June 25, 2009

"Michigan Tea Parties" Jackson Rally 6/27

Wendy Lynn Day sent a message to the members of Michigan Tea Parties.

Subject: Tea Parties and Action!

Check out Michigan Tea Party information on

But before the 4th of July.....

To change the political culture in our state, we are going to have to take
some serious action. Check out
http://www.facebook.com/l/;www.makelansinglisten.com for more information.
Then join us!

Saturday, June 27th

10:00 - 1:00

Meet at Westwood Mall

JC Penny Parking Lot- look for the Liberty banner!

1850 W. Michigan Ave

Jackson, MI 49202

We will be handing out fliers on cars and at a few events in the area. You
do not need to talk to anyone but should wear your walking shoes. This is
an important move to make the politicians in Lansing listen to us. See you

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""Honor Their Service" Annual Troopathon 2009" starts today

Ryan Gill sent a message to the members of "Honor Their Service" Annual
Troopathon 2009.

Subject: Today's the day!

Don't miss the web event of the year for our troops! From 1pm to 9pm
Pacific, we'll be live and we want you to join us and post in the social
stream here:

And of course, please help us reach our goal of making history, by
sponsoring care packages here:

Tell your friends to join in too. The troopathon will be exciting and
informative, and it's all for a very worthy cause.

Rep. Bachmann Refuses to fully Fill Out 2010 Census


 Rep. Bachmann Refuses to Fill Out 2010 Census

Rep. Michele Bachmann has expressed concern about the activist group ACORN's involvement in the 2010 Census and vows that she and her family will not fully fill out the 2010 Census forms.

"I know for my family the only question we will be answering is how many people are in our home," the Minnesota Republican told the Washington Times.

"We won't be answering any information beyond that because the Constitution doesn't require any information beyond that."

Shelley Lowe, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Census Bureau, said Bachmann is "misreading" the law. She told the Times that anyone over the age of 18 who refuses to answer "any of the questions" on the census can be fined up to $5,000.

Rep. Bachmann said she is disturbed about the involvement of ACORN in next year's census.

"They will be in charge of going door to door and collecting data from the American public," she said. "This is very concerning."

ACORN staffers have been indicted in several states on charges of voter registration fraud. But the group has applied to help recruit workers to conduct the census.

An Open Letter to Pres. Obama---AFA

From: Barbara Bunn
Sent: Thursday, June 25, 2009 10:56 AM
Subject: [mikehuckabee-7] Fw: An Open Letter to Pres. Obama---AFA

From what I heard in Obama's explanation of his health care proposal...anyone over 60 can forget trying to get medical treatment.  Since I am well beyond 60...HE REALLY SCARES ME!

By Lou Pritchett (former V.P. of Proctor and Gamble) - open letter sent to the NY Times (they didn't publish)
Dear President Obama:

You are the thirteenth President under whom I have lived and unlike any of the others, you truly scare me.

You scare me because after months of exposure, I know nothing about you.

You scare me because I do not know how you paid for your expensive Ivy League education and your upscale lifestyle and housing with no visible signs of support.

You scare me because you did not spend the formative years of youth growing up in America and culturally you are not an American.

You scare me because you have never run a company or met a payroll.

You scare me because you have never had military experience, thus don't understand it at its core.

You scare me because you lack humility and 'class', always blaming others.

You scare me because for over half your life you have aligned yourself with radical extremists who hate America and you refuse to publicly denounce these radicals who wish to see America fail.

You scare me because you are a cheerleader for the 'blame America' crowd and deliver this message abroad.

You scare me because you want to change America to a European style country where the government sector dominates instead of the private sector.

You scare me because you want to replace our health care system with a government controlled one.

You scare me because you prefer 'wind mills' to responsibly capitalizing on our own vast oil, coal and shale reserves.

You scare me because you want to kill the American capitalist goose that lays the golden egg which provides the highest standard of living in the world.

You scare me because you have begun to use 'extortion' tactics against certain banks and corporations.

