May 08, 2012

After reading your open letter with the many years of service within the Republican Party and viewing your list of endorsements I would like to give my point of view for your consideration? Thirty years would seem to be a sufficient time frame for anyone to provide political service. Isn't it time to enjoy your grandchildren and other interest along with your wife and family?

The next observation is some of your endorsements! I have to say they are not in keeping with the traditions, principles, and values that the Republican Party was founded upon! I have listed some of these so-called Republicans with short explanations along with links to back up these concerns. See below

Randy Richardville -Senate Majority leader union favoring legislation sends threatning letters of cease and desist by his Lansing attorneys against constituents and citizens of Michigan along with private radio station for outspoken criticism of his actions and policies an affront to their first amendment rights. Alleged affair with a 24 year old woman that he's old enough to be her father and causing the divorce with his wife of over 30 plus years! So much for the family values Plank of the Republican Party Platform! Facing second re-call in less than a year with the latest one coming from a fellow Republican and former county GOP chairman. No links required!

Bobby Schostak - MRP chairman brother and partner of David Schostak mortgage scandal commercial real estate.

Steve Linder Richardville adviser and pit-bull calling conservative activist 6th grader for Trucker Randy's comment on Richardville threats of lawsuit. He also has history of such attack comments.

Steve Linder also slammed Truscott Rossman founder Kelly Rossman-McKinney sticking up for Senator Rick Jones who campared her to a "hooker".

Bill Runco - MRP state finance chairman and ex Dearborn judge see the list of court cases against him with shenanigans in real estate and wanting taxpayers to foot his private attorney fees.

State of Michigan Court of Appeals CARLA O’NEILL versus JUDGE WILLIAM J. RUNCO
This is one in the same Bill Runco (State Budget Committee Chair) for the Michigan GOP and one who voted in favor of “dele-gate” The rabbit hole gets deeper and deeper!

Supreme Court of Michigan Public Censure of 19th (Dearborn) District Judge William Runco
This Bill Runco (State Budget Committee Chair) and former Dearborn Judge has a record of shenanigans.

Mary Kay Thayer - failed state rep. candidate and Monroe County Community College Trustee put up by Richardville & his mother Glenda Kennon first vice chair since 1999 since Richardville first elected as state rep filed false police report on Charles Barger conservative executive committee member of the MCRP and former Army Major for his outspoken criticism of Richardville. Police report available on request.

Dick Posthumus – Former Lt. Governor was copied in on email sent by an SEIU operative and worked for and was part of the SEIU scandal forced unionization along with Richardville & Kahn.

Mike Cox – Former Attorney General Manoogian mansion scandal
Sworn testimony from Retired Detroit Police officer Sandy Cardenas says officers responding to 911 calls told her that Mike Cox was actually at the party. Cox, who would later call it an “urban legend,” denied the allegation.

Candice Miller – Congresswoman voted for H.R. 3523: Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act.

Brian Calley – Lt. Governor Government bridge supporter - public comment, this bridge will get built by the government and implementing ObamaCare one piece at a time such as the Autism mandate.

Dan Benishek – Congressman used "Tea Party" to get elected breaks promise goes against word on votes.

Thaddeus McCotter "RINO" enough said voting record proves this out.