August 02, 2009

Honduran President Roberto Micheletti on Hugo Chavez, Cocaine & American Media* +PJTV Highlights

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PJTV EXCLUSIVE: Honduran President Roberto Micheletti on Hugo Chavez,
Cocaine & American Media;


"(Hugo Chavez) will do everything to stop the election. But we have to tell
the world we're going to have the the election on November 29th. We don't
care if Mr. Chavez has a lot of money. We don't have dollars, but we have
courage and we have a love for our country and we have love for our
democracy....It's why the people in the whole world don't understand what's
going on in Honduras."

"When Mr. Chavez and Mr. Zelaya was in power ... 17 airplanes landed in this
country with cocaine and dollars. They launder dollars, to sell the cocaine
or send to the United States. What happened, why don't they land here any
more. In the last 30 days, only one, and we captured it. We captured that
plane from Brazil. Put the pilot in jail. We burned the cocaine. What
happened before, 17-18 planes landed here. ... What happened before 17-18
planes nobody found the cocaine. Nobody found the dollars. Why did they come
to our country so frequently with their Venezuelan licenses?"

"I'll step down to save my country. I will step down from power if (Zelaya)
will stop threatening our country and our people. If he will find the peace
and I have to go out of power, I will do it. With my heart, I say that with
my heart because I love my counrty. I've been in politics for 29 years. In
the congress. Nobody has ever accused me of corruption."

A Message For Obama:
"Please make your government send Senators or Representatives to find out
what is really going on in Honduras .. We are humble people, who try to do
our best, but we have honor and we have pride and we want people around the
world to find out."





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"When Mr. Chavez and Mr. Zelaya was in power ... 17 airplanes landed in this
country(Honduras) with cocaine and dollars. They launder dollars, to sell
the cocaine or send to the United States.

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