August 09, 2009

Shades of Stalin: White House wants us to snitch on each other~Christian Coalition


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Friday, August 7, 2009
Roberta Combs, President

Shades of Stalin: White House wants us to snitch on each other

The shocking news this week coming out of Washington D.C. was the report that Barack Obama's White House wants us Americans to snitch on each other.  The apparent reason is that Obama is getting worried that the American people are overwhelmingly turning against his socialized medicine scheme.

Videos on showing angry Americans at town hall meetings confronting their Senators  --  such as that hosted by Pennsylvania Democrat Arlen Specter and Obama's HHS Secretary Kathleen Sibelius  --  about their concerns about Obamacare have really shaken up the Obama White House.

Indeed, Obama's health care scheme is in such deep trouble that even the massive lobby which represents tens of millions of senior citizens, the AARP, is now backing down and telling its irate members who are calling in that the AARP is definitely not supporting the Obama health care system or the Nancy Pelosi health care scheme in the House of Representatives... (Read More)


Attend a town-hall meeting

Members of Congress are now back home for the August recess, and many of them are holding town-hall meetings over the coming weeks.  This is the perfect opportunity for you to meet them face to face and give them your feedback on Obama and Nancy Pelosi's plans to "reform" our healthcare system.

Click here and see a list of scheduled town-hall meetings by state to find the next one in your area.  Then download a copy of our Health Care Fact Sheet.  You can also click here and visit our Health Care Action Center to get more facts, information and find out how you can make a difference.

Get informed, and then speak out.  Before it's too late.


When it comes to health care reform, the devil is in the details

When it comes to legislation, there's a general rule of thumb that the number of details someone doesn't want you to see is directly related to how quickly they try to pass it.  The so-called health care "reform" bill is a text-book example.

The reason Obama and liberal Democrats are pushing so fast and furious is because the details, (where the Devil usually hides), are beginning to get out.  And as the details start to sink in, they're cutting through all of the "yes we can" rhetoric and leading more Americans to say "no you don't".

So what's getting them worked up?  Let's take a look at some of the details of this "reform"... (Read More)


Most unpopular Supreme Court justice in history confirmed

The United States Senate, to its great discredit, confirmed to the nation's highest court, probably the most unpopular Supreme Court justice an American president has ever nominated.  Today, by a margin of 68-31, the Senate confirmed Barack Obama's left-wing nominee, Sonia Sotomayor, to the United States Supreme Court.  Even President George H. W. Bush's Supreme Court nominee, Clarence Thomas, was more popular amongst the American people than is Sonia Sotomayor.

Obama's nominee received the highest number of no votes for any nominee to the Supreme Court picked by a Democrat president since 1894, some 115 years ago.  The remarkable fact is that Obama has a 60-vote majority in the United States Senate.  On the other hand, Chief Justice John Roberts, President George W. Bush's nominee to the top court, received 78 yes votes.

Mentioned in a memorandum distributed by the Judicial Confirmation Network today is the fact that just two months after Obama nominated Sotomayor to the Supreme Court, the American people have turned against Obama's nominee by astounding numbers... (Read More)


Health Care Action Center

Barack Obama and the liberals in Congress are pushing for a drastic government takeover of our nation's health care system.  And the only thing that can stop them is you!

Unless Americans take action immediately, this bill could become law in just a few months!  But we can stop it.  We simply must stand together and speak out with an overwhelming voice and say "NO"!

Use the information provided within our Health Care Action Center to get the facts on the health care reform debate.  Share them with others.


Christian Coalition of America Pastor's Council

The Christian Coalition Pastor's Council is calling pastors nationwide to bond together in a mighty witness for Jesus Christ in the redemption of America.

God called us to be watchmen upon the walls. We must rise up, take the spiritual weapons provided in God's Word, and charge the gates of hell.  The Christian Coalition of America Pastor's Council will be a vehicle to give identity to this massive movement. 

Please join in this great endeavor. We can and we must stir this "sleeping giant," and save our freedom to preach without the interference of a spying bureaucrat.  Join the Pastor's Council today!


Help Build the Coalition

Click Here and find ways you can help build our organization, promote our campaigns, and spread the word to others.  Your participation makes a difference!

Connect with Us!

