August 05, 2010

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Growing MiFairTax Popularity Lifts Candidates to Primary Wins

Michigan FairTax Association
Truth in Taxation
August 5, 2010
Growing FairTax Popularity Lifts Candidates to Primary Wins
Over 40 Victories in 65 Contested State Races

Kalamazoo, MI - Michigan FairTax President Roger Buchholtz announced today that the unprecedented growth in public support for the Michigan FairTax proposal was evident in the results of Tuesday's Primary Election.


Candidates for the Michigan legislature supporting the MI FairTax were running in 63 races and won 40 of those races, for a success rate of 63 percent.  Winning almost 2/3 of the races is a record to be envied and is even more impressive when the close finishes of many of the losing FairTax candidates are considered.  In addition, 3 FairTax candidates won their primary race for the U.S. Congress.

The MI FairTax is increasingly being recognized by Michigan residents as the only tax reform proposal that will make Michigan's tax environment friendly enough to dramatically impact the location and expansion decisions of companies.   

 Plan Mirrors Snyder's Goal to Create New Jobs

This bold proposal will make Michigan No. 1 for jobs in the U.S.  Tuesday's election results demonstrate that the public not only understands the proposals but that they are demanding them.  The more that the public learns about the proposals the more they elect legislators that promise to work to enact the state and national FairTax proposals. 

Victorious Republican gubernatorial candidate Rick Snyder's focus on job creation mirrors the objectives of the Michigan FairTax. Snyder's web page says, "Rick wants to reform Michigan's tax system so that it facilitates economic growth by being simple, fair, competitive and efficient".  Buchholtz was emphatic, "The Snyder quote completely describes the Michigan FairTax proposal because no tax system is more simple, fair, competitive and efficient than a retail sales tax with a provision to protect the poor." 


Pete Hoekstra, who finished second in the race for governor, advocated for the MI FairTax in his campaign and Cox, Bouchard and George all made favorable statements regarding the proposal.  Buchholtz said that the Michigan FairTax Association has had some preliminary talks with the campaign of Democratic nominee for governor, Virg Bernero, as well.

The Michigan FairTax is now the established tax reform solution and a major part of Michigan's turnaround plan.

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