on the Democratic Massachusetts legislature, Mitt asked for a second question in the very quiet room. A member from Texas said something along the lines of, "The name of our group is Club for Growth and we think of growth meaning growth in individual liberty. So, how does the fact that your program requires individuals to get government-mandated health insurance fit with our goal of liberty for individuals?"

    This led to more and louder applause from the crowd. Mitt then attempted to answer the question while demanding that the questioner "not leave the room" and "don't turn away from me." It was more than awkward… the next question was from a Club for Growth staff person who asked a softball… most likely to calm things down.

    Mitt's efforts to be all things to all people continue to cause him problems. Some members also expressed disgust following the speech that Romney refused to endorse Alaskan Lt. Governor Sean Parnell in his Club for Growth-backed bid for Congress against one of the most corrupt incumbents in the nation (Representative Don Young), even though Parnell served as Chair of Romney's Alaskan campaign. Pathetic.

Jeez. What a mega-bag-o-douche.

Like we've been saying, all these people who are convinced that Mitt Romney is the GOP's ticket out of the wilderness are flat out nuts.

You don't get out of the wilderness by fakery and whining. Or by sticking your finger in the wind every five minutes.

Seriously, if Mitt Romney received GOP polling data indicating that people wanted to see his wife on fire, he be pouring gas on her within five minutes.

Oh, and let's not forget who his lead Southern strategist was …

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