November 23, 2009

Check out "Judge Napolitano Rep James Clyburn Congress Constitution" on Patriotic Resistance

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Subject: Check out "Judge Napolitano Rep James Clyburn Congress Constitution" on Patriotic Resistance

Patriotic Resistance
Darla D, AD...
Check out the video 'Judge Napolitano Rep James Clyburn Congress Constitution'
Most of what congress does is not constitutional! Must see and send to others!

Judge Napolitano Rep James Clyburn Congress Constitution
Judge Napolitano Rep James Clyburn Congress Constitution
Freedom Watch
Video link:
Judge Napolitano Rep James Clyburn Congress Constitution

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Check out "Judge Napolitano Rep James Clyburn Congress Constitution" on Patriotic Resistance

A time to give a FairTax thanks

Americans For Fair Taxation
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Your FairTax National Victory Campaign is underway!

Join the fight for the FairTax today!We reached our goal of $250,000 to launch your FairTax National Victory Campaign to pass your FairTax in Congress. Your fellow supporters stepped up as never before to make this launch possible. Now we are going all the way, non-stop, until the FairTax is passed into law.

I invested $200 before asking anything of any other supporter. That's a lot for me and twice as much as I asked anyone to give. You know the more cold hard cash we have, the more of the 140 million+ American voters we can reach.

And beating the Special Interests will not be easy---you know that's a fact!

I am sure you want the FairTax to pass in Congress and become law. You want to abolish the income tax, capital gains, Social Security, death taxes and all the rest or you would not be signed up as a FairTax supporter. Right?

I also appreciate the many people who have stepped up and given their personal time and effort to support the FairTax. I hope you can also give a little financial help to your FairTax National Victory Campaign. But so many emails, so little time…right?

If that is the reason, save your eyes click here and invest now.

For sure you want to create the generation-long economic boom in the United States which will be created by the FairTax. Economists have estimated that at least $11 trillion will "come home" to the U.S. which is currently in offshore banks and investments—put there to avoid personal, corporate, capital gains and estate taxes. You want to create this huge economic boom, I am sure of it. So that is not the reason I have not heard from you.

And of course you want illegally-received payments, such as those received by drug dealers and others in the black market economy, to be taxed. You know the FairTax will tax everyone when they choose to spend their money, no matter how successfully they have been hiding their income…since income will no longer be the basis for taxation. So that is not the reason.

Join the fight for the FairTax today!You are most certainly not a special interest lobbyist or other member of the privileged Political Class, or you would not be a FairTax supporter. If you were a special interest lobbyist or a member of the elite Political Class, you would be earning your income and avoiding taxation by manipulating the 67,500+ page income tax code to your personal benefit. So that's not it.

You would love the see taxes cut, which will be possible while maintaining vital programs, with the economic boom, taxation of illegal income and the end of every tax loophole created by special interests. So that is not it.

And I am pretty sure you want a simple, understandable tax system at long last. There are so many extraordinarily good reasons to support your National Campaign for passage of the FairTax!

So, please invest in your National Campaign for the FairTax right now, click here.

These are difficult times; many do not have the budgets they once did. That stack of unpaid bills must come first—I understand that pressure only too well. So how can I even ask? Because our country desperately needs the FairTax. The economic decline, the mounting debt, the havoc income taxes create, the jobs which are lost…in a sense, as hard as it is to do so, I MUST ask! It would be wrong not to ask.

This is the big one. This is the drive to win passage of your FairTax and put our country back on the right track. The economy being so bad actually has one bit of a silver lining: Americans want to do something that will put us back on track as a country. So, if we have the ability to reach out effectively to America's 140 million or so voters, we will get the support we need to win.

How do we do that? There is only one way I know: with cold hard cash. That's why we are launching big online, on the telephones, in the mail—we are even working a plan which may get us started right away on TV, the most expensive of all communication mediums but the one that reaches the most voters the quickest.

If you can't afford a contribution to us, I certainly understand. Thank you for even considering it during these hard times. Maybe a smaller investment is possible for you—and given the stakes for the country, I have to ask.

So here is what I propose. Invest $25 today!

Click right here, right now to invest $25 now.

Give $100 and receive The FairTax SolutionWatch your FairTax National Victory Campaign develop, it will begin this month. If you like what you see, and you choose to invest a total of another $75 during the campaign, the FairTax organization will still send you a personally signed copy of my newest book, The FairTax Solution.

More importantly, you will be making a real contribution to the passage of your FairTax, by doing your part to fund the launch of your FairTax National Victory Campaign.

With the help of you and your fellow FairTax supporters we can begin to sweep the nation for your FairTax.

I know that you may have already invested your time and passion for the FairTax for which I am very grateful. But we've been working for 15 years mostly on passion and belief and, honestly, it's not enough. Millions of your neighbors must join this campaign to overcome the "fortress" of corrupt self-interest that now protects the income tax code in Washington.

