September 27, 2012

Proposal 3: Michigan Energy, Michigan Jobs ~We the People of Gladwin County

25 by 2025, amend Michigan constitution to mandate  that 25% of all energy sold by Michigan utilities come from renewable energies by the year 2025.  


A no vote defeats the amendment. A yes vote allows it into our constitution.


¾ of the money behind this comes from clean energy advocates from San fransico and new york, not Michigan. But Michigan energy, Michigan jobs is their theme.


Including the green tech action fund, A California based environmental lobbying group. The folks supporting this ballot initiative have the infrastructure to build alternative energy.  The State has studied that to comply by the year 2025 will require a 12 billion dollar investment in infrastructure for our state, regardless of the technology available or the market conditions. This is a mandate that we make the switch.  And the ones that are funding this have the infrastructure to build windmills, solar, and alternative energies.  The mackinaw center estimates that this would mean 2300 to 4000 new windmills would have to be constructed because of the majority of the energy would have to come from windmills.  But the problem is that wind is finicky, not enough wind, it does not operate, to much wind. It doesn't operate. You can't store the energy very well. And you have to put them in wind traffic areas. There are only certain spots in the state that support wind energy. The studies state that the best place for wind is in our great lakes. Can you imagine going to mackinaw island, on sheplers ferry and on the left is the mackinaw bridge and on the right is a whole wind farm basically, and in a state that is pure Michigan, we promote pure Michigan and the beauty of Michigan, and the promotion of natural resources, putting 2300 to 4000 wind turbines is an incredible thought much less vision.


The folks that have the infrastructure invest a couple million dollars and if this passes they are on the hook for 12 billion in infrastructure improvements to the state energy system.   Kinda reminds me of Wolgast and our last Beaverton School bond on Steroids.


In 2008 there was already legislation passed that requires 10% of our energy to come from renewables by 2025. but that was only a suggestion. Not a mandate.


Nuclear does not qualify as renewable energy.

Michigan has the highest electric rates in the Midwest.

This mandate is on the utility companies. So you can bet the costs incurred by our utility companies will be passed on to the consumer.  YOU and ME



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