August 28, 2011

#RGA #MIGOP, Safety Net is the last thing that should be corrected in our Constitutional Crisis. Why the reprobate mindset America?

With our Nation on the edge of economic collapse, the logical path would be to challenge that which is causing the lack of employment and security to we the people, rather then to protect and leave unchallenged the Statist quo. Yet in Michigan we find the State Government doing the former.
As Michigan and all States are facing the onslaught of the purging of State wealth of it's Citizens by the ever growing Federal Government, their thinking is to cut off those who need the support of their Government the most, the very poor. If we were in times of economic prosperity, such a move would be seen as wise.  However, by demanding that Citizens only partake of welfare assistance for no longer then four years, those who have faced the lack of employment of sustaining income are now put out onto the Streets to fend for self, with no prospect of employment even on the horizon. This Article provides the details of what Michigan Governor Snyder is expected to sign, passed by the State Legislature:
In just a quick read of the U.S. Constitution, one can determine how the Federal Government has encroached on the States Sovereignty and has made the States' unable to provide guidance and protection from financial woes of their Citizens. Rather then center on the State budget in Michigan by standing up tot he Federal Government coupe, their answer is to cut it's citizens safety net to protect their personal fiscal foundation of Government bureaucracy. Looking through the lens of the poor, the continued waste of Government spending is rudely apparent.

It is not as though they are not aware of our fiscal plight and to why it is happening.  When Ohio Governor was asked about his State's Sovereignty being deposed, the answer was to demand the right to spend the pittance from the federal Government as the State wished rather then by micro-managed decree.  This mindset of State welfare from the Federal Government returning funded unconstitutionally taxed for purposes not Constitutionally allowed does not even enter into the conversation. Top of this reprobate mind is how States' industry has been taxed out of the USA by the introduction of Free Trade thirty years ago while keeping the closed trade tax structure policy for the continued coupe of the Federal Government control over all production.  Read more on this here:
With USA Industry to the end of it's rope of being distributed to the World, it would seem that the States', including Michigan would be clamoring to get back their Powers to control and protect their States. Why do the Leaders of the States continue to put their heads in the Sand hoping the economy will return as it always does, when it is very evident that the continued deficit spending by the Federal Government has brought us to the edge of disaster? Even during the good years of economic cycle, our Federal Government deficit spending has increased at least 200 billion dollars every year since we opened our borders to trade.  What is the motivation of Governments to continue down this road of despair?  Why?

Citizens, how long before you too are put out on the Streets without the hope of employment with such reprobate leadership in State and Federal Government?  Stand up now and insist on change to our Federal conduct and the change of the Federal tax structure to a consumption tax, ending all the current IRS tax code structure, rather then the throwing of the unemployed to soup lines that are already stretched. Is y9our liberty and freedom of no value? Are you willing for your future to depend on your neighbor, if your neighbor is also without employment?

FairTax and Constitutional conduct, PLEASE!!! Cut social programs after you fix the cause.  The safety net is the last thing that should be corrected in our Constitutional Crisis.
If everyone knew all there is to know, they would not do half the things they do, including myself, therefore I must foregive them, including myself.