March 08, 2012

Debate over the Michigan Delegate rule change of the MRP

True conservatives are smart enough to know better than to attack Republicans who are preparing to do battle with Democrats.
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    • R. George Dunn They should also be smart enough to not cheat.
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    • Dennis Pittman Oh Mr.R. George Dunn you have not done any independent research. Had you, you would feel silly falling into this conspiracy trap.
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    • R. George Dunn Read the memo released on February fourth and read the RNC rule on going before April first making all primaries proportional. Why is it so hard for elitists to go by the rules and the Constitution!? Oh, silly me, we are now a lawless society, if your in government that is.

      Best way to destroy the party is to act so.
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    • Dennis Pittman The memo was drafted wrong according to 5 of the 6 who voted on the rules. The voted Feb 4th was to give the 2 at large to the winner partly because they had no way to divide up 2 if four got 15%.
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    • R. George Dunn Ya, right. Took to after the election to point that out. I got some swamp land that is really high and dry, for the right price. Do you call that proportional? Do you call that normal ethic? It is a big con in the eyes of we the Michiganders. We are tired of the abuse.
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    • Judy Todd Johnson You are sooo right Dennis Pittman!!
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    • Dennis Pittman Most people have now gotten the message and understood that a mistake was made and corrected. How sad is it that some actually believe that our top seven Michigan Party Officials have conspired to steal one delegate that has no chance of changing any outcome while the whole world is watching and risking their families, businesses and reputation? You are all being manipulated like villiage idiots!
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    • Judy Todd Johnson Right, again, Dennis!!
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    • R. George Dunn Seems you include AG Cox in your scam of words. He said it was wrong and it is. You cannot paint over shenanigans like they are not there. tsk tsk.
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    • R. George Dunn Now you are calling anyone who opposes the sliming, idiots. huh, way to go.
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    • Dennis Pittman Mr Dunn if you simply talk to those on the committee you would say OH! then regret that you got sucked into this needlessly.
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    • R. George Dunn I heard the Chairman Schostak's words on the radio the day before the election saying proportional. You are painting an illusion, to protect your buds. You cannot say they meant different when they said the opposite until it was time to join the nation wide scam for Romney. What do you think of the Virginia charges, more illusion of the village idiots?
      With only minutes before the first Super-Tuesday Caucuses were set to close, FOX...See More
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    • R Al Bain Sounds to me like ole' Dennis is a Party Loyalist and has been on a Romney kool-aid drinking binge! I wonder if these types hold their nose while drinking like the establishment wants them to do when they vote? It's 2008 deja vu all over again just like with Juan McLame!
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    • Dennis Pittman Mr Bain, I'm not sure if your a Republican or a Democrat but I'm sure you don't know the true facts. If you are interested in the facts I can help you. Call the Oakland County Republican party tomorrow.
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    • R Al Bain Oh Dennis, I beg to differ with you on knowing the facts! I've been a Republican for over 35 years and believe me when I tell you that you don't know the facts!
    • R Al Bain I have a boat load of facts right from The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Department on Romney if you care to view them? But for now tell me what you think about this!
      Does "Corruption" and "Ethics" take a Backseat within the Michigan GOP?
      You make the call! Interesting information on one of the "Dele-Gate" players who voted in favor of breaking the rules. Bill Runco (State Budget Committee Chair) and the former Dearborn Judge that tried to pull a fast one on the taxpayers of Dearborn? The former Judge wanted the taxpayers to foot his legal bill for an attorney to the tune of Hundreds of Thousands of dollars. A citizen caught this and filed a complaint! If not for a close watch by this citizen who filed this complaint this would have went through.

      State of Michigan Court of Appeals CARLA O’NEILL versus JUDGE WILLIAM J. RUNCO
      This is one in the same Bill Runco (State Budget Committee Chair) for the Michigan GOP and one who voted in favor of "dele-gate" The rabbit hole gets deeper and deeper!

      Supreme Court of Michigan Public Censure of 19th (Dearborn) District Judge William Runco
      This Bill Runco (State Budget Committee Chair) and former Dearborn Judge has a record of shenanigans.
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    • Dennis Pittman Mr Bain thanks for voting correctly. What if your vote was recorded incorrectly? What if someone who knew you and noticed your vote was recorded as a straight ticket for the Democrats and that person called to see what your intention was and you said it was Republican straight ticket and they said well the paper said Dem and you know that a mistake was made? This is the essence of the issue. Not something nefarious.
    • R Al Bain So Dennis, does that information look like the Principles, Traditions, and Values that the Republican Party was founded upon? I think NOT!
    • R Al Bain Mitt Romney is a liberal Republican. He will not get my vote!

      Mitt Romney Is The Only Candidate Who Obama Can Beat Because Of His Liberal Record, Flip-Flops on the Issues, And his Association with Leftist Groups

      Brett Arends, Boston Herald Business Columnist Wednesday, February 21, 2007
      During the four years Mitt Romney was governor of Massachusetts, it had the second worst jobs record of any state in America. So says the federal government. The new data just came out from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

      Mitt Romney has been running for public office since 1994 so the argument that he isn't part of Washington doesn't pass muster.

      Mitt Romney spent 25 years in business balancing budgets at the cost of workers by eliminating jobs as to balance budgets and prop up failing company's as to sell for a profit as a venture crony capitalist. He then deposited that money into offshore bank accounts in the cayman islands.

