January 12, 2014

Constitution's Article Five use for back to Constitutional Conduct

Constitution's Article Five use for back to Constitutional Conduct~

The only way to vote for someone who has any Nationalist plank in their platform is if the unconstitutional conduct is being used to work our way back to Constitutional Conduct.  If we have something we want to keep that is unconstitutional, we can put it up for a vote of the States' legislatures to keep or not to keep, through the use of Article Five of the Constitution.

Want to keep regulation of something, make it a Constitutional law or stop.  We have regulation of food and have better living through chemical engineering and a company like Monsanto becoming a beast.  It is a State power to control all property within the State, including the use of chemicals.  However, provisions to protect State Sovereignty, such as an opt out clause be put  in all kept regulation by Article Five, that it can be a State power to refuse, making it voluntary compliance.