October 16, 2012

Michigan Proposal 12-1: Referendum on the Emergency Manager Law [Mackinac Center]

The only other option to emergency management by the State is to end bailouts from the State.  Otherwise, the problem of abuse will escalate. Vote Yes on proposal 12-1.

On proposal 12-1, you need to read what the the Mackinac Center says. To me, if we did not bailout failing local government, we would not need any stop gap on local conduct, but what will happen if 12-1 fails, we will go back tot he old plan that does not allow for the process to deal with Union contracts. WE need 12-1 to keep what is still coming from running us over.

Until the Federal Government gets their tax out of domestic product prices, we will continue to slide down to off the fiscal cliff. Property tax relief will be our next expense crisis, unless 12-1 fails and 12-2 passes. Then it will be impossible to counter costs before we collapse.


On proposal 12-2, The reason we need proposal 12-1 is the same reason we don't want 12-2. 

Collectivism in this form today is undermining free enterprise and our ability to function. Soon, if we keep to the same course we are on, we will be under one union, Government dictates.


Proposal 1: Referendum on the Emergency Manager Law

Mackinac Center analysis indicates this proposal would do the following:

  • Nullifying the state’s Emergency Manager law reinstates the old Emergency Financial Manager, where the state can still appoint a receiver over a local government unit. This measure, therefore, would not impact concerns about local control.
  • The most substantial and change from the old Emergency Financial Manager law was adding the emergency manager’s power to recommend that the state amend a local government’s collective bargaining agreements. Employee services and benefits are a major expense in most local government units. Voting yes on the referendum would maintain this avenue for cutting costs.
  • The state already has numerous provisions to keep local governments away from insolvency prior to appointing a receiver. These include ...

Proposal 1: Referendum on the Emergency Manager Law [Mackinac Center]