July 08, 2010

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What Congress Is Doing That They Don't Want You to Know
Federally funding death. . .

Dear Supporters,


As we finish celebrating our independence and rejoicing in the freedoms our Founders fought and died for, there are some sobering issues I need to bring to your attention.  These are very serious, and I am asking you personally to take the time to read this email.


The most cherished right we have in America is our right to life.  Yet as we celebrated this freedom on the Fourth, millions of innocent humans were denied this right both at home and abroad.  Even worse, those lives were taken with our tax dollars, because members of Congress continually pour funds into Planned Parenthood and the United Nation Population Fund, the two groups active in some of the most widespread, brutal abortion policies around the world.


This is what your money is funding:


-        China's forced abortion policy (See Video, Read  Testimonies)

-        Forced sterilization (See Video)

-        Brutal childbearing restrictions (See Video)

-        Pornographic and detailed sex education for young children (Read Testimony.)

-        "Unreported" activities by Planned Parenthood (Read story.)


These brutalities were reported to Congress, causing President Bush to refuse to spend the funds. Lawmakers even introduced legislation to ban funding these practices.  Yet time and time again, Congressman Upton voted against withdrawing funding from any of these activities.  Time and time again, he voted to fund these groups, these programs, and these atrocities.  And he voted to fund them even after Obama made it clear he would send those funds directly to abortion providers. 

Congressman Upton recently used his Congressional privileges, paid for with your taxpayer dollars, to send out a mass mailing calling himself a true "defender of life."  But the truth is, when he has to decide on whether to fund and support abortion providers, he sends your money directly to them.


Friends, I am pleading with you to help me stop this.  This is an issue we can't afford to ignore - innocent women and children are paying the price daily because of these programs.  The "consequences" are human lives.


Help me fight for life.  These atrocities will continue as long as we turn a blind eye and don't hold those in office accountable for what they support.  Please spread the word about what is really going on.  Consider a contribution to the campaign so the truth can be spread, and consider volunteering to reach people about this issue.


I have spent years standing for life, but this isn't a fight I can win on my own.  I need your help to spread truth.  Someone once asked me, "Do you care?" and when I said yes, then asked, "Do you care enough to do something about it?"  That's the question I am asking you now, because it is time for us to do something about it.




Jack Hoogendyk


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