You scare me because your own political party shrinks from challenging you on your wild and irresponsible spending proposals.

You scare me because you will not openly listen to or even consider opposing points of view from intelligent people.

You scare me because you falsely believe that you are both omnipotent and omniscient.

You scare me because the media gives you a free pass on everything you do.

You scare me because you demonize and want to silence the Limbaughs, Hannitys, O'Relllys and Becks who offer opposing, conservative points of view.

You scare me because you prefer controlling over governing.

Finally, you scare me because if you serve a second term I will probably not feel safe in writing a similar letter in 8 years.

Lou Pritchett

Note: Lou Pritchett is a former vice president of Procter & Gamble whose career at that company spanned 36 years before his retirement in 1989, and he is the author of the 1995 business book, Stop Paddling & Start Rocking the Boat.

Mr. Pritchett confirmed that he was indeed the author of the much-circulated "open letter." "I did write the 'you scare me' letter. I sent it to the NY Times but they never acknowledged or published it. However, it hit the internet and according to the 'experts' has had over 500,000 hits.

.American Family Association - Tupelo, MS 38803

You are the thirteenth President under whom I have lived and unlike any of the others, you truly scare me.

Liberty comes with Knowledge of our History

From:  Ken
Sent: Thursday, June 25, 2009 12:03 AM
Subject: [The-Southeast-Michigan-912-Project] Liberty comes with Knowledge of our History

"He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people and eat out their substance."

(Excerpt from the unanimous Declaration of the Thirteen united Colonies of America, henceforth to be known as the thirteen united States of America, July 4th, 1776)

The governmentally controlled schools no longer teach the history of the American Republic.  Those who have no knowledge of what inspired our Founding Fathers to battle the administrative tyranny of the Britannic Majesty and his governmentally empowered ministers will not comprehend the State and Federal Political Class's constitutional deceit.

The thirteen united Colonies of America unilaterally declared their united independence on July 4th, 1776 as the thirteen united States of America.


The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America

"When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation."

The thirteen united States of America sent representatives to sit in a Second Continental Congress during the Revolutionary (Civil War) Era during the eight years of armed rebellion for Independence against the British Crown.

The Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union was presented to the States in the fall of 1777 by the Second Continental Congress, and adopted when the thirteenth State, Maryland ratified the document on or about March 1st of 1781.

The Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union established an American Confederation of Sovereign and Independent States to be stile the United States of America.  This constitutional fact is articulated in Article II:

"Each state retains its sovereignty, freedom, and independence, and every Power, Jurisdiction and right, which is not by this confederation expressly delegated to the United States, in Congress assembled."

The Articles of Confederation and Perpetual was amended in the Constitutional Convention that sat in Philadelphia from May to September of 1787.  The amending document was titled the Constitution of the United States for the United States of America.  Article IV and the 10th Amendment acknowledged the status of the Sovereign and Independent States of the more Perfect Union.

The historical fact of constitutional continuity is no longer taught in American History.  The Constitution of the United States amended the powers of the Federal Government and did not diminish the authority of the States.  The Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union formed a body politic known as the United States.  The United States is to this day, the administrative hand of the United States of America in Congress Assembled.

Under the Amended document titled the Constitution of the United States, the Federal government was given a limited power of the purse as found in Article I § 2, § 8 and § 9.

The Federal government, which is the United States is an administrative bureaucracy funded annually by the United States of America in Congress Assembled.  Its administrative reach is limited in accordance to Article I § 8 cls. 17, and Article IV.

Unfortunately, the State political class that sits under the State's Capitol Dome here in Lansing, has enacted States law, federally defined as the State Plan, which has empowered the reach of the Federal Government to move within the exterior boundaries of the State.  What few Americans comprehend, who are First Michigan State Citizens,  is the constitutional fact that without the compliant hand of State law, the Federal reach of administrative agencies stops at the Michigan's  exterior Border.