      As governor of Massachusetts he erased budget shortfalls and left office with a $2 billion rainy day fund by raising fees as an alternative to raising taxes laying a heavy burden onto businesses that ultimately was passed onto the consumers.

      In regard to ObamaCare Mr. Romney has publicly stated that we will repeal the bad and keep the good.
      There is no good in socialized medicine!
    • Dennis Pittman Does the Principles and Values include never making and correcting mistakes? Some are desparetly trying to translate a mistake that was corrected into cheating. I don't know you but at some point I hope you gather yourself to help oust Obama and Stabmenow. Normally conspiracy thoeries are entertainment during election downtimes.
    • Dennis Pittman Obama is loving this discussion and those (including Santorum are regretting it) who need all the strength and support they can get are being damaged.
    • R. George Dunn “I have this crazy idea that you follow the rules,” Cox told the Detroit Free Press. “I’d love to give the at-large delegates to Mitt Romney, but our rules provide for strict apportionment.”
      Rick Santorum's campaign requests investigation of the state party and alleged "unscrupulous tactics and backroom deals."
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    • R. George Dunn Ya, Obama is loving this discussion, so why in the world would you pull such a stunt and then try to defend it. You want to know why there is so many dis-enfranchised electorates, look in a mirror.
    • Dennis Pittman Mr Dunn it is obvious that facts have no influence on your opinions at this point in your journey. I hope your knowledge grows in the future and I stand by ready to assist you when you are ready. In a war it is relevant to know who the enemy is.
    • R Al Bain Dennis, did you get the files I sent? What did you think? Did you even read them? Or will you chose to ignore the facts and continue to be a Party loyalist?
    • Dennis Pittman Mr Dunn, we had many folks in 08 who wanted Huckabee, Guiliani, Hunter , Thompson, Paul, Romney, Keyes, McCain, Brownback, Gilmore, Trancedo or Thompson. If the supporters of these would have worked just as hard for our nominee or at least worked against the socialist Obama we would be in much better shape. Republican Ccrcular firing squads are really fun for Democrats to watch. Please question the result.
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    • R Al Bain Dennis, did I waste my time sending you those files?
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    • R. George Dunn So, cheating is justified by the fact that the 2008 candidate could not get the conservatives to vote for him? Do you think that another establishment candidate is going to do any better, especially by using Alinsky playbook tactics on other candidates? Bait and switch tactics are no longer working for the elitists, and this breaking of the rules and then using lies to cover it up is not working, just making it worse for the good ole boys in Lansing and the establishment of Romney cheating across the Nation.

      Why is it so difficult to lead by honorable Statesman character? It is a sign of weakness to have to cheat and there is no way in God's Green acres you can blame those who call you on it as the reason you may lose. We who don't see any difference between liberal nationalists and conservative nationalists find it a loss if a nationalist unconstitutional candidate wins the GOP Primary. It just means a slower walk to the brink. Besides, have you not heard the old adage, "cheaters never win".
    • R Al Bain Quote: The "sheeple" will go wherever the herder takes them! Anonymous sheepherder
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    • R Al Bain Party loyalist view corruption, cronyism, and a lack of integrity, ethics, and principles only make a difference if they have an (R) after their name?
    • Dennis Pittman Mr Bain, if you are calling me an easily led sheep than you need to do some homework. You will find that I am not the most popular Republican in the house as i am known for kicking those who stray from their promises in the teeth. Mr R. George Dunn I am not defending the mistake nor any candidate but put your smart cap on for a minute. A MISTAKE IS NOT EQUAL TO CHEATING. The volume won't go any louder, sorry
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    • R. George Dunn Then speak to this:

      “I have this crazy idea that you follow the rules,” Cox told the Detroit Free Press. “I’d love to give the at-large delegates to Mitt Romney, but our rules provide for strict apportionment.”
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    • R Al Bain I'll check into that Dennis and see what my good friends in Lansing say! I'll get back with you on that!
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    • R Al Bain I'll check into that Dennis and see what my good friends in Lansing say! I'll get back with you on that!
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    • Dennis Pittman Mr Bain, no need to get back to me as I don't expect an apology.
      48 minutes ago · 
    • Judy Todd Johnson I was a delegate in 2008 to the national. We needed all republicans no matter who they originally supported to get actively involved... Few did. A real republican gets behind the nominee.
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    • Dennis Pittman Losers are usally the common denominator in dramas that involve inner party fights. This is nothing more than a driveby war conducted by malcontents ignoring their unintended collusion with Obama.
      24 minutes ago · 
    • R Al Bain This is an erroneous post by the author for he wouldn't know the meaning of conservative if it slapped him in the face. What gull to insinuate that conservatives are smart enough to know better than to attack Republicans. What does that say about Willard "Mitt" Romney then? That's all he's been doing since the primary started out spending his Republican opponents by millions in attack ads!
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    • R. George Dunn You are still avoiding facts. How is it that the day before the election, the MRP Chairman called the at large delegates proportional and after the election changing of the rules, the former AG Cox called it proportional, regardless of the vote done? You dance around these facts like a shyster lawyer. It is not losers who are complaining, but losers who cheat to get their way.
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    • R Al Bain R. George Dunn, Now, Now, be easy on Mr. Conservative while he drinks his kool-aid!