February 13, 2014

Find a wrong, stand up & right it, the next time, every time. #MIGOP #Michigan #MI

Everywhere I go the Tea Party is for Constitutional Conduct.  We are all as one Federally and our greatest threat is this Nationalist Coup.  The 2012 Social Conservative Leadership- the Chuck Swindolls, the James Dobsons, all declared the most important plank is Constitutional Conduct, Integrity.  It does matter that Right  matter's: a matter of fact!

The Constitution was created to be Libertarian as the Federal Government has no Constitutional authority to control property, product or morals.  Constitutionalists are also in this Constitutional Conservative Camp we are forming as well as 60% of the GOP electorate.

We are already the super majority, just don't realize it and act so.  We need to revive and:

The new mantra,

'When you come across wrong, stand up and right it, the next time and every time.'

Chuck Swindoll~
In Micah 6:8, the bold prophet answered a question many people wonder about today: What does the Lord expect of us? Micah’s answer is comprehensive: to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with our God. The first of these three expectations means to do what is right, regardless of the consequences. This kind of courageous obedience is illustrated for us in the lives of the first-century apostles.
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Michigan National Committeewoman Mary Helen Sears


Be Salt & Light. Stop politically correct shading on your Lamp & Stand #MIGOP~

February 13, 2014

Personal Response to Our Role

Since God has called us to be His salt-and-light servants in a bland, dark society, it will be necessary for us to commit ourselves to the task before us. Remember, salt must not lose its taste, and light must not be hidden. In order to keep us on target, let me suggest three statements that declare and describe how to fulfill this role....
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