Michigan State Citizens,  who are Americans have been deliberately misled by the State and Federal Political Class, who have conspired together to trample our State's Sovereignty and Independence by imposing tax and spend programs for the past sixty three years, which empowered the administrative reach of federal bureaucrats.

Here in Michigan Public Act I of 1936 was the first new deal legislation that imposed a State tax upon State Chartered enterprises.  The Commissioner of Internal Revenue collects this State imposed wage tax that is deposited into the general fund of the United States over there along the north shores off the muddied banks of the Potomac.  This tax and take State fiscal wage tax enactment, the State Plan,  is statutorily defined in the Social Security Act of August 14th, 1935 in Title IX as the State Plan.

What happened to our State's Sovereignty and Independence, here in Michigan and throughout the United States of America?  Michigan retains its State Sovereignty and Independence, as do the other 49 States of the more Perfect Union.  What has happened is the State Political Class, which is mired in political self-deceit, has monetized our State's Status for thirty pieces of Congressional Silver.  This is the State Plan, which started here in Michigan with Public Act 1 of 1936.


Act 1 of 1936 (Ex. Sess.)

AN ACT to protect the welfare of the people of this state through the establishment of an unemployment compensation fund, and to provide for the disbursement thereof; to create certain other funds; to create the Michigan employment security commission, and to prescribe its powers and duties; to provide for the protection of the people of this state from the hazards of unemployment; to levy and provide for contributions from employers; to provide for the collection of such contributions; to enter into reciprocal agreements and to cooperate with agencies of the United States and of other states charged with the administration of any unemployment insurance law; to furnish certain information to certain governmental agencies for use in administering public benefit and child support programs and investigating and prosecuting fraud; to provide for the payment of benefits; to provide for appeals from redeterminations, decisions and notices of assessments; and for referees and a board of review to hear and decide the issues arising from redeterminations, decisions and notices of assessment; to provide for the cooperation of this state and compliance with the provisions of the social security act and the Wagner-Peyser act passed by the Congress of the United States of America; to provide for the establishment and maintenance of free public employment offices; to provide for the transfer of funds; to make appropriations for carrying out the provisions of this act; to prescribe remedies and penalties for the violation of the provisions of this act; and to repeal all acts and parts of acts inconsistent with the provisions of this act.

Some plan eh?  The State Political Class enacts a fiscal authority, which empowers the administrative hand of the Commissioner of Internal Revenue to reach into Michigan's wealth, and squander it upon the Federal Political Class supping on our hard-earned wealth under the Federal Capitol Dome.

Public Act 1 of 1936 substantiates the duplicity of the State Political Class.  The State Political Class that sits under our State Capitol dome has enacted numerous state plans dating from Public Act 1 of 1936, from wherein they now receive over twelve billion dollars a year in federal funding to promote the administrative welfare state of tax and take.

The administrative welfare state employs fifty two thousand Michiganders, to dole out forty two billion dollars of our funds per year for the past four years, to administer the welfare of fewer than three hundred thousand people here in Michigan whose existence is dependent upon working Michiganders who are taxed, taxed, and taxed again.

The solution to overcoming this administrative welfare state of regulatory tyranny, sits under the State Capitol Dome.  We need to inform the corrupted State Political Class, that enough is enough, and they shall reassert our State's Sovereignty and Independence by statutorily repealing all the State Plans, and return forty two billion dollars a year back to the hands of Michiganders.  Wherein then we have the charitable choice to support others, not be coerced under the color of law to fiscally support state and federal administrative agencies that eat out our substance.

"Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people, who have a right, from the frame of their nature, to knowledge, as their great Creator, who does nothing in vain, has given them understandings, and a desire to know; but besides this, they have a right, an indisputable, unalienable, indefeasible, divine right to that most dreaded and envied kind of knowledge; I mean, of the characters and conduct of their rulers."

-- John Adams (Dissertation on Canon and Feudal Law, 1765)

Reference: Our Sacred Honor, Bennett, 253.