March 03, 2009

GOP in battle for who will control it

 One truth  is how the GOP has been highjacked by the neocon, the big government one world order crowd, who incidentally are a ruling power behind both parties.

When Bush came out with the bailout in September, it was at a time when McCain was surging 6% ahead in the polls. Why did the NEOCONS not want McCain. It was not McCain they feared but the honesty and truthfulness of Palin coming into the President of the Senate.

Also, the international banking community had agreed in BASIL IV to all National banks having to reveal their books and become transparent by August 1st 2008. Everyone did but the USA so they gave America an one month extension to September 1st at which time the US National banks to include the Federal Reserve did not and still have not revealed their books to the public. The trading of money funds daily was in an average of at least once a week at the amount of 400 to 500 billion dollars and for Bush to say we needed the bailout now made it totally suspect.

And when the democrats agreed to go along if they received 20 billion for ACORN and the neocons agreed, that finished exposing the power in the shadow of Washington as being of big government one world order and if ACORN, an stealth civilian army of the left, was acceptable to their plans, you can bet that this collapse of our fiscal is also part of their plan to destroy the US Dollar. Why else would we have left in place the closed trade tax structure and not fixed it to a free trade tax structure when Reagan put the Free trade policy into effect?

Our current fiscal crisis is the end of the road brought on by the excise tax that our current product tax is on our domestic production. Corporate types like Romney eagerly bought up struggling companies and moved them off shore to get around our production taxes, thus the great exodus of jobs from this country over the years. We are now witnessing that last to go, the big 3 auto companies. If they remain a presence, it will be to assemble foreign parts as the other are doing now.

The cure? Change our tax structure to the consumption tax known as the Fair Tax. That will bring back our manufacturing jobs as it will take the tax out of our product costs and will make for an equal tax on imports as well as domestic products. There is a progressive part the sends everyone back the tax amount of poverty wage whether one works or not so the poor are not harmed and actually will be finding good paying jobs to sustain their families again, making the American Dream a reality again and the need for a Nanny Government diminished and taxes lowered.

Sound too good to be true? From what I see coming, there is not much to lose. And if the Fair Tax plan is spoken too and taken serious the stock market will come roaring back. It is your choice, to become a part of the monstrous one world order or to return to the true value of the Constitution and individual States sovereignty.

Old rhetoric won't save GOP


Old rhetoric won't save GOP

Tuesday March 03, 2009, 4:33 AM

It's been six weeks since change came to Washington, but an old chestnut from the 2008 presidential campaign — more of the same — may best define the Republican Party today.

Nearly four months after the American people offered a stinging rebuke to Republicans, the rhetoric from the party's leaders sounds remarkably familiar: Taxes are bad, spending is bad, big government is worse and socialism is on the way. Indeed, the Republican response to Barack Obama's election — both rhetorically and policywise — has been to act as though nothing has changed. ...


Posted by RGeorgeDunn on 03/03/09 at 8:19PM

The GOP is not or shall we say has failed because of the Big Government Washington insider top down control of the party, saying they were conservative and weren't. They are against unions and not corruption of unions. We are to the end of the corporate leadership of the GOP.

As to saying yes to Obama, do you really want to be a communist country? Are you aware of the Washington insiders controlling both parties are telling and the Federal Chair is repeating, to raise more taxes and to make health care socialism a reality. If all that happens , the US Dollar will be over.

We need to change our tax structure from production to consumption so we can get back the manufacturing jobs and to keep the auto industry from leaving our nation. Fair Tax plan is a creation for major change to consumption created by the best minds in this nation. If we enact that on January 1st, and if we take a payroll tax holiday for 6 months starting July 4th, our crisis will be over as confidence will flood back into the market and our Nation will be saved from itself or shall we say from those who want to put us under a one world currency/power.