You can now connect with Christian Coalition of America on Facebook and Twitter.  It's a great way to stay informed and help spread the word to others that you know.  Connect with us today!


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August 05, 2009

event: "Protest Against Sicialized Medicine"...

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Subject: Dennis Pittman invited you to the event "Protest Against Sicialized

Dennis invited you to "Protest Against Sicialized Medicine" tomorrow.

Event: Protest Against Sicialized Medicine
What: Rally
Start Time: Tomorrow, August 6 at 4:00pm
End Time: Tomorrow, August 6 at 6:00pm
Where: Gary Peters Congressional Office

To see more details and RSVP, follow the link below:



Party alert: Tomorrow Joe Biden is coming to detroit to speak on healthcare at 11 am

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Tomorrow V. P. Joe Biden is coming to Detroit to speak on Health care at 11 am. He will be in Detroit in the Green space at the intersection of Woodward Ave and Burroughs Street, Detroit, Michigan. I am not sure as to exactly which part of Detroit that is in , but we can surely get a Map online and find out. I wonder if at this late hour we can still get something together to go there? All the best, God Bless, Carol &Ty

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Meetup Support:
632 Broadway, New York, NY 10012 USA

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August 04, 2009

Dan Vorroni~ Did Obama really mean it...

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Sent: Tuesday, August 04, 2009 6:58 PM
Subject: Did Obama really mean it...

"We should reduce the tax burden on working people. The middle class...needs a government that is working to create jobs and opportunity."

This was President Obama on April 15 reinforcing his pledge to not raise taxes on the middle class, and to focus on job creation.

But on Sunday, Obama's advisors began laying the groundwork for a middle class tax hike that will end up killing more jobs.

Failing to defend President Obama's pledge not to raise middle class taxes, White House economist Larry Summers said "it is never a good idea to absolutely rule things out no matter what." This was echoed by Treasury Secretary Geithner, saying the administration is "going to have to do what it takes" to decrease the deficit.

The White House has begun to backtrack, but their determination to pass a $1 trillion healthcare bill and a $1 trillion energy tax that will affect every American makes it pretty clear how unconcerned they really are with raising taxes on the middle class. With almost 10% unemployment, we must stop these tax increases and focus on creating jobs first.

So today, we ask you to join our "Jobs Here, Jobs Now, Jobs First" campaign by signing our petition here.

The purpose of our "Jobs First" campaign is to oppose all job-killing tax increases, and instead concentrate on enacting policies that will help create jobs here and jobs now. It begins with using unspent stimulus and TARP funds to pay for a two year, 50% cut in the payroll tax. 

This will immediately increase the take home pay for every working American, and free up money for every small business to invest, save, and create jobs. But that is only the first of 4 simple steps.

To read the rest of our plan, and sign our "Jobs First" petition, please click here.

If there is one truth we should keep in mind, it's that America cannot work if Americans are not working.

If you stand with us today, we pledge to work with every small business owner, every elected official, and every interested citizen to create jobs and opportunity in America, starting today.

And that is a promise we will keep.


Dan Varroney
Senior Vice-President & COO
American Solutions

Jobs are only obtainable pernemently from the Consumption tax called Fair Tax. 
Do IT!!!!

August 03, 2009

headway on cancer treatment!

Feeding cancers softens them up for attack

You would think the worst thing you could do to a cancer patient is to "feed" their tumour. Yet drugs that improve the blood supply to tumours can help hasten their destruction, new research has shown.

The hope is that by giving the drugs to sufferers as a pre-treatment, it will make their cancers more vulnerable to subsequent chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

The strategy has already had some success in patients with pancreatic cancer, and a larger trial is planned now that the mechanism by which it works has been demonstrated in mice.

Oxygen attack

The drugs work by repairing and improving the quality of blood vessels supplying tumours with blood.

Most tumours have blood supplies ...

August 02, 2009

Honduran President Roberto Micheletti on Hugo Chavez, Cocaine & American Media* +PJTV Highlights

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Roger L. Simon sent a message to the members of Conservatism 2.0

Subject: PJTV EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Honduran President Roberto Micheletti
... and other PJTV highlights this

PJTV EXCLUSIVE: Honduran President Roberto Micheletti on Hugo Chavez,
Cocaine & American Media;


"(Hugo Chavez) will do everything to stop the election. But we have to tell
the world we're going to have the the election on November 29th. We don't
care if Mr. Chavez has a lot of money. We don't have dollars, but we have
courage and we have a love for our country and we have love for our
democracy....It's why the people in the whole world don't understand what's
going on in Honduras."

