February 12, 2010

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If you are going to do it...

By JGillman, Section News
Posted on Fri Feb 12, 2010 at 09:13:17 AM EST

At least pay attention to the Proposals already on the table. In fact take a look at a study of one such proposal already provided by the Hillsdale college scholars.

Governor Granholm has been continuing her path of raising taxes on Michigan as if no one is paying attention any longer.  Her most recent budget includes additional spending, (more than this current fiscal year) and she has attempted to manipulate the revenue stream so that the actual tax increase on the citizens is hidden.  

Her proposed small shift downward in the sales tax looks good on its face, but she hopes to expand the things taxed to services in hopes of generating the needed $2 Billion plus in revenue to cover that spending.  Though she claims it is revenue neutral by 2013, how well can we trust the judgment of the most fiscally imprudent executives the state has ever seen?


The Mackinac Center for Public Policy's Michael LaFaive says
""Revenue-neutral or not, lawmakers should not be restructuring the state's tax system before adopting significant spending reforms -- reforms more fundamental than the half-hearted measures the governor has proposed so far."

Indeed, the FIRST thing that needs to be addressed is spending.  It needs to be adjusted DOWN to a point where there is not a fear of revenue shortfalls creating a bigger problem.  And frankly, her claim that the economy shifting from sales to services begs the change, though partially correct, is still short on providing an excuse to further increase the tax load on Michigan citizens.

The spending first needs to STOP.. And then..

The governor needs to consider one other possibility.  If she so desperately wants to get a tax on services, she should consider the MIFairTAX plan..  Lobby to have the legislature put it before the people.  At least IT provides relief for the permanent residents and is a better mechanism for shifting the burden to transient and otherwise undocumented income.  It hits those who use Michigan services and infrastructure, but pay no taxes through the current system. Further it provides a friendlier and STABLE business environment.  A predictable climate where planning can actually mean something...full article here

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A Warning To The Tea Party Nation by Chuck Baldwin, February 12, 2010

A Warning To The Tea Party Nation
By Chuck Baldwin
February 12, 2010

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As far as grassroots activism goes, the surge in Tea Parties across America
is one of the more encouraging developments to recently take place. It
reminds me of the "Conservative Revolution" of 1994, when the GOP reclaimed
both the US Senate and House of Representatives. At that time, it had been
over 40 years since the Republican Party controlled both the US House and
Senate. And, between the two, the House victories were the most significant.

Spurred mostly by the election of Bill Clinton in 1992, a host of young,
energetic freshman Republicans marched into Washington, D.C., determined to
return a burgeoning and out-of-control federal leviathan to the
constitutional precepts of limited government. I'm talking about
then-freshman House members such as Helen Chenoweth, Steve Largent, Bob
Barr, Joe Scarborough, Sonny Bono, John Shadegg, J.C. Watts, etc. These
young conservatives went to Washington, D.C., determined to reduce the
growth and size of the federal government.

The vehicle used to transport these young conservatives from grassroots
activism to US House and Senate seats was the highly touted "Contract with
America" (CWA), which was orchestrated by House Speaker-to-be, Newt
Gingrich. The CWA included a promise to the American people that if they
would give the GOP a majority in Congress, they would eliminate up to 5
federal departments--such as the Departments of Energy and Education--and
many federal agencies.

Obviously, not only did the GOP-controlled Congress not eliminate a single
federal department or agency--or even shrink the size of the federal
government at all--it expanded the size and scope of the federal government
at every level. And there is one reason for it: Big Government neocons
posing as champions of conservatism co-opted and destroyed the Conservative
Revolution of 1994.

If one wants to put names to these treasonous wretches (and I do), I'm
talking about charlatans such as Newt Gingrich and Trent Lott. Anyone who
thinks that Newt Gingrich is a real conservative or that he will do anything
to reduce the size and scope of the federal government needs to speak with
any of those Republican members of the freshman class of 1994.  (Sadly, too,
some of the members of that great freshman class went on to become Big
Government toadies themselves. Such is the power of that Putrid Province by
the Potomac.)

The Tea Parties of 2010 remind me very much of the Conservative Revolution
of 1994. And if the Tea Party Nation is not very careful, they will succumb
to the same fate. The signs of a silent takeover of the movement are already

First of all, the Tea Parties were actually born during the Presidential
campaign of Congressman Ron Paul of Texas in 2007 and 2008. For all intents
and purposes, the Tea Parties and the Ron Paul Revolution were one and the
same. These were (mostly) young people, who were sick and tired of the same
old establishment Republican Party. They were tired of establishment
Republicans selling out the principles of limited government; they were
tired of the US Constitution being ignored and trampled by both Republicans
and Democrats; they were tired of an incessant interventionist US foreign
policy that keeps sending US forces overseas to advance a burgeoning New
World Order (NWO); they were tired of perpetual war; they were tired of the
bank bailouts; they were tired of the Federal Reserve; etc.

