June 13, 2010

RGeorgeDunn sent you a video: "Lindey Williams The Alex Jones Show Thu 06.10.2010"

The warning for those on and near the Gulf of Mexico, you need to worry about the air you breath.  start wearing masks when outside with the wind coming from the leaking gulf area.

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This video warns those in the gulf area of the dangers now in the air you breath. Start wearing maks when outside.
Lindsey Williams http://lindseywilliams101.blogspot.com on The Alex Jones Show Thu 06.10.2010
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Tell those who tell you the FairTax is wrong, 'read more on the Truth'

The FairTax is an indirect tax.  If you can't afford it, you don't have to pay it.  The current tax structure takes your property before you see it, without choice. 
The current tax structure is built into the cost of product so with free trade, American Manufacturers have a 22% federal excise tax handicap built into the price, thus making competition with tax free imports impossible.  FairTax will level the taxation and bring jobs back to America, all the jobs we have lost over the past 30 years.
Fairtax will not be in the cost of the product in the store, but will be added on at the sale, thus exposing the true amount of taxation being done by government, making those who hide from their paycheck deduction see clearly the cost of Government. 
Imagine, you are in a bind for cash, so instead of buying a new car with your gross paycheck, SSI, medicare not coming out, will buy a used car which will be tax free.  Used products including houses are tax free at purchase.  Tax is paid only once on a product.  The cost of building a new house is reduced by the amount of taxes repealed out of labor paychecks,  business taxes and such.  When you buy the ;new house, the tax is added after sale and included in your purchase price, with a gross paycheck to pay for a home with a near wash on the difference before fairtax and after.
How can fairtax be so, fair?  How many people do you know who work under the table and collect social programs?  How many are criminal business?  How many are rich people who have bribed congress for loopholes or have the earnings hidden off shore?  Illegal immigrants will also start paying their fair share. That is how the fairTax plan will result in a cut in taxes paid for a family of four earning under $80,000.
The prebate program is one in which every single American gets tax free spending up to poverty wage, rich and poor alike.  It is a safety net for you and yours, regardless of how you secure you feel today.
As to the 30% spam.  You will not be adding the 23% fairtax in to the product before you calculate the consumption tax.  Something costing a $1 today with tax will cost $.78 at the register, less the pay increase employees will be allowed to keep in the transfer of the tax structure.  23% of .78 is $.96 , not the scam explanation of $1.30.
Anyone who does not appreciate the FairTax plan loves the current political system of politicians being bribed to waive taxes, controlling our every decision by manipulating our economy to feed their cronies.
FairTax is what the founding fathers held as a proper taxation.  Now for the federal government to need 22% of our GDP to fulfill the powers given them by the constitution, someone cannot read the constitution clearly.  It should be about 5%, but that is another subject, separate from the freedom we can achieve by the tool fairtax, one that will help us bring the federal government back under Constitutional control

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Gulf oil Well spilling is coming from the earth's mantle.

The Well below is over .7 miles past the earth crust into the mantle.  Thus oil is an earth extraction, not a fossil, but more importantly, this well exploded upon entering into the mantle oil bed and has not been containable since.  The threat to our planet is one that goes way beyond the oil on shorelines and the killing of the gulf life.  If the erruption is such to push the pipe out exposing the mantle to the gulf water, a huge shift will take place like none before.




Deepwater Horizon

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Deepwater Horizon offshore drilling unit on fire 2010.jpg
Deepwater Horizon on fire after the explosion.
Name: Deepwater Horizon
Owner: Transocean
Operator: Transocean
Port of registry: Majuro, Marshall Islands
Route: Gulf of Mexico
Ordered: December 1998
Builder: Hyundai Heavy Industries
Cost: US$560 million [1][2]
Way number: 89
Laid down: March 21, 2000
Completed: 2001
Acquired: February 23, 2001
Maiden voyage: Ulsan, South KoreaFreeport, Texas
Out of service: April 21, 2010 (exploded) [3]
Identification: ABS class no.: 0139290
Call sign: V7HC9
IMO number: 8764597
MMSI no.: 538002213
Fate: Destroyed [3]
Status: Sunk at 28°44′12″N 88°23′13″W / 28.736667°N 88.386944°W / 28.736667; -88.386944Coordinates: 28°44′12″N 88°23′13″W / 28.736667°N 88.386944°W / 28.736667; -88.386944
General characteristics
Class and type: ABS +A1 DPS-3 Column Stabilized MODU
Tonnage: 32,588 t (32,073 LT; 35,922 ST)
Displacement: 52,587 t (51,756 LT; 57,967 ST)
Length: 112 m (367 ft)
Beam: 78 m (256 ft)
Height: 97.4 m (320 ft)
Draught: 23 m (75 ft)
Depth: 41.5 m (136 ft)
Installed power: 7,000 kW 11,000 volts
6 x Wartsila 18V32 9775 hp diesel engines
6 x ABB AMG 0900xU10 AC generators
Propulsion: 8 x Kamewa 7,375 hp, 360° fixed propeller azimuth thrusters
Speed: 4 kts
Capacity: Liquid mud: 705 m3 (24,900 cu ft)
Drill water: 2,078 m3 (73,400 cu ft)
Potable water: 1,185 m3 (41,800 cu ft)
Fuel oil: 4,426 m3 (156,300 cu ft)
Bulk mud: 386 m3 (13,600 cu ft)
Bulk cement: 231 m3 (8,200 cu ft)
Crew: 146
Notes: [4][5]
Deepwater Horizon was an ultra-deepwater, dynamically positioned, semi-submersible offshore drilling rig. Built in 2001 in South Korea, it was owned by Transocean, registered in Majuro, Marshall Islands, and leased to BP plc until 2013.[6]
In September 2009, the rig drilled the deepest oil well in history at a vertical depth of 35,050 ft (10,680 m) and measured depth of 35,055 ft (10,685 m).[7] On April 20, 2010, an explosion on the rig killed eleven crewmen. The resulting fire could not be extinguished and, on April 22, 2010, Deepwater Horizon sank, leaving its well gushing and causing the largest offshore oil spill in United States history.[8]......full article here

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