November 21, 2013

Michigan Fifth Congressional District U.S. Representative Candidate 2014

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For some time now, I have been disillusioned by our government and how this country is being run. I believe that if this country continues on its current path, there will be an economic collapse followed by a social collapse. With our President and others fueling the fires of racism and dividing the financial economics to the point of very limited middle class anymore, I believe it will happen very soon. Once this happens, the President will have no option but to declare martial law and throw the Constitution out the window.


At one point I was one of those people who are preparing the best I know how to for the worst to come. Stocking up on food supplies, guns and ammo, camping supplies in case of a quick location change. I believe I am fairly prepared if this does happen but truthfully, I would not like it to get to that point.


Then a thought came to me that there are two ways to look at this, prepare for the worst or do something about it. Shortly after that I decided to run for political office. Researching the potential positions up for election, I feel I have the best chance to run against Dan Kildee for the 5th Congressional District in 2014. I have been wanting to move to Davison for some time and plan on doing so next spring/summer. We need more conservative people in Congress to get this country back on the path to recovery.


A Little about me:

I am self employed for the last 16 years with a home based web development and computer repair business of which I started with no outside help. I have a strong background in the electrical/electronics industry for most of my life. I have been mostly self taught on everything I know. I'm also very active in my church and have been for 10 years doing anything from Usher, Home Ministry, Men's Ministry, and the IT Department. Currently I created a live and archive video streaming ministry and have been working it for the last 2 years.


I am married with 4 kids, 3 adult children and 2 minor children. I was born in Ypsilanti, MI and currently live there as well. If you cannot tell, I am also a strong Christian and depend on God to guide me on a daily basis.


My Political Beliefs:

1.       I believe in limited government, there should be definite lines between state and federal government. Too often, the federal government has been doing what the states should be doing.

2.       I believe in limited entitlements and those who can work should work, I support welfare to work legislation.

3.       I believe that those who enter this country illegally should be deported and if they wish to be a citizen, they should bring some skill with them and they should not be able to get tax breaks or special treatment.

4.       I believe our military should have better funding, right now our military is in very poor shape.

5.       I believe that any law passed by Congress, they should never be exempt from.

6.       I think that special interest groups have way to much influence in government and this needs to be limited or stopped. I believe that all men are created equal and that no group or race should have more say or power in government anymore that anyone else.

7.       There should also be a better alternative to health care in this country that will not use so much resources that it causes employers to cut hours or downsize as a result. This I believe should be done on a state level.

8.       I feel that taxing the job creators to death will not bring in more revenue but cause companies to downsize to keep from hurting their bottom line. Giving tax breaks to the job creators is a win-win situation for all. This will allow them to grow and create more jobs which translates to more taxpayers.

9.       I believe our children are our future and a good education is a must. Education reform should be one of the top priorities we should deal with. The federal government should set standards and the states should make sure this happens. More educational opportunities are a must.

10.   Being energy independent should be encouraged and this country has the ability to be much more self reliant. We should be able to tap the resources that are available to us which are many without all the restriction that are in place now. Our natural gas, oil, and coal supplies should be used to their full potential. I know this can't be done overnight for many reasons but we should use what we have until technology has the ability to produce energy by other means.


I have many more opinions, much of which the Democrats would disagree with and if you want to know, just ask, I have no problem talking about it.


To wrap things up, my goal is to run for the US House 5th Congressional District in 2014. I believe this country was founded on the principle that an ordinary citizen should have an opportunity to make a difference if they choose to. I know I need to get this ball rolling very soon and if you can help me in any way, it would be greatly appreciated.



Allen Hardwick

964 Juneau Rd.

Ypsilanti, MI 48198

Cell: 734-834-0129

If everyone knew all there is to know, they would not do half the things they do, including myself, therefore I must foregive them, including myself.