I know this because I met--and spoke before--the Tea Party Nation in State
after State as I campaigned for Dr. Paul during the Republican primaries
back in 2008. And I met them again all over America, as I was running as an
Independent candidate for President--with Ron Paul's endorsement, no less. I
was with them in scores of meetings (big and small) from Washington, D.C.,
to Spokane, Washington, and all points in between.

But now many of the Tea Parties are distancing themselves from Dr. Paul and
embracing establishment players such as Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck. Even
Newt Gingrich is being courted. Watch out, Tea Party Nation: you're in
danger of losing your soul! Newt Gingrich is not one of you. He is not your
friend. He is an imposter. He will destroy you just like he almost
single-handedly destroyed the Conservative Revolution of 1994.

Plus, be careful about Sarah Palin and other establishment Republicans.
Palin is currently playing both sides. She is promoting Big Government
neocons such as John McCain on the one hand, and sincere
conservative-libertarians such as Rand Paul on the other hand. But if one
wants a real barometer of Palin's true colors, look no further than her
endorsement of Rick Perry in Texas.

Perry is the quintessential establishment Republican. Perry has been in
office for some 9 years, and what has he done to thwart the NWO in Texas?
Nothing! Perry is even a Bilderberg Group attendee. What has he done for
State sovereignty in Texas? Nothing! In fact, he supports the North American
Union and the NAFTA superhighway. What has he done to resist Obama's
universal health care proposals? Nothing! What has he done to protect the
citizens of Texas against an emerging Police State? Nothing! What has he
done to fight illegal immigration? Nothing!

As a result of both Rick Perry's establishment business-as-usual politics in
Texas and the proliferating grassroots Tea Party movement, counterattacking
establishment politics, a Tea Partier herself has entered the race for Texas
governor. Her name is Debra Medina. As the Tea Party Nation in Texas already
knows, Medina is one of you.

Medina is committed to preserving Texas' independence and sovereignty. She
is opposed to the Patriot Act. She will secure the Texas border. She will
give Texas Vermont-style open carry freedoms for gun owners. She wants to
get rid of unconstitutional property taxes in Texas. She will stop the NAFTA
superhighway. Medina is the real deal.

So, what did Sarah Palin do? She went to Texas and endorsed Rick Perry! I'm
sorry, ladies and gentlemen, playing political games in order to rake in
hundreds of thousands of dollars on the speaking and book-signing circuits
is not what the Tea Parties are all about.

Tea Parties are supposed to be about putting principle over politics,
supporting and defending the US Constitution, supporting limited government
and personal liberty, getting rid of the Federal Reserve, abolishing the
IRS, ending preemptive and pervasive wars, and putting truth and integrity
back into government.

Don't get me wrong; there are things about Sarah Palin that I like. I
especially appreciate her pro-life and pro-Second Amendment stands. I also
appreciate her signing the Alaska State sovereignty resolution while she was
governor. By all indications, she did a good job as Alaska's chief
executive. At the national level, however, she favors the Patriot Act--and
even wants to expand it. She supported the banker bailouts. And when it
comes to foreign policy issues, Palin is just another neocon. Plus, as with
most Republicans at the national level, I think she is clueless about the
NWO. And please remember, it was Mr. New World Order himself, Henry
Kissinger, who vetted Palin on behalf of McCain.

The Tea Party Nation should expect better!

The Nation also needs to be careful about Glenn Beck. He says many of the
right things. He is likeable and charismatic; but he's also dead wrong on a
number of issues--issues that are critical to the Tea Party Nation. He's
dead wrong when he attempts to disparage and impugn Congressman Ron Paul,
saying Dr. Paul is a "crazy, kooky guy." He's dead wrong in supporting the
banker bailouts. He's dead wrong when he supports raising taxes (which he
has done on several occasions). He was dead wrong when he supported the
Patriot Act. He is dead wrong when he viciously attacks the 9/11 victims'
families who demand further information about what happened to their loved
ones on that fateful day. And he is dead wrong when he mocks people such as
Alan Keyes and Joe Farah for demanding that Barack Obama release his birth
certificate--if he indeed has one.

And now I hear that there are some self-professed members of the Tea Party
Nation who are actually running for Congressman Paul's US House seat in
Texas. If this is not a sign that establishment Republicans are hijacking
the Tea Party movement, I don't know what is. Remember, the Tea Party
movement began as a support base for the Ron Paul Revolution back in 2007.

I strongly encourage the Tea Party faithful to read Jane Hamsher's recent
column on this subject:


I say again, be careful, Tea Party Nation. You are being infiltrated. You
are being compromised. You are being neutered. Stick to your principles.
Stick with the Constitution. Keep opposing unconstitutional, preemptive
wars. Keep calling for the abolition of the Federal Reserve. Keep fighting
for less taxes, reduced federal spending, and states' rights. Keep opposing
the Patriot Act and the New World Order. Don't abandon Ron Paul. Be wary of
people such as Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck. You don't need "big name"
celebrities to give you credibility. As Samson's strength depended on
keeping his hair uncut, your strength lies in keeping your principles
intact. And unless you want to wind up like the Republican freshmen in 1994,
avoid Newt Gingrich like the plague!