"When Mr. Chavez and Mr. Zelaya was in power ... 17 airplanes landed in this
country with cocaine and dollars. They launder dollars, to sell the cocaine
or send to the United States. What happened, why don't they land here any
more. In the last 30 days, only one, and we captured it. We captured that
plane from Brazil. Put the pilot in jail. We burned the cocaine. What
happened before, 17-18 planes landed here. ... What happened before 17-18
planes nobody found the cocaine. Nobody found the dollars. Why did they come
to our country so frequently with their Venezuelan licenses?"

"I'll step down to save my country. I will step down from power if (Zelaya)
will stop threatening our country and our people. If he will find the peace
and I have to go out of power, I will do it. With my heart, I say that with
my heart because I love my counrty. I've been in politics for 29 years. In
the congress. Nobody has ever accused me of corruption."

A Message For Obama:
"Please make your government send Senators or Representatives to find out
what is really going on in Honduras .. We are humble people, who try to do
our best, but we have honor and we have pride and we want people around the
world to find out."





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Who Hates Sarah Palin? Part 2 of 3: The Committed Left;

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Chart Banned by Congressional Democrats;

PJTV SPECIAL REPORT: Dateline Honduras...lnt'l Support for Micheletti
Growing- U.S. on Board? In the Presidential Palace w/Chris Burgard;

ASK DR. HELEN: Marriage Myths Dispelled and Does Size (of The Ring) Really
Matter? Interview w/'Lovesick' Author Alex Wellen;

TRIFECTA: Whittle/Ott/Green: Beautiful Ladies Having More Beautiful Babies -
Human Evolution at Work?;



HUGH NEWS: Obama's Beer Blast + Dems Blame Game Continues (Now it's the
Media's Fault)|;

SPECIAL REPORT: Ice Cream Social-ism in Honduras: Zelaya Drumming up Support
With Free Food?|;

Washington Watch: Blue Dogs Lose Their Bite...Who Can Stop ObamaCare?
(w/Brian Darling, Heritage Foundation);

Going Dutch: Would Holland's Healthcare System Work for U.S.?|;

PJTV SPECIAL REPORT: Dateline Honduras... Interim President Roberto
Micheletti Speaks Out;

Glenn Reynolds' InstaVision: Michelle Malkin on "Culture of Corruption:
Obama & His Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks, Cronies";



Joe Hicks File: Gates Affair Was A Teachable Moment ... About Obama's
Judgment & Leadership;

Hugh Hewitt: Democrats Blame Republicans for Everything, Even Their Own

Jennifer Rubin Reports: Sen Cornyn & Rep Rohrabacher, Are We Undermining The
Honduran Constitution?
Dateline Honduras: Jennifer Rubin Special Report: Congressional Reaction to
the Crisis in Honduras;

Sonja Schmidt's 'Left Exposed': Obama, Planned Parenthood & The KKK: Our
President's Pitch On Family Values Is A Sinker;

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Hugh Hewitt:The Radical Rewrite of American Medicine;

Vodkapundit Stephen Green's 'Hair of the Dog': Defending ObamaCare,
GatesGate, and Hillary Dances Around North Korea;

AlfonZo Rachel: In Pursuit of Happiness: Beating Back Socialism, One
Argument At A Time;

POLIWOOD: Roger L. Simon & Lionel Chetwynd -Recession Hits H'wood - Working
Stiffs Lose Jobs; Producers Don't Care;

Afterburner w/Bill Whittle:The Media, The Left and GOP Elitists v. Sarah
Palin: A Lesson on How to Destroy a Leader;

Leon Cooper, Part 3, w/Bill Whittle: Return to Tarawa, Sacred Ground Became
A Dump & Heroes Who Never Came Home;

How to Defeat Socialized Healthcare: Define the Debate. A Lesson for

"When Mr. Chavez and Mr. Zelaya was in power ... 17 airplanes landed in this
country(Honduras) with cocaine and dollars. They launder dollars, to sell
the cocaine or send to the United States.