February 12, 2010

GOP should embrace Dems campaign Resolution if it is limited to what is said here.

Congress pushes back against Supreme Court ruling on corporate spending

Legislators are proposing a bill to reinstate some limits on election contributions in advance of this year's congressional primaries and general elections.

Reporting from Washington - Democrats on Capitol Hill unveiled a legislative counterattack Thursday against a sweeping Supreme Court ruling that they say will lead to uncontrolled spending by corporations seeking to influence elections.

The legislators hope to swiftly pass the proposed bill, which is aimed largely at making life more uncomfortable for corporations that wish to take advantage of the high court's decision, in advance of this year's congressional primaries and general election.

The package is in direct response to the high court's ruling last month in Citizens United vs. the Federal Election Commission, which struck down federal limits on corporate spending in elections as a violation of freedom of speech....

...The legislation would seek to prevent foreign-owned corporations and government contractors from spending money on U.S. elections. Schumer cited the governments of Venezuela, which owns the oil company Citgo, and China, which owns part of several large corporations, as examples.

The bill would also increase disclosure requirements for domestic corporations. It would force chief executives to appear on camera at the end of corporate-sponsored ads, saying, in essence, that they "approved this message."

That requirement would exist even if the company donated money to a separate corporation used for political advocacy....full article here
my comment:
The true value of the Supreme Court ruling on campaign finance has provided a great victory for non-profit corporations to have the freedom to speak.  This must not be infringed upon.
What the Democrats have proposed as reported in this article is also a good idea.  The threat is the lack of full transparency in any Bill that is proposed and passed.  You have to trust them and that is impossible.
Even so, the exclusion of any foreign corporate connection is paramount to USA Sovereignty and should be embraced to not allow such to influence the elections.  We already have so much illegal donations going now, that the law does not keep up, though that may be a willing act.  And requiring the Corporations to endorse is a must and should be mandatory anyway on anyone speaking up.
I say the GOP should embrace this resolution if it is limited to what is said here. 

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