September 03, 2010

Fairtax Friday | Five ways to help before November


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Five ways to help before November
As another national election approaches we can again witness the power of Americans being involved with our political process. November will see the contributions of many but we're looking for a few good volunteers to engage right now. There are many ways to speak out at this critical time. Will you help?
We need you online. Right now is the best time to contact your Congressman from our Take Action page and demand strong support for the FairTax legislation. Urge your elected officials to become a co-sponsor and outspoken proponent. You can join the conversation with over 57,000 fellow FairTaxers on Facebook and stay abreast of developments by "liking" our fan page or also by following us on Twitter. Find your favorite e-card here and send it to friends or yourself for forwarding.
We need your voice. The most powerful weapon we have is truth but many more need to hear. Find your favorite points in the latest research summary and write a letter to the editor with these tips. Pay attention to further debates in print and online. Also you can email your friends the reasons you support the FairTax then Google local candidates and send it to them as well asking for their support.
We need more boots on the ground. Do you talk up the FairTax's  incredible potential for our economy and nation? Consider speaking to a local civic, educational or political group or contact a local leader about organizing activities in your area. Get suited up with gear from the FairTax store.
We need your attention to the media. Misleading attacks on the FairTax are ongoing across the nation with the latest TV buy in Arkansas. Watchdog groups like continue to decry the lies but if you hear the FairTax labeled as 'just a 23% tax increase on everything' email as many details as you can to with "Intel" in the subject line.
We need financial support. As you join with us in pushing back nationwide attacks, we are placing newspaper op-eds, appearing on talk radio and distributing multimedia responses. Operating costs and research need to be continued as well. Our funding lifeblood comes from monthly contributions but every onetime donation is much appreciated as well.
We are sincerely grateful for the thousands of volunteers across the nation who are contributing their part to history by ensuring the FairTax prevails against the special interests in Congress. Samuel Adams' words are true even today: "It does not take a majority to prevail...but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting bushfires of freedom in the minds of men."
Thank you.
Special Feature: Grassroots Spotlight
Volunteer North Carolina State Director, John Pierce, organized a hard to top FairTax event and sent us some phenomenal footage to prove it. He says: "You can see many challengers for congress speaking out for the FairTax and watch the chipping of the 10ft of code. These challengers are very brave and inspirational. Perhaps they will give courage to closet FairTax supporters. Here's a link to a short video of the event. Please share it with your friends."
On the Road – Grassroots Freedom Ride
Riding to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina (site of the Wright Brothers first flight) on Sunday, we came through Maryland to the Delaware coast and met with Barbara Sikora, the Delaware FairTax State Director.. We had discussions about her efforts to motivate and create momentum for the FairTax as we discussed future activities for expanding the movement. The ride across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel was fun, scenic, and reminiscent of the phases any journey takes - that we must adapt while keeping our eye on the destination.

Next, we traveled through the back roads of upper Maryland to Pennsylvania to arrive in York, Pennsylvania where we visited the Harley Davidson assembly plant. This is where the FairTax Bike was built in 1997. One of Harley's largest factories, this location has many American workers that will benefit from the implementation of the FairTax. Now the FairTax Bike will travel to upstate New York to ride across the Catskills on the way to Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts prior to Labor Day weekend. Imagine this celebration of workers when our nation embraces the FairTax!
Be sure to enter the weekly "Where is the FairTax Bike" contest! Guess where the FairTax Bike rests every Friday at noon and how many miles the Grass Roots Freedom Ride for FairTax has traveled. Your winning guess gets you $200 in FairTax supplies! Cheat a little and see the latest readout of the FairTax Bike's odometer and a detailed overview of the next stops at the Grass Roots Freedom Ride map. As of August 31, the bike has traveled over 19,600 miles and sits in York, Pennsylvania. Don't forget you also have a chance to win your own patriot bike! Go to Win This Bike! and donate for your 1 in 5,000 chance! Your contribution goes to expanding the FairTax network.

We'll see you on the road!  Ride Safe!
Mike McLean - Director
Grass Roots Freedom Ride
"Make Some Noise"
In the News

Taxes: Only one really fair method - Battle Creek Enquirer, August 31

Generally, if you take to heart the old adage "follow the money," you learn some interesting facts. For instance: In Ohio's 16th Congressional District, huge sums of money have been spent by no other than leaders of the AFSCME, the public employees union, to distort efforts of converting the current bloated IRS-based tax system to the "FairTax." By insinuating that the "FairTax" adds to our current tax burden instead of replacing it, the AFSCME and others who profit by the status quo hope to persuade those voters unfamiliar with the "FairTax" concept to keep our present tax system.
In Michigan you hear the same rhetoric from congressmen and senators. They know the "FairTax" would be better for our country and especially for our state, but realize they would lose an important method of exerting control over their citizenry, the manipulation of the tax code to penalize or reward those they wish to control. We see it every day with thousands of businesses closing, moving out of the state and country, and our politicians awarding substantial tax breaks to some companies to assure the retention or addition of a few jobs.
We, as voting citizens, must replace those empire builders with state representatives, state senators, congressmen and senators who will eliminate completely the IRS and its control over our lives, and replace that golden chain around our necks with the "FairTax," the only really fair method of taxation.
Take Action
Watch the FairTax TV special: Click here to see the 30-minute show
Did You Know?
How does the income tax affect our economy?
How does dragging an anchor affect the speed of a ship? Our entire economy is not dependent on the income tax. Instead, our economy is held back by the income tax. There was no income tax for the first 124 years of our history -- that's more than half the time we have existed as a nation. A study by the Government Accountability Office estimated that the federal tax system imposed efficiency costs on the U.S. economy of two to five percent of GDP. Under the FairTax, within ten years average Americans will be at least 10 percent and probably 15 percent better off than they would be under the current system. That translates to an increase of $3,000 to $4,500 per household, per year.

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