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As far as grassroots activism goes, the surge in Tea Parties across America
is one of the more encouraging developments to recently take place. It
reminds me of the "Conservative Revolution" of 1994, when the GOP reclaimed

Mi- Center Right 2/18 Agenda: Weiser, road tax, unwilling union members, and much more

Core Principles Logo

Center Right Agenda - Thursday, Lansing

Ingham Building
116 West Ottawa (Next to House Biggby)
9:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

Confirmed Guests: 
  • Ron Weiser, Michigan State GOP Chairman
  • Patrick Wright, Mackinac: Unwilling Union Members - revisited
  • Jay Riemersma, Candidate for Congress
  • Randy Bain, Bedford Township: Road Tax
  • James Dally, Business Owner: How Local Municipalities "Do Business" with Contract Bids
  • Dave Agema (and others): The Governor's Budget for 2011
Planning to come? Please RSVP. 
We are sure to have a great meeting. Ron Weiser, GOP state Party Chairman will be updating on how we are going to "win in '10". Patrick Wright and others, will be updating us on how 40,000+ family-owned day care centers will be paying union dues, unwillingly and how the "union" continues to operate even after their funding was cut off.

Jay Riemersma will tell us why he is running for Congress in the 2nd district, currently held by Pete Hoekstra. Randy Bain, from Bedford Township in Monroe County will tell us about a road tax the township is trying to impose on its citizens. James Dally, from Mavcon Construction will tell us several examples of how local governments are apparently awarding construction contracts arbitrarily, to 5th, 6th and 7th lowest qualified bidders. Dave Agema will update on us on how the governor intends to raise several hundred million in new taxes without causing a taxpayer revolt. It will blow you away!
Do You Believe in Limited Government?
If you believe government is too big and intrusive, if you believe government taxes and regulates too much, then Center Right is where you need to be. Each month we will:
  • Discuss bills before the legislature that need to be defeated because they grow government, or supported because they put limits on government.
  • Hear from local elected officials or activists who are keeping watch on the growth of government at the city, township and county level.
  • Listen to and ask questions of candidates for office who are running as limited-government conservatives.
  • Network with local and state organizations like Mackinac Center, Americans for Prosperity, Education Action Group, MI-FairTax, and local Tea Party Organizations.
  • Strategize on how to be effective at protecting our liberties.
You are welcome to bring any issues to the meeting you believe are appropriate. Please let me know if you would like to make a presentation. You will be given 5 minutes to speak, and answer questions. Please bring handouts that explain your issue in detail. Typical attendance is around 50.

If you would like to present, or if you have any questions, please contact me. I hope to see you there!

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We are sure to have a great meeting. Ron Weiser, GOP state Party Chairman will be updating on how we are going to "win in '10". Patrick Wright and others, will be updating us on how 40,000+ family-owned day care centers

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As the nation drowns in a sea of red ink, more and more and more citizens of all political affiliations are asking "what went wrong with the American dream?"

GOP should embrace Dems campaign Resolution if it is limited to what is said here.

Congress pushes back against Supreme Court ruling on corporate spending

Legislators are proposing a bill to reinstate some limits on election contributions in advance of this year's congressional primaries and general elections.

Reporting from Washington - Democrats on Capitol Hill unveiled a legislative counterattack Thursday against a sweeping Supreme Court ruling that they say will lead to uncontrolled spending by corporations seeking to influence elections.

The legislators hope to swiftly pass the proposed bill, which is aimed largely at making life more uncomfortable for corporations that wish to take advantage of the high court's decision, in advance of this year's congressional primaries and general election.

The package is in direct response to the high court's ruling last month in Citizens United vs. the Federal Election Commission, which struck down federal limits on corporate spending in elections as a violation of freedom of speech....

...The legislation would seek to prevent foreign-owned corporations and government contractors from spending money on U.S. elections. Schumer cited the governments of Venezuela, which owns the oil company Citgo, and China, which owns part of several large corporations, as examples.

The bill would also increase disclosure requirements for domestic corporations. It would force chief executives to appear on camera at the end of corporate-sponsored ads, saying, in essence, that they "approved this message."

That requirement would exist even if the company donated money to a separate corporation used for political advocacy....full article here
my comment:
The true value of the Supreme Court ruling on campaign finance has provided a great victory for non-profit corporations to have the freedom to speak.  This must not be infringed upon.
What the Democrats have proposed as reported in this article is also a good idea.  The threat is the lack of full transparency in any Bill that is proposed and passed.  You have to trust them and that is impossible.
Even so, the exclusion of any foreign corporate connection is paramount to USA Sovereignty and should be embraced to not allow such to influence the elections.  We already have so much illegal donations going now, that the law does not keep up, though that may be a willing act.  And requiring the Corporations to endorse is a must and should be mandatory anyway on anyone speaking up.
I say the GOP should embrace this resolution if it is limited to what is said here.