It means that we must recruit—not thousands, not even tens of thousands—but millions of your fellow Americans and it just can't be done without a more powerful FairTax education, recruitment and advocacy campaign than has ever been undertaken before. Even a small contribution will really help right now.

Just to make this an irresistible (I hope!) offer we will provide you with your 2009-2010 Membership in your FairTax organization with just a $25 investment now.

And you still will have the opportunity to earn your personally signed 1st edition copy of my newest book, The FairTax Solution, if you decide later to invest another $75 in your FairTax National Victory Campaign Fund.

But you can decide on the other $75 later, I am only asking you to commit $25 now. You can make a final decision after you see watch your National FairTax Victory Campaign develop.

Of course, it would be fantastic if you could see your way clear to invest $100 now. That would move us closer to our National Campaign launch goal four times faster; I could reserve your 1st Edition copy of The FairTax Solution for your now, fill my ink pen and get my writing hand in shape to sign one of the first ones off the press for you personally.

Click here to invest.

Thank you so very much.

Urgently yours,

Ken Hoagland
FairTax Director of Communications


If you would prefer sending a check or credit card contribution by mail, please download and print our contribution form here.

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Contributions to Americans For Fair Taxation are not tax deductible.

GEt involved in the GOP as a Delegate/ Electoral College Grassroots Patriots

 As a delegate in the precinct, you are the representative of the area at the County Convention. Form the County convention, delegates are chosen to the District, which is normally when the State GOP holds Conventions. At a State Convention, the delegate in each district is chosen to represent the District at the Nation Convention.
The rules that apply to a delegate are somewhere in the U.S. Code of Justice. Parties make sidebar rules, but in the end, it is the delegate who determines who will be what. Being a Delegate is suppose to be where all the power of the Party is at. What the Delegates say, the Party does. We are however, infected at the top, which dictates to the bottom.
Read the National GOP Bi-Laws. You will find where they are empowered over the party, regardless of the delegates will. It is hard to break the administrative dam. We need the grassroots to do an audit of all GOP Bi-Laws. While at it, HucksArmy uses a very good discussion Board. Go there and get a debate started.
By the way, with Global Warming a Fraud, we have a lot of legislation that needs reversed and Federal Court cases dismissed.  The fastest way is for the inspector General to file a Complaint with the appropriate Court for the fastest conclusion by the Supreme Court.
Here is a great website:  The plan to take America 
R. George Dunn
We need to pro-active on the offense cleaning up the mess by lies and opening the view of the character of the Left.  Start with Coal Plants and the EPA

Are you offended by the Left lying to you about Global Warming? Read this~

This day started out with a giddiness I have not felt in a long time.  Evidence has been heroically been brought forward to expose the Global Warming as a false theory, advocated by Fraud. Now we have opened one of the windows to the Liberals Soul.  They, knowing it's false science, intended on taxing carbon, life itself. 
Folks, this tin foil hat warning of a World dominance coming, is Truth.  Just look at the size our Federal Government has gotten in the past year?  Now they want your Healthcare dollars.  The UN wants to step one, eliminate private Property.
The Constitution was made to not allow the Federal Government be Sovereign over the States.  What has happened, we allowed Men to re-interpret the value of words made Law by Republic Vote to not mean the fundamental value, but change it without a vote.  Since their are 9 Justices, that would make it an Oligarchy.  All that to say, we must follow the Constitution by the letter of each fundamental word.  This will remove the huge decay we now have and put social networking back to within each State, each Township, each Church, each Home, each School.
One other need, jobs.  How about jobs enough to make it so that the employer will be contacting you with a wage offer to draw you away from the employment you already have.  It is in place ready to go.  Your paycheck becomes gross, used items are tax free and we the People will have an indirect control of the Government by having the legal means to not pay the tax.  FairTax is the Plan, now in both the Senate and the House, identical, that when passed, will become Law immediately if by supermajority vote in both the House and Senate.
We can have this happen , if not by repentant Politicians, then by the 2010 election, which will provide for such a majority if we the People unite on the Constitution and on FairTax.
  • To learn about the FairTax, go to this site:
  • To learn more of the Constitution, go to this site:  Constitution Society Home Page
  • If you want to see the meaning of being Constitutional, go to this site and take the vetting Questionnaire.  The questions will open your mind.  I remind you, that the Government conduct is not what you are testing, it is the Constitution.   I suggest everyone read it before the test.  This site is free and Caucus membership encouraged:                        Independence Caucus
  • If you would like to debate the Constitution, go to this site:
I support anyone who is a Federalist, for Constitutional Government and for the FairTax.  The rest will cure itself if we but get our Nation back. 
To you who are in unions.  We all need to be in unions of one sort or another.  Point to ponder is, if we are under control from the Federal Government as one union, what will happen to your union?
To you who live in subsistence, want a good paying job for you or your kids?  FairTax will make it happen.
To you who are secularist and are fighting against the once own Cast System, note that will of God is in every being, of Faith or not.  Would you prefer anarchy or a good paying job with the freedom to know the difference.
Glenn Beck is educating in brilliant form.  Don't let the Liberal Media con you nor his True Patriot Passion scare you.  When you finally figure out the truth, you too will be as Passionate.  There will be a march on August 28, 2010 at the feet of Abraham Lincoln.
This political battle is for the youth of this Country, who need to kee up and help by getting involved reaching other to vote in 2010 and to challenge the current Representatives, including the Senate, to do Constitutionally right.
It will take in some cases 10 years to make the transition to Constitutionality for some issues.  Point is, we need to take on Big Step Back to move America Forward. 
To here words of Oration on this, go to this Blogg and read thru it all:  Northern Light
God Bless and Guide the United States of America
R. George Dunn

Sodom in the Nation's Capital -- by Star Parker


Read Star Parker's weekly column
Dear Null,

Here's Star Parker's weekly column. Hope you can take the time to read it.

Sodom in the nation's capital

There is a centrality of the traditional family to the American dream of opportunity and a centrality of family breakdown to poverty

A note from Star Parker
Star Parker, founder and president of CURE
At a time when our country is sick, it shouldn't surprise that one our sickest places is our nation's capital.

The poverty rate of Washington, DC, almost 20 percent, is one of the highest in the nation. Its child poverty rate is the nation's highest..

DC's public school system, with a graduation rate of less than 50 percent, is one of the worst in the country.

According to DC's HIV/AIDS office, three percent of the local population has HIV or AIDS. The Administrator of this office notes that this HIV/AIDS incidence is "...higher than West Africa...on par with Uganda and some parts of Kenya." And the principal way that HIV is transmitted continues to be through male homosexual activity.

Amidst this dismal picture, the DC City Council, perhaps on the theory that serving up another glass of wine is the way to help a drunk, is scheduled to vote on December 1 to legalize same sex marriage in America's capital city.

Looking at realities in Washington, DC should make clear why George Washington said "Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports."

But the America that our first president had in mind was very different from the vision of our DC government officials.

George Washington's America was one in which the point of freedom is to allow Man to rise to what he can become. To do this, the greatest challenge he faces is conquering himself. To rise above his baser instincts, to rise above the many temptations that lead him astray. And to achieve this end, as Washington said, "religion and morality are indispensible supports."

In left wing America, of which the DC government is a poster child, freedom means to indulge every instinct that the tradition and religion of George Washington would have us overcome.

Where does it lead? Well, look at DC.

It is tempting to look at DC's realities and just call this a black thing. And by and large it is.

DC is largely black -- almost 60 percent. Its poverty is black poverty. Its public school system serves mostly black children. And its AIDS crisis is mostly among blacks.

But the pathologies that strike the weakest parts of our population most brutally are nonetheless pathologies of the nation.

The Brookings Institution is one of our oldest policy institutes and certainly no bastion of conservatism. But in a recently published volume, Brookings scholars Ron Haskins and Isabel Sawhill point out the centrality of the traditional family to the American dream of opportunity and the centrality of family breakdown to poverty.

Reporting data showing the general breakdown of the traditional American family, they say, "Some claim that anyone who is concerned about these trends is simply out of touch with modern culture; we respond that, if that be the case, then, "modern culture is out of touch with the needs of children."

The Catholic Archdiocese of DC announced that legalization of same sex marriage would make it impossible to continue its relationship with the DC government and require termination of the social services it provides to some 68,000 of the city's poor -- including about one third of its homeless. The reaction of DC council member David Catania was essentially "so what." According to him, "their services are not indispensable."

Is Catania out of touch with the needs of DC's poor?

No. He just has different priorities. More important to him, and more important to DC's left wing city council, is advancing moral relativism and the indulgences it feeds.

This is more important to them than feeding the poor or recognizing the values that would get them out of poverty.

It should concern every American as we watch our nation's capital city transform officially into Sodom.

Have you read these other articles by Star Parker yet?
  • Rather than recognizing that every human being is unique and free, created in God's image, socialism tries to turn us into laboratory rodents, pretending to manage our lives according to predictable formulas

  • We cannot lose sight that we won't have a prosperous nation without free markets and limited government as our constitution originally intended

  • The social breakdown that produces the disproportionate violence in black America is the product of the same moral relativism and politicization of law that has produced hate crime bills

  • We can expect the same results from government taking over health care as we've gotten from housing socialism

  • Sharpton blocked Limbaugh like Governor Orval Faubus tried to block black children from entering Central High in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1957

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telephone 202-479-2873 (CURE)

CURE is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
At a time when our country is sick, it shouldn't surprise that one our sickest places is our